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Editing essay is as important as writing an essay. University professor expects assignments to be of a certain quality and standard. Therefore, it becomes important to proofread the essay and neatly presented. In terms of presentation, you are required to make the assignment free from errors like punctuation or spelling mistakes, include a reference list, and assignment title along with a cover page. Such errors might distract the university tutor from the information and ideas you want to present in the essay. It can also cost you in terms of scoring poor grades. Thus, you are required to proofread and edit the essay before submission. In case, if you don&t have the skills required for proofreading, hire our online essay editors.

Editing of an essay can be said as a "˜quality control& which ensures that the essay is free from all the reasoning and logic errors. Ideally, you will have answered the questions accurately and ironed out all the key issues required in the drafting of an essay. However, checking for mistakes and eliminating them is quite important. Our essay editor Australia says that a minor change or adjustment can improve the flow of information and helps in presenting ideas clearly. Hence, it can be said that editing is an integral part of the writing process.

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Students who are new to Australian universities might be unfamiliar with the process and requirement of writing an essay. Thus, it will be worth to adopt a "˜plan of attack& explained by our best essay editors to make sure effective and thorough editing. There could be features concerned with writing an essay that students may be unfamiliar about, like including the reference list. In such cases, it is advised seeking experts help to meet departmental guidelines given by the university. If all these are found in your essay, make sure that the essay is drafted covering all the requirements and as per the specified criteria. While proofreading and editing an essay, check for the following:

  1. Structural aspects
  2. Punctuation and grammar aspects
  3. Technical aspects

Our experts working as an essay editor in Australia have defined these essay editing aspects below for you. Let&s read it.

Editing Essay for Structural Features

Assignments like essays, literature reviews, and reports have particular sections that must be included while writing. In an academic essay, you must ensure that you have included an introduction, a body paragraph including an argument section, and a conclusion. For example -

essay structure

Make sure that your essay has followed the above format. Make sure that you have covered each sub-heading with appropriate information. To know more about other genres like reports, case studies, book reviews, movie reviews, reflective journals, etc. avail help from our professional essay editors.

Editing Essay for Punctuation and Grammatical Aspects

It has been noticed that students writing an essay for their university generally makes grammatical mistakes. The following could the reasons behind it - spoken English, carelessness, insufficient grammar knowledge, lack of proofreading skills, etc. Moreover, when students explain or discuss new and typical concepts, the information included is put under great strain that results in incomplete sentences, clumsy expressions, and faulty logic. According to our professional essay editors, the common grammatical issues that a student make while writing essays are:

  • Wrong use of apostrophes
  • Problems related to the noun-verb agreement
  • Problems concerned with run-on sentences and sentence fragments

Below, our essay editing experts have explained few grammatical errors and if you are unfamiliar with these, then you might need to consult an online essay editor. They will help you find grammatical issues and rectify them. Our essay editors suggest students read the paper aloud to identify errors or take help from family or friends to check punctuations and sentence structure.

Problem with sentences

Sentence fragments: These are incomplete sentences that are generally punctuated like sentences but lack key components. Such components are in the form of independent clauses or finite verbs. For instance:

essay structure example

In the above sentence, the underlined words are sentence fragments.

The above-given sentence fragment can be rectified by beginning the sentence fragment with "˜these options are&. For instance:

online essay editor example

Our online essay editors say that the sentence fragment can also be repaired by changing punctuation and writing them in only one sentence.

online essay editors

In the above snippet, we can see that the experts have replaced the full stop with a colon. They state that the colon also used to introduce phrases or nouns in a "˜list& form.

Below is another example for sentence fragment:

In the above example, the fragment of the sentence is subordinated by using because that makes the clause a dependent clause. In simple words, it requires to be closed with an independent clause. The best way to repair it is to join the dependent clause with an independent clause as:

online essay editor clause

Run-on sentences: These are sentences that are incorrectly punctuated. For example:

run on sentences

In this sentence, the words underlined should be punctuated as separate words: which is, preceded with an initial capital letter and by a full stop. That is:


These types of sentences are also avoided with the use of co-coordinating conjunctions which is preceded by commas. For instance:

essay editor

Instead, run-on sentences can also be a relative clause by adding which to sentence:

essay editors

Issues concerned to the non-verb agreement

The verb and subject in a single sentence must agree in number: i.e. singular subject needs a singular verb and vice versa. On the other hand, a plural subject needs a plural verb and vice versa. Let&s understand this with examples given below by our online essay editors.

online essay editor issue

When students write an academic essay, subject-verb agreement errors occur mostly. It can be due to a lack of subject-verb agreement knowledge. In such a situation they need to hire professional essay editors.

Use of Apostrophes

Apostrophes are mostly used with plural and singular nouns to indicate possession: for instance, the employees& concerns; and the dam&s storing capacity. Also, it can be used in contractions, like can&t (cannot); I&m (I am). Students must know that contractions should be avoided in academic writing. However, the common errors made by students while using apostrophes are: addition of apostrophes in possessive pronouns, do not have clarity between singular and plural nouns, etc.

Editing for technical aspects

If you have gone through all the above stages, it means your essay is well-structured and free from grammatical errors. Now, the time is to check and edit the technical aspects that affect the entire work appearance. Errors like grammatical errors and spelling errors can be avoided easily by using spell checking software and grammar checking tools. Students who are not very good at spell checking then you may need to consult with experts instead of relying on such software. For example;

online essay editor sample

Other things to be taken care of are the cover sheet including name, tutor&s name, course, and the assignment title. Also, you are required to keep the word limit in mind. After this, it comes to the bibliography and/ or reference list that should be arranged in alphabetical order. Let&s have a look at the below-attached snippet:

online essay editor references

So, these are the proofreading and editing methods that our online essay editors follow to edit academic essays. Students who want to know more about referencing, bibliography, technical aspects, grammatical aspects, or structural features, then contact Online Assignment Expert. Taking help from us ensures you complete guidance and help in editing your document. We assist students in editing essays, case studies, dissertations, research papers, or any other type of paper. We cover different subjects like management, law, nursing, healthcare, statistics, economics, HRM, etc.

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