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Assimilation Policy of 1961

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As a student of Social Science, you must have read about different human aspects from across the globe. Moreover, to show that you are reading, you are grabbing every ounce of the knowledge, and you are further required to submit various academic projects. These educational tasks involve assignments, research papers, case studies, or dissertations. The bigger task is to submit your work within the timeline; it is also a challenge to understand the topic you are asked to write about. For instance, you are asked to write a dissertation on Assimilation Policy. When the academic project is tough to write, and so is the topic, at that point, many students are intended to take Social Science assignment help.

Although several service providers can help you get the best assistance you need, you still pick the one who can help you understand complex topics. Today, in this write-up, we will discuss one such topic that is crucial for you, and you can get an academic project to write on the same in your Social Science course. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the sea of knowledge and understand the highlights of the Assimilation Policy of 1961.

What is the Assimilation Policy?

In simpler terms, the assimilation policy is denoted as the rules and regulations imposed by the Aboriginal Welfare community to give equal rights to Aboriginal Australians. During Australia’s colonisation, people were divided and discriminated against as per their caste. On the one hand, where there were Australian citizens, on the other hand, the dark blood people were tagged as the Aboriginals. As the discrimination against Aboriginals and part-aboriginals was too harsh to be accepted, the Native Welfare Council fought for Aboriginal Australians' rights, which led to the Assimilation Policy of 1961. The 1960s was when the Australian government formed the assimilation policy to indicate that all the Aborigines and part-aborigines had the same and equal rights as any other colonised Australians.

The Aboriginal’s Abnormal Life

Discuss Aboriginals and discrimination against them in your Social Science studies as you are writing a dissertation about the same. You need to know that Aboriginals have faced a lot of discrimination, not only in the earlier days of Australia’s colonisation but even in today’s era.

As you know, for each person, some essential things are required for a healthy lifestyle. Where food and water are the bare minimum, housing, health, and education are the following things. In the following paragraphs, you will see a complete overview of how things were and still are. As the Aboriginal people are denoted as the backward caste of Australia, they have faced many challenges in their lives and getting their basic needs was one of them. Indeed, to help the Aboriginal people, the Native Welfare Council did their best to provide Aborigines with their bare essentials and rights. However, the assimilation policy of 1961 still doesn’t completely fulfil the basic needs. Let’s glance at the basic needs first.

The Basic Essentials

These basic essential things are crucial for good and healthy living, irrespective of whether it is for Aboriginals or civilised Australians. However, in the wave of discrimination, it was hard to fight for their rights, which is why the Aboriginal Welfare council ensured the assimilation policy for the better life of Aboriginals. Although, the discrimination was and is still there. The encouragement of social activity became essential for the better living of the Aborigines. Below are some of the essential things that need a close look.

Note: The following representation of basic essential things contain both eras: the earlier era of colonialism and the COVID-19 days.


For any human being, whether Aboriginal or civilised Australians, a roof over their head is one of the most basic and essential things. As the aborigines weren’t given respected consideration in society, getting a house to live in was a big fight. If you have read about Aboriginal people, you must know the Aborigines live in remote areas where there is no such thing as flats. The Aboriginal people have called the unstructured and poorly built places their homes.

However, the assimilation policy came in 1961, and since then, the Australian government has given them a chance to the aborigines to live in better places. However, even now, as society has failed to accept and live nearby the Aboriginal people, they still face discrimination and live far away from town.


One of the things that are essential for better health is good food and pure drinking water. But since the colonisation of Australia, the Aboriginals have been living poor life. As you know, the Aboriginal people lived far away from towns, mostly in remote areas. The healthcare services they received were not good either, and the Aboriginal women faced discrimination by the healthcare workers. The condition of Aboriginal people was worse because they were not only poorly treated, but also, they didn’t receive the proper diet plan to keep up with their health.

This discrimination is still going on in recent times of the pandemic. Evidently, people from underdeveloped areas who couldn’t receive healthcare facilities on time had bid bye to their lives. On the one hand, where civilised Australians were provided with all the essential needs of food and healthcare, the Aboriginal people struggled even to get treatment for COVID.


After housing and health, education is essential yet Aboriginal people have suffered a lot to get this facility. Even with the help of several drives, the welfare council committee tried to help the Aboriginal children get the proper education. Yet because of the colonised and civilised Australians who didn’t help provide education to the underprivileged. The Aboriginal children who couldn’t get the appropriate education and right to education, thanks to the assimilation policy of 1961 that the children at least got extension preschool training.

However, as the pandemic hit the world with its constant waves and the classes shifted to virtual schooling, things became difficult for students again. Only some Aboriginal students can afford the internet because they live in a remote area, and the pandemic made them return to where they started.

So these are some of the essentials for Aboriginal people, yet they have to face discrimination in their lives, and even now, they are living everyday life. You must be thankful if you are getting a chance to read about such topics where you can see life from a different perspective and be thankful for the things you have. However, even after learning new things in your social science subject, you are still irritated because you have to write academic projects and might need Social Science assignment help.

However, here is the solution to that problem as well. If you are assigned to write a dissertation on social science with the topic “Assimilation Policy of 1961”, below is a highlighted guide that will help you finish your project within the timeline.

Dissertation Writing Tips and Online Assignment Expert’s Assistance

Every student hates to do their academic projects, and when there is a deadline, students don’t focus on learning but on submitting work within the timeline. Some issues arise when students are focused on their grades and how they can get expert assistance in the form of assignment help to submit the task within the timeline.

As you know, every educational task helps you explore new topics and enhance your knowledge; then, you must take up these challenges. Furthermore, suppose you are stuck at any place while writing your dissertation, Online Assignment Expert’s experts are always there to help. For starters, here’s how to write the best academic dissertation and earn extra credits and quality grades.

Choose a Topic

Dissertations are 25,000 words long, and when you are writing one such dissertation, you must ensure the topic you pick have a lot of information. It is because when you have easy access to adequate information, you can quickly summarise your dissertation at the earliest and make it valuable. Moreover, if you lack research, you can take guidance from the experts of Online Assignment Expert under the Social Science assignment help, and they will assist you in picking a suitable topic, such as the Assimilation Policy of 1961.

A Clear Structure

Before you begin writing, you need to have a clear goal about your requirements and how you will write the dissertation. While writing a dissertation, you can focus on more than just the writing part. To make your points easy to understand, you can also use visual elements such as pie charts and tables, adding value to your dissertation. For such assistance, you can also take help from Online Assignment Expert’s experts, who can provide you with a clear structure for dissertation writing.

Don’t forget the Edits.

Once you are done writing your Social Science dissertation within the timeline, ensure you give it a complete read before submitting it. Errors in your project can leave a negative impression, and you might lose some potential grades. So, if you want to score each mark you deserve, ensure reading before submitting it. However, if you cannot proofread, you can take assignment help from Online Assignment Expert. Our experts are experienced writers who can give valuable edits to your dissertation to make it more impressive and qualitative.



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