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An Overview on MSING019: Business Economics

An Overview on MSING019: Business Economics
As an economics student, you already know the importance of microeconomics and macroeconomics, do you not?

So, if you are pursuing MSING019 (which you of course are), you must know that this course basically focuses on microeconomics and forms the foundation of macroeconomics.

Online Assignment Expert would be happy to assist you in understanding the crux of this course and enable you to complete and submit the assignments on time. Our economics assignment help experts would make you aware of the economic theory and other concepts revolving around this course.

Our Business Economics Assessment Sample

Being a masters unit, you would need to submit a lot of assessments under this. The written assessment would contain 30% weightage and the rest 70% weightage would be of the examination which you would at least have to pass, in order to successfully complete the course.

While, you can focus on preparing for your examination, our MSING019 experts would be gladly assisting you with the written assessment for the course. To let you know how we approach these kind of assignments, below is a business economics assessment sample which our experts have recently completed for a student.

As the course is really extensive, so it would not be possible for us to give you the entire solution of this sample. However, we have tried and incorporated the basic outline of approaching this assignment sample. In case, you require the entire solution file of this question, or the solution file of any other question, you can easily get in touch with our economics assignment help experts via the order now form.

business economics assessment sample

So, for this particular assessment, our business economics help experts study the given case study thoroughly try to find out all the financial challenges and shortcomings which the organisation (the family, in this context) is facing.

In the first question, the experts research about the English auction, Dutch auction, and all the other auction types which can be inferred out in the present scenario. Based on the information, they categorise this situation into the above discussed types.

In the second question, our economics assignment help experts planned out new strategies which could benefit both the families. Based on the numerical values given in the question, they would easily know which strategy would suit which family.

In the end, our MSING019 experts recommend some new improvements which they feel would give a better outcome for both the families.

Topics covered under MSING019: Business Economics

Basically, there are some topics which we feel are the most important when it comes to pursue this unit. Realising this, our experts are all geared up to help you understand them and solve the questions related to these. Following are those topics, upon which our panel of economics assignment help experts provide you guidance.

Consumer Theory

Consumer Theory

Basically, the consumer theory talks about the way people want to spend their money, based on their preferences and budget. As discussed above, MSING019 deals with microeconomics, thus, consumer theory also lies in the sphere of microeconomics. Realising this, our experts would help you understand this theory and help you comprehend the choices of individuals, based on given restraints.

Labour Supply

It is the total number of hours in which individuals are willing to supply the given product at a fixed given rate. It is also an important concept in microeconomics. Our economics assignment help experts provide guidance on the labour supply curve which is an indicator for the progress of any firm. We also help them deal with tedious numerical problems concerned with labour supply.

Game Theory

Basically, it is a framework for a number of hypothetical social situations within a number of players who are competing. So, in this, our business economics experts help students to make strategic independent decisions, keeping in mind the progress of the firm.


The above sample which we talked about deals with auctions. Basically, auctions is a sales process wherein, a number of potential buyers purchase assets after placing competitive bids on them. Our experts through the above discussed sample have already provided you with the details how we help students deal with questions which deal with auctions.

Basic financial economics

Our business economics experts are pro in guiding students in analysing the distribution of various resources in markets. In addition to this, we also help students make decisions under uncertainty. All the decisions related to individual stocks, portfolio and other such aspects are taken into consideration while making financial economics.

The efficient market hypothesis (EMH)

EMH is basically an investment theory. Under this, share prices reflect every information and consistent alpha generation. Here, we help you understand all the values which can be represented under this.

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