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Do you find the process of producing a research paper to be tedious? No need to be concerned! Try to apply the technique that professionals use the next time. It may provide you with a pleasurable experience when producing a research paper. So, read through this thoroughly to keep it in the back of your mind while you write.

Be organised- Writing a research paper in an organised way is the key to make it loaded with qualities. Always select your topics carefully and be very much close to them. Opt for credible sources to gather enough data and information. Never include anything in the research paper that you are not 100% sure about. Use index cards to jot down notes which you may require at any point in the writing process. Take time to come up with a good outline and organise notes under it.

Make the first draft- Never try to write a research paper in one go. It is a step-by-step process that needs to be followed. First of all, give a shape to your research paper by writing the first draft. Do the required changes and editing as per your need. Decide the things that you should add and remove. Follow up these things in the next draft. Continue the process of drafting unless and until you become completely satisfied with it. Eventually, finalise your draft and follow the next process.

Give a final touch- Do not forget to give a final touch to your research paper. Always ensure to proofread it even if you are confident about its accuracy. Match all data and information from reliable sources before submission. It helps to be assured about the quality of the research paper.

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What are the two major kinds of research papers?

Argumentative research paper- The topic of an argumentative research paper remains controversial and debatable. It contains the clear stance of a writer in the introduction. A writer uses primary and secondary sources to support his stance throughout the research paper. The objective of an argumentative research paper is to persuade the readers to stand with the stance of the writer.

Analytical research paper- In the introduction of an analytical research paper, a writer does not mention his stance on a research question. The absence of a predetermined stance makes the thesis statement fluid. It creates the opportunity for exploration and evaluation in the mind of readers. In an analytical research paper, a writer never emphasises to prove his stance right rather he do the critical interpretation of various standpoints.

Structure of an argumentative research paper

Introduction- Introduce your topic and give the background information of your stance. Also, include your claim at the end.

Background- Give information about the surroundings and circumstances related to the issues found in the topic.

Supportive paragraphs- Mention your arguments one by one in various supporting paragraphs that lie in the body of the research paper.

Counter-arguments- Use counter-arguments to show that your stance is thoroughly investigated and deserves consideration.

Conclusion- Talk about the importance of your stance and validate the claim done on the introduction part.

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