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BSBDIV601 Develop and Implement Diversity Policy Case Study Assessment Answer

BSBDIV601 Develop and Implement Diversity Policy Case Study

BSBDIV601 Develop and Implement Diversity Policy Case Study Assessment Answer

BSBDIV601: Develop and Implement Diversity Policy Case Study is a unit covered in several courses such as BSB61315: Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication; BSB61015: Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management; and BSB60915: Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources). During this unit study, students are asked to deal with an assessment named "BSBDIV601". This assessment is an individual project where students are expected to submit a flawless BSBDIV601 to develop and implement a diversity policy case study assessment answer.

The key purpose or aim of studying this unit and writing assessment answer is to develop knowledge and skills that are important to research diversity and organisational activity importance, creating a plan and applying diversity policy. Therefore, it is important for university scholars to know about planning, implementing policies, etc. to complete the BSBDIV601 develop and implement a diversity policy case study assessment answer.

Previously, we have discussed BSBDIV601 Assessment 1. In this section, we have covered all the questions and tasks to be done by the students. Moreover, our Australian assignment writers have suggested steps and information write BSBVID601 assessment answer.

Overview of BSBVID601 Assessment Details

In this assessment, you are required to deal with a few set of questions and develop a diversity plan for the selected organisation. However, writing an impressive BSBDIV601 develop and implement diversity policy assessment answer for the below-given questions require enough knowledge about Australian legislation, how to implement diversity policies effectively, what could be the impact of policy, and several other things.

The questions are listed below -

BSBVID601 assignment question

To solve these questions, you are required to include the following details in your answers:

  • Diversity policy
  • Business case: What is the need for an organisation's diversity policy?
  • Expected benefits
  • Legislation
  • Policy stakeholders
  • Measuring policy's impacts
  • References and more.

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Describe the following Elements Accurately

Writing answers for the above questions require you to explain a few elements. They may be research diversity, implementation of a diversity policy, etc. Let's have a look at them:

Research Diversity

  • Examine and evaluate the existing information and practices concerned with diversity
  • Find and classify the diversity of possible benefits and analysing the business objectives
  • Know the stakeholders and their requirements
  • Access diversity strategies and procedures and review its relevancy

Draft Policy and Create an Implementation Plan

  • Develop a diversity policy
  • Make a road map for diversity policy
  • Get in touch with stakeholders and get feedback on developed policies and action plans
  • Define links and relationships with other similar policies
  • Make changes in diversity policy while implementation (if required)

Applying a Diversity Policy

  • Understand, describe and construe the diversity policy to stakeholders
  • Stimulate policy within the organisation by using different communication platforms
  • Determine the unintended and intended policy implementation effects
  • Create benchmarks, tools, and other pointers to develop a plan and calculate the policy implementation effect
  • Supervise team plans, business activities, and staff performances to make sure that the diversity policy is implemented effectively

Assessing Diversity Policy

  • Collecting and examining information concerned with policy, diversity, and its applying methods
  • Interact with stakeholders and give policy feedbacks
  • Make changes as per the suggestions

Our experts providing assignment help at cheaper prices say that there are various other things that should be kept in mind such as references, in-text, end-text, formatting, etc. Before all these, you may read the skills required for writing BSBDIV601 develop and implement diversity policy case study assessment answers.

  • Determine, examine, and understand the complex information that is important in knowing business requirements
  • Supervise the collected information in order to measure the policy efficiency
  • Should know the process to collates and record stakeholder's feedback
  • Develop an informative and factual documentation
  • Highlight the opinions and information by using non-verbal features and languages as per the targeted audience
  • Take part in discussions to other's views and clarify the understanding
  • Prepare plans and ideas for high impact activities and complex information

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