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Advanced Clinical Theory and Skills

Medical professionals who are advanced clinical practitioners come from many backgrounds such as pharmacy, nursing, and occupational therapy. This type of healthcare professional skills are studied at the master level. The demand for this skill increases due to less physical work done by the modern world.

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Nature of Advanced Practice Nursing

Overview of Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP)

Advance clinical professionals are deployed in every healthcare discipline that uses the four main pillars of clinical practice: leadership, management, education, and research. Mostly their skills depend upon the place where they are working and how they require their skills according to the working environment.

They work in various departments as they can work in emergency departments or specific roles based on the needs of a specific population like an advanced clinical practitioner, dentist or dietitian etc. Sometimes they have to work in partnership with families, carers and even individuals. It also includes the analysis of complex problems occur in the health sector and solving them by

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Four Main Pillars of Advanced Clinical Practise Covered by our Advanced Clinical Theory and Skills Help Experts

1. Leadership and Management

Generally, there are four leadership domains in advanced nursing: Clinical, professional, health system and Making health regarding policy. Every domain requires different leadership skills with some overlapping. 

All nurses should show their leadership skills at the professional and individual levels. They also have the freedom and authority to act and even make decisions personally in case of evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Nurses who practise advanced clinical skills describe their leadership as a system focused and system-patient-focused. Now, let's discuss things needed in different leadership domains in advanced clinical theory and skills.

  • Clinical leadership

  • Provides leadership for evidence-based practice.
  • Optimising patient engagement promotes health and self-care management.
  • Act as a mentor or coach of critical and reflecting thinking.
  • Having a leadership role in improving client care.
  • Professional leadership

  • Always contribute to a work area where continual improvement in health practice is pursued.
  • Always participate in medical related organisation and activities that influence advanced medical practice nursing.
  • Take part in national, regional and international networks
  • Integrated the role of a nurse health professional within the health-care system.
  • Participate in review activities like publications, research and practice.
  • Health system and leadership

  • Give ideas related to the development of organisational performance standards.
  • Always take care delivery of patients - centred care and evaluation of qualities.
  • Manage group conflicts within the organisation
  • Provide technical encouragement and nursing to the health providers, policymakers and even government agencies/organisations.
  • Make ethical rules within the organisations and communities.
  • Try to identify all issues, whether it is external or internal, that effect the delivery of essential health services.
  • Health Policy

  • Always ready to become a leader when policies related to health service and public policy are made.
  • Articulate the meaning/value of nursing practises to key stakeholder.

2. Education and Research

With growing technology in the health sector, there is a need to educate nursing skills. This makes practitioners set up a better governance model in health departments. Also, we should look for new ways to tackle advanced clinical problems. There are other aspects also that come in education and research.

  • Principle of learning
  • Supporting other people to develop their skills
  • Carer teaching and information giving
  • Teaching and mentorship
  • Ability to research and use information system
  • Take part in audit services

As we already discussed the main pillars of Advanced clinical theory and skills, let's talk about disciplines/skills under this course.

Disciplines/Skills of Advanced Clinical Theory

Students have to learn many skills like osteopathy, occupational therapy and even understand topics like chronic pain. Now we are going to discuss every skill in it.

  1. Occupational Therapy

These therapists focus on promoting overall health and wellbeing by doing certain day to day activities like showering, dressing, even some productivities like education, work and caring for others. Other aspects like engaging in hobbies or friendship groups also come in this.

What service they provide?

  • They provide skills in self-management, home management and community work reintegration.
  • Support of individuals, including family members.
  • Client advocacy, care coordination etc.
  • Modification of the environment of work, school and even home if needed.
  • Driver rehabilitation and people mobility.
  1. Overview of Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a drug-free, non-invasive therapy that helps in improving the health of the body in all sectors by strengthening the musculoskeletal framework. 

According to the American academy of orthopaedic manual physical therapists, orthopaedics is an advanced area of physical therapy based on manual examination and treatment techniques by integrating certain things like exercise, patient education, and other problems like addressing pain and loss function and wellness.

Some facts about the osteopathy

  • It primarily focuses on the joints, muscles, and spine to improve the system's overall health.
  • It helps treat certain serious problems like Arthritis, back pain, headaches, tennis elbow and digestive tissue etc.
  • The treatment can also help in better sleep cycles and the nervous system and also helps in better circulation.

It takes a holistic approach to heal the body system. It does not concentrate on one body part. At last, we will study the learning outcomes of advanced clinical theory and skills.

Learning Outcomes of Advanced Clinical Theory and Skills

  • Make and explain exercise management programs to support the rehabilitation of patients' complaints, focusing on the spinal column and peripheral joints.
  • Examine indirect osteopathic techniques to the pelvis, spine and peripheral joints.
  • Generalise the neurological mechanisms involved in patients with chronic pain.
  • Explain the pain management agents used as a treatment for patients of osteopathic.
  • Propose monitoring strategies of patients with chronic pain diagnosis.

These are some of the learning outcomes of advanced clinical theory and skills. Reading about all these helps in your assignment. This takes a lot of time in research and then writing. That's why you should seek help in making your assignments. 

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