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Pricing strategy generally deals with the set price for a product. Dealing with such assignments can be difficult because there are several factors to consider while pricing services or products. No assignments can be as confusing or difficult as a pricing strategy. However, Online Assignment Expert is offering nonstop pricing strategy assignment help in Australia. With the help of this service, students come to interact with subject-matter experts providing online assignment help in collecting materials, organising, putting information on paper, reviewing the paper, editing, and other academic services.

Our pricing strategy assignment experts are well-known with the factors involved in the setting price of a product or service. Moreover, they also know about the strategies and models that are quite helpful in understanding the ideal product price for the audience as well as revenue goals. This is the reason; our experts have created this guide where students can find related information as well as pricing strategy assignment help in Australia.

Understand the term "˜Pricing Strategy' by Our Online Assignment Help Experts

The term pricing strategy can be explained as a method or model that is used to determine the ideal price of a product. Moreover, it helps in setting a price that increases shareholder's value and profits while considering market demand.

Don't be happy because pricing strategy is not easy like its definition. There are various things to be focused on this process. As per our experts providing pricing strategy assignment help online services says that several business factors such as marketing objectives, brand positioning, target audience, revenue goals, and product attributes to be considered. These are impacted by external factors of an organisation like economic trends, overall market, consumer demand, and rival's pricing.

Entrepreneurs owners often look for the cost incurred in manufacturing their products which are also called COGS, consider the rival's rates and adjust the selling pricing accordingly. It is understood that competitors and COGS are important factors in pricing strategy but should not be the centre for determining product price.

Before talking about the pricing strategy assignment, let's discuss a few essential details like pricing concepts, types of strategies for pricing, etc.

Price Elasticity of Demand

Price elasticity of demand generally helps in identifying how the price change brings impact to customer's demand. For instance; Fuel and cigarettes are the examples of inelastic products as customers used to buy them even if the price increases. On the other hand, products like movie tickets and cable TV are termed as elastic products.

Formula to calculate price elasticity:

% Change in Quantity · % Change in Price = Price Elasticity of Demand.

What are the different Types of Pricing Strategy?

Now, our pricing strategy assignment experts have listed the different types of strategies concerned with price. Let's have a look:

  • Cost-Plus Pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Competition-Based Pricing
  • Skimming Pricing
  • High-Low Pricing
  • Freemium Pricing
  • Hourly Pricing
  • Penetration Pricing
  • Value-Based Pricing
  • Project-Based Pricing
  • Psychological Pricing

To understand these pricing strategy types, you are required to avail our Pricing Strategy Assignment Services. You will be helped with adequate knowledge about each pricing strategy type in detail by subject matter experts who have written more than thousands of assignment papers.

Considering Following Factors in Determining the Price of a Product

Nothing can be more confusing in a business-like setting the product's price. The product price depends on various factors and some of them are illustrated below by our experts offering Pricing Strategy Assignment Help in Australia.

Costs incurred in the opening of the business: The very first thing is to be well-known about your capital. Before determining the price of your product or service, know the total costs invested in manufacturing your product or services.

Customer's need from your product: The next thing to be taken care of is to identify what consumers need from your products/ services. Do they are attracted by the product value or the price? What is the key factor behind purchasing your product or availing your service?

  • The Positioning of your business: Once you are done with the above two factors, focus on the positioning.
  • Competitors: Understand and know more about your rivals. Examine and analyse the competitor's products and services.
  • Profit: There are many business owners who neglect themselves to ask "How much profit do I want?" They look for their competitors and then adjust product price without considering their estimated profit.

So, these were the few essential factors that help in the pricing of a product. For more details, feel free to hire online assignment expert.

Pricing Models on the basis of Business or Industry

According to experts providing help in pricing strategy assignments, not every strategy is ideal for every industry or business. If some strategies are the best fit with physical products and there are strategies that suit SaaS companies. Thus, it is important to know about the different models such as digital product pricing model, product pricing model, event pricing model, and many more. Few basic pricing strategy models are listed below that are based on business and models.

  • Restaurant pricing model
  • Services pricing model
  • Nonprofit pricing model
  • Education pricing model
  • Real-Estate pricing model
  • Agency pricing model
  • Ecommerce pricing model
  • Manufacturing pricing model

More details about the above pricing models can be acquired from our academic writers offering instant assignment help in Australia. They have written various marketing assignment help including electric push-bike share assignment.

Introduction to Electric Push-Bike Share Assessment

In this assessment, there are two topics as given below. Being a university scholar, you are required to complete both the tasks as per its detail.

pricing strategy assignment sample

To solve the above topics, you must identify a product or service and categorise it as a follower, leader or challenger. Include at least two academic references for both the topic. A solution sample is given in the snippet.

Assignment Solution Sample to Topic 1:

pricing strategy assignment solution

Assignment Solution Sample for Topic 2:

pricing strategy assessment sample

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