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Every student has a dream to pursue higher education from a reputed and prestigious college. In Australia, many colleges require you to craft a personal statement along with your application. This personal statement is also known as the College Essay. Crafting a college essay is very much different from the essays you have written in schools and colleges. It might sound like an easy task, but it requires sufficient time to write. No longer can you just note down the points, including introduction, body paragraphs and end with a conclusion. Writing a college essay is a ballgame and it becomes more challenging if you are willing to apply in Australian universities. However, not all is lost, you can avail online college essay writing help from our team.

College essay writing help is a service offered to students where experienced writers draft personal statements for students finding themselves short of skills or time. We provide a wide spectrum of essays for different subjects and universities. Additionally, college essays help save you from spending hours to finish your essay. Merely, you can order your college essay online with us and get a complete and well-developed paper as on or before the deadline.

How Many Words Is A College Personal Statement?

It is quite important to keep the right length for a college personal statement. Therefore, you must check with the university or counsellor. We have a team of essay writing experts to help you in college essay and are well-versed with the Australian university norms and procedures. Thus, they prepare a personal statement as per the word-length of the university you are applying for. The ideal word length is 500-750 words. However, there are certain universities in Australia, the USA, and the UK who require up to 1000 words personal statement. The University of Illinois says:

university guideline on essay writing

Hence, it becomes important for you to consult with the counselor or refer to the instructions to know the actual word count for your essay.

Effective Techniques to Start Your College Essay

For many students, getting started is the pain point. College essay has its own importance and is written up to the mark. Knowing "how to start a college essay?" can be a daunting process. Apart from this, the paper should be interesting, engaging, and authentic. The main purpose of a college essay is to present yourself in your application. Your essay may capture actual personality, who are you beyond grades, academic scores, and other school activities. Therefore, you may have the knowledge and ideas for "what to share" and "how to share". However, in case, if you find difficulties in a college essay, either avail college essay writing help or follow the below-given techniques.

college essay writing steps

  1. Take time to know prompt
  2. Before you start writing, you may understand the essay prompt. Once you are done with your writing, you may check whether you have followed the essay prompt or not. The personal statement questions often include one or two key topics or ideas to focus on. The ideas may vary from trivial to personal, but your writing should be creative.

  • Read and understand the questions.
  • Devote some time to understand the prompt and how to organise your ideas. For example, is the essay question asking you to expand, support, inform, or defend?
  • In case, if it does not, then think how does the prompt relate to me?
  • Before you move to the next step, describe what you are trying to achieve.
  • Brainstorm
  • The main purpose of brainstorming is to flesh out all the mind-hitting ideas so that the writing process can be easier and you may know what you are required to do. Focus on the following while brainstorming:

    • Reflect: You have many years to write from, therefore collect and recollect the entire events and experiences that you remember. Also, the college essay is a place for self-reflection including strengths, what makes you best, how you are different from other applicants.
    • Lower the options as much as possible. Include at least 3 concepts that fit best with the essay prompt.
    • Choose the story you would like to tell. Make sure that you have sufficient support materials, evidence, and information that highlight your perseverance, characteristics, abilities, or beliefs.
  • Make a college essay outline
  • You may have seen that architects use blueprints for their design. An outline is very much similar to that. After brainstorming, you are required to plan for "what to say" and "how to say". Therefore, it is recommended by our professional college essay writers to create a roadmap for your task. The outline can be broken into the following sections:

    • Pick a topic and develop the purpose
    • Make a list of key points/ ideas and organize them properly
    • Flush out the points
    • Adjust and review
  • Start writing
  • After following the above steps, you are now required to start telling your story. Prepare a rough draft first and then revise and re-revise. While writing a college essay, you must be personal, narrow, specific, concise, and avoid using generic phrases and cliched.

  • Proofread
  • The final step is proofreading and editing after completing the writing process. Under this process, you will be able to find grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, irrelevant information, and typo errors. You can use online proofreading and editing tools like Grammarly and Ginger.

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