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What is Precis Writing

What is Precis Writing

What is Precis Writing? Can someone explain it well?

What more could you tell us in 15-20 lines about what occurred in "Juliet Caeser"? To summarise such a lengthy play with almost 2000 verses, you'd speak about the main events or characteristics and then tie it up. Precise writing is just that! This is one of the most common and important literary talents that may be used in a number of circumstances. It is a significant issue for bank tests, governmental exams, MBA entrance exams, and also for 8th and 9th grade curricula. Let's have a look at – “What Precis Writing is?”, “How to do it?” and some examples with answers. Here are some tips and a practise worksheet to assist you in improving your language abilities.

What Is Precis Writing, And How Does It Work?

Precis Writing, as a compression movement, is a description. It is a short summary of a text written in the fewest number of words possible. A synopsis should contain all essential information from the original paragraph so that anybody reading it understands the primary idea of the whole piece.

Using the precis example, you would not contribute your personal views and will keep the mood and sentiments of the characters when describing the pose greatest threat and occurrences in Julius Ceaser. You will also avoid addressing non-essential occurrences. This is how a precis is written. You express yourself or modify a paragraph or any other written message.

When writing a synopsis, you must be analytical and stick to the passage's thesis without omitting vital details. To come to a conclusion about what is significant in an article or a storey, attentively read the paragraph. It may take a while to read it the first time, but as you started to explore it, it may become a simple skim over the sections. To transmit the same meaning in a tiny form, precise writing necessitates a deep comprehension of the story/text. You may also seek Professional essay Writing help.

What are the rules of precise writing?

Follow the guidelines below to keep potentially any mistakes when writing a precis:

  • Actually follow the understanding.
  • Make a list of the most important points.
  • Make a rough outline of the summary.
  • As often as possible, utilise plain and straightforward language.
  • Once you've covered all of the points, write the final summary.
  • The subject of precis writing is not covered in all tests, but it is covered in the majority of them, including SSC exams, RRB exams, and others.

The Characteristics of a Good Precise

There are several elements that go into creating an excellent precis. Identifying the characteristics of an excellent precis is incredibly important for applicants who have just begun their studying for upcoming Government exams.

A couple of aspects that will assist you in writing a decent synopsis are discussed below:

  • Precis Length: Do not write an extensive precis. In most circumstances, the number of words must be nearly one-third of the chapter or comprehension's word count.
  • It needs to be simple to read: Make certain that the precis you write does not contain excessively sophisticated jargon or is difficult to comprehend.
  • Cover all of the important points: Make a while translating a text.
  • Must be coherent: The most essential terms from the passage must be included with the precis.
  • Use a title that is acceptable: The precis must have a title. As a result, candidates must confirm that the title corresponds to their understanding.
  • Features in the precis must correspond to those in the passage: There must be no other material in the precis but what is supplied in the passage, and all of the crucial data stated in the passing must be included.
  • If a candidate considers the aforementioned elements when composing the precis, he or she will be effective in making a solid precise. Furthermore, you can seek Professional essay Writing help from our team of experts at any time.

Precis Writing Dos and Don'ts

Annually, tens of thousands of people compete in our attainment of competitive tests. Only a small percentage of individuals take the exam and are hired. The descriptive examination is still examined offline, despite the fact that most challenges are now browser.

Aspirants should be aware that, with hundreds of entries to review, the examiner looks for a few key factors that will help them receive the highest possible score for their precis writing.

Following are a few Do’s and Don'ts that a candidate should be aware of before beginning to write a precis.

Dos for Precise Writing

  • To create the precis easier to read, start with the passage's main concept.
  • Give the audience a clear idea of what they're about to read.
  • Make a list of all the significant aspects as you read the passage and incorporate them in the summary.
  • Integrate the passage's primary idea with the facts/improvement points/methods, etc. given in the comprehension.
  • Have all of the significant terminology and keywords from the passage.
  • Keeping track of the tenses you employ is a good idea. Data relating to prior historical occurrences must be kept confidential.

Don'ts for Accurate Writing

  • The duration of the precis must be less than the passage's duration.
  • Use strong language and avoid overcomplicating the description.
  • Make no judgement or receive context to the precis based on your own whims.
  • Do not add your own commentary or criticisms to the understanding.
  • Acronyms should be avoided.
  • In the precis example, do not write assertions in the questionnaire design.
  • Don't concentrate on any one thing for too long. Keep the data as correctly as possible.

Above that, the dos and don'ts will aid applicants in gaining a better understanding of the topic and learning how to write a precis effectively.

We suppose you are now well equipped to write a well-organised summary or have understood What Actually Precis Writing is? Make sure you continue to practise, as this will help you master new skills and gain confidence when composing. If you want to learn media studies, contact Online Assignment Expert, who will help you pick the ideal course that will provide you with the necessary skills and understanding. Connect with us via phone call, message or email for Professional Essay Writing help!



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