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What is Endogenous Growth Theory?

What is Endogenous Growth Theory?
Let’s begin this blog with a riddle, i.e. is it possible to increase income inequality within countries, but to decrease for the world? The answer for this riddle may be “long-run economic growth”. Definitely, income per capita in India and China has grown vastly in the last few decades. But, even though the inequality has increased within India and China, and it has led the living standards for more than millions of people to congregate towards those in countries like North America, Europe, and Australia. However, in this blog, we have tried to cover all the important aspects concerned with Endogenous Growth Theory.

Understand the term “Endogenous Growth Theory”

endogenous growth theory The endogenous growth theory was first developed due to dissatisfactions and deficiencies on the idea of the ways in which exogenous factors identify long-term economic growth. Particularly, this theory was developed to repudiate the neoclassical exogenous growth theory, as it makes predictions about economic growth. Our economics assignment experts define endogenous growth theory as an economic theory that discusses the economic growth which is generated within and from the idea where economic growth is because of the reasons which are internal to the economy. The Endogenous Growth Theory is developed based on the concept which improves in knowledge, human capital, and innovation that leads to an increase in productivity that affects economic outlook positively. This economic model challenges the idea by enlisting the importance on the character of advancements in technology. Even though it is long-term economic growth and it is generally explained on the basis of the growth rate of the economic output of an individual, also it depends on the level of productivity. As a result, productivity mainly depends on the change and progress in technology that highly depends on human capital and innovation; such factors are to be taken into account as an internal and not external to an economy.

Assumptions in the Endogenous Growth Theory

Many economic experts are certain of the Endogenous Growth Theory that emphasizes the government need to offer subsidies and incentives for companies in the private sector. It generally stimulates firms to invest in development and research so they can endure to innovation. There are cumulative returns by investing in human capital through training programs and education. Following this is helpful in enhancing the labour quality, which also increases productivity. The government is required to enact policies which are helpful for entrepreneurs and develops new jobs and business opportunities. Investments should be done to enhance manufacturing processes and infrastructure to accomplish innovation in production. Intellectual property rights, like patents and copyrights, are seen as business incentives in order to expand operations.

Few Endogenous Growth Models Examples Discussed Below By Our Assignment Help Experts

If you have understood the above sections, then it is the time to know the endogenous growth model examples. Few of them are discussed below:
  • Arrow Model
Arrow Model is also called the AK model of economic growth. This model is being used by economists to discuss and describe the economic changes that take place because of technology and innovation. The arrow model also uses the “learning by doing” model in order to describe the ways in which innovations and self-practices result in improving human capital and productivity. This is the reason; it leads to a decrease in labour.
  • Uzawa–Lucas Model
This model describes how economic growth is attributed to the accretion of human capital in the long term. This model says that education must be used to produce human capital. Hence, the model undertakes that human capital is only the input element in the education sector. It is also accepted that the output of economic should be developed by using human capital and physical capital as well. Consequently, the physical capital ratio to human capital is termed as the measurement that is used to identify the total capital in an economy.
  • Romer Model
The Romer model in Endogenous Growth Model is involved with technical spill overs that are attached with industrialization. Moreover, Romar includes the knowledge level in the organisation’s capital stock. This part of stock capital is generally a public good which has been discussed in the Solow Model. Moreover, the Romer model assumed that the ideas for innovative are quite important in economic growth. We hope that you have found this blog helpful for your study and assignments. In case, if you still need someone who can help you in other processes of assignments, such as writing, editing, proofreading, etc. then you may contact us. Taking help from us guarantee for the below-explained features: Downloading free samples: With us, you can download assignment samples for free. For example, if you are stuck in your assignment then you can visit this website to download the sample. Note: downloadable samples should be only used for references. Choosing their own experts: We allow students to choose experts for their assignment. When you book your order with us, we provide a list of subject-matter experts and you can choose any of them depending on their expertise, assignments delivery, customer satisfaction rate, etc. Getting unlimited revisions: We provide unlimited free revisions for students in case of any sort of error are found in our write-up. We don’t charge even a single buck for making changes. Deals in multiple assignments: We are one of the best assignment help service providers in Australia. We have helped hundred thousands of students in the case study, essay, dissertation, research paper, and other assignment types. Help in online quizzes and exams: In addition to assignment help, we also provide help in online quizzes and exams. So, if you are unable to answer the quiz questions then we are here to guide you. Proofreading and editing help: If you are a student who has already done the assignment but not sure about their writing skills can choose this service. Here, our experts providing economics assignment help in Australia review the write-up to find mistakes and make changes accordingly. Unique and original content: With us, you do not need to worry about the originality of the content. We have subject-matter experts who have years of experience into writing academic assignment for several universities such as Deakin, Monash, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, CQU. Interested to book order with us? Just send your requirements via live chat, or make a call and let us know. Once we receive them, we will contact you for further process.



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