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Enterprise Resource Planning Assignment Help

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is software used for business process management that permits a business to use integrated applications. It is used for business management and automates several back-office functions related to services, technology, and human resource. Under the study of ERP, you might need ERP assignment help when you are asked to deal with several forms of assignments such as ERP Essays, ERP Case Study, ERP Report, et cetera.

While writing ERP assignments, you are asked to discuss the ERP functionalities, developing real-time data by using ERP, how an organisation implements ERP, etc. Our experts providing ERP assignment help in Australia have discussed all the necessary details including basic modules of ERP, tips to deal with ERP assignments, and benefits offered by online assignment experts.

Gain Proficiency in the Following Applications and Tools to Write ERP Assignments

The enterprise resource planning assignments mostly deal with the use of tools and applications and their features. To understand these tools, read the details described under ERP assignment help experts.

Data Warehouse/ Database Management/ Information Management Tools

Information management and data storage with well-known workflow in various functions and departments is the pillar of an ERP system. Several tools and solutions are accessible for storing data including relational databases from well-known companies like Sybase, DB2, and Oracle; and open source offerings such as PostgreSQL, Apache Derby, Microsoft MySQL, etc. Few other information management tools are repository applications and Content Management Systems (CMS). To know CMS and repository applications in detail, hire our ERP assignment writing experts.

Interfaces and Application with permission Control

It is important to have read-only and/or editing access in data progression. After producing items, they are considered as ready inventory which means these items are ready for sale. Status of the item should be updated regularly when it is produced, purchased, sold, and so on. To make this process easier, ERP uses different interfaces and applications to control the status.

Workflow Management Tool

The ERP system is established with several data repositories and modules where data actions and updates monitor a well-defined sequence based on business needs which are comprised of the workflow. The ERP assignment experts say that the workplace is defined as monitoring and controlling the different body functions such as food & other supplies, blood flow, body parts movement, etc. There are few commonly used applications executed within enterprise resource planning framework that includes WorkflowGen, Agiloft Workflow, Intelex Business Management, Inceptico DMS, SimpleECM, etc.

Dashboard/ reporting tool

Apart from these, there are few more important requirements of ERP system such as department-level; management level; individual level; and team level report generation. Various dashboards and reporting tools generally control in real-time. These reporting tools and dashboards can be found as a browser and/or desktop installations, just like the other applications used for data updates by departments. It also contains reporting features providing email to reports including charts/tables/ graphs as Microsoft Word and/ or Excel attachments.

Task Scheduling and Resource Allocation Tools

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are incorporated with few tools and applications for assigning resources across tasks and departments. These applications and tools work through a simple principle. After successful completion of the task, the resource automatically gets allotted a new task based on his/her skills, or put it in the queue. These tools are composed with functionality to perform a manual intervention to the supervisor if the tasks are delayed. It offers benefits such as clear image about existing & future workload, exploring automation possibilities, and optimum resource utilization.

Other add on features

ERP systems are integrated with various modules that are concerned with Human Resource Management, Document Management, Time Tracking systems, Project Management, etc., depending on the business needs. Let's have a look at these modules explained by the experts offering ERP assignment help.

Understand the Basic Modules of ERP System by Our ERP Assignment Expert

Students might be aware that ERP is used to manage the business processes of different departments by the help of a centralized application. It also helps in decision making. Over the internet, you can find several vendors providing traditional ERP solutions as well as cloud-based ERP solutions. These two platforms have different technologies and platforms but there are some basic modules of ERP found in the ERP system. Students must know as it helps in writing ERP assignments. Check the lists of modules found in ERP system:

Human Resource Module

The HR module is mainly used by the human resource team in order to manage human resources efficiently. It is used to maintain employee information and keep track of employee records including performance designations, reviews, skill matrix, job descriptions, and attendance. Excluding these, the most important sub-modules of the HR module is the Payroll System. Under this sub-module, the HR team can easily manage payments, salaries, reports, etc.

Inventory Module

Inventory module is generally used with a purpose to track the items. The inventory managers use a unique serial number to find the items. These unique numbers are also used to trace the current location of the item in the organization. This module of ERP system is involved with functionalities such as stock utilisation report, master units, inventory control, etc.

Sales & Marketing Module

Sales and marketing process module includes inquiry analysis, sales queries, accepting sales orders, quotation drafting, handling sales queries, drafting sales invoices using proper taxation, materials dispatch, tracking pending sales order, etc. Sales Module helps you to manage all these transactions easily. Not only this but the CRM module takes the help of the Sales module to generate leads for the future.

Purchase Module

The name suggests that purchase modules handle the entire processes of raw materials and other items required by the organisation. When it comes to writing ERP assignments, you must have the knowledge of functionalities like supplier & item linking, supplier/vendor listing, receiving & recording quotations, sending quotation requests to vendors, tracking the purchase items, preparing purchase orders, analysis of quotations, preparing GRNs & updating stocks. This module of ERP is integrated with engineering and inventory modules to update stocks.

Finance & Accounting Module

Finance & Accounting module is used to manage the entire outflow and inflow of capital/money. With the help of this module, you can easily track the record of each financial transaction such as Balance sheet, expenditures, budgeting, account ledgers, payment receipts, tax management, bank statements, etc.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Module

SCM module is used for managing the transfer of items and product from producer to customer & customer to the producer. Few well-known roles included in this module are super stockist, manufacturer, distributors, stockiest, retailers, etc. The SCM based assignments mainly deal with topics like shipping & transportation tracking, sales returns & replacing process, demand & supply management, and more.

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