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Dissertations are the lengthiest piece of academic writing. Students often tend to fail to understand how to go about a given dissertation topic. Right from choosing the dissertation topic and preparing a draft (dissertation proposal) to submitting the final furnished version of the same; the dissertation enters a technical aspect. Those key elements are the reasons why students ask "can anyone do my dissertation?". The same aspect comprises of problems, doubts, and other issues that are easily solved by the dissertation writing experts we have at Online Assignment Expert.

There are various blogs which you can refer to for an in-depth understanding of how to write a dissertation. The same examples would give you an insight as to what all you need to take care of while dissertation writing.

Simple Difference Between a Thesis and Dissertation

A dissertation is a representation of the independent research work of a program (mostly undergraduate). On the contrary, a thesis is for a master's degree. Since there is not much difference between the two, we are going to take both of them along.

When you need a dissertation and ask us to "do my dissertation" for you, we make sure that we give it the best of what the industry has to offer where dissertations are concerned. After conducting surveys (in one of the dissertations) and analysing the fact that there are certain reasons as to why the students approach us for our dissertation help and not others.

  • Procrastination
  • Lack of Research Skill
  • Lack of Writing Skills
  • Incomplete Understanding

Structure Dissertation Proposal

The elements in the structure are in the right chronological order. It is advised that you use the same format whenever possible.

  • Dissertation Title
  • Objectives
  • Literature
  • Research
  • Methodology
  • Potential Outcomes
  • Time Frame
  • References

The above-stated terms are to be used in such a manner that your proposal is nothing more than a proposal. What we mean to say is that you must understand the difference and the difference in the word counts of a full dissertation and proposal.

To best make a proposal, choose the right theme, title and question for your dissertation proposal. This is much shorter than the final dissertation but not less important. Yes, it is not as important and may not be termed mandatory by your university. Some points to consider while you are laying your hands on writing a dissertation are -

  • What is the problem?
  • The reason why it is the problem of your choice.
  • Why is it important to explore the possible solutions?
  • How are you going to look for the exact answers that would solve the problem or at least attempt to do so?

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

Dissertation Topic

The experts in our panel of dissertation writing and the same which answer "do my dissertation" requests believe that the topic has to be the one that is the closest to your heart or you are the most passionate about.

Make sure that the dissertation writing topic is not too complex and hence out of your "viability". The question you choose shall reach a simple, defined and well-structured answer or solution so that there remains no ambiguity in your or the assessor's mind. That should be something you shall look for whenever you decide to pay for dissertation online.

The Research

The research sometimes requires even more time than actually writing the full dissertation. Yes, you can always save that time by letting us take over as the in-charge of your dissertation. You need only fill up a form and be done with it. Otherwise, you must know the basics of how to conduct the research. Here are a few quick pointers (to not make it much longer for you) that, if and when followed, would simplify the manner you conduct your research in -

  • Make a research timeline.
  • Look in the right places (sources of information).
  • Organise your resources.

Dissertation Writing

This is the step that anyone would and should pay the most attention to. This is what is responsible for the grant of your degree. The proposal may or may not be mandatory, but the dissertation is definitely necessary for the grant of your certificate.

Starting with a basic outline of how you are going to proceed with your dissertation shall be the idea. You may refer to the dissertation proposal. This shall be the preliminary outline. In the final dissertation, the following elements have to be there to fulfill the purpose of writing a dissertation.


This includes a simple background of the problem that is going to lay the foundation of the dissertation. Following that, the purpose of the dissertation shall be clearly mentioned. The assumptions and expectation are all to be comprised herein.

Literature Review

Whenever you want your "do my dissertation" request rightly seen to, it is necessary that you check that the literature review section the process of research and all the cream of acknowledgments come into the picture in this section.


The manner in which you choose or funneled the sources of information is what is comprised by the methodology. In addition to that, in case of a qualitative dissertation, the research questions, data analysis, the data analysis process, participants, sample size are all to be included in here.


In the whole process of dissertation, this can be termed as the most essential of all. Drawing comparisons between the research question, to discuss what results were found in order to compensate the problem shall be the idea. In a layman's language, your focus shall be on answering the question you started your dissertation with.


The final "informative" information of your dissertation is comprised of the conclusion section. Pundits we employee say that including the "recommendation" gives the assessor an idea that you know that it can be done in that manner.

How your findings made or could make a difference shall all be included in this section. Its implication is also a part of the conclusions.


The recommended reference style for your respective field of study shall be something to be on a lookout for when you have decided to pay for dissertation. All the sources are to be given all the due credit that is deserved by them in this part of your dissertation.

Editing and Proofreading

Before submitting your dissertation, all the elements that need editing are to be made here. The manner and extent of strictness while editing and proofreading may vary with varying essence of the type of subject or title you initially chose. Getting rid of all the technical and grammatical errors and believing in the fact that it is not about the quantity but the quality of that quantity of words is what matters. You must check the dissertation document if you decided to order a "do my dissertation" request with us.

How to Pay for Dissertation

Coming to the end of our explanation, you can deduce the quality of detail which we put in each and every dissertation write-up. Expect only the best when you book an order with us. We boast a million USPs out of which the best two (other than quality) are related to payment.

One of them is the option of Partial Payment, using which you can pay us in two halves. One at the time of booking the order and the other when you receive the fully furnished solution.

The second is the feature of "Unlimited Revisions". By taking advantage of this feature, you may send us our dissertation back for further improvements and the same shall be readily accommodated in the dissertation.

Be informed that a free Turnitin check is done along with any dissertation you book with us. This is to best cater to all the "do my dissertation" requests that come our way. Contact Online Assignment Expert today and enjoy a range of value-added services too!


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