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Plethora of Mental Health Issues

Executive Summary of Plethora of Mental Health Issues

In today’s day and age, a plethora of mental health issues is grabbing large student and generation X population, incorporating the need for mental health and resilience and counsel services among the concerned generation. The study has been aimed at identifying the needs of mental health education and training as a scope of curriculum part in educational institutes, along with the analysis of the scope of mental health education among the generation Y, University staff, and other correlated people with the concerned generation.

The proposal has come up with taking a real-life mental health services provider 'Beyond Blue' for practical knowledge of the same based on the strategies of which the campaign strategy is proposed. An extended scope of mental health assistance services and counsel services via various modes have been identified to be useful under the proposal with the help of a rough outline taken from the current frameworks of the ‘Beyond Blue’ services.


Campaign Goals.


Goal 1:

Goal 2:

Stakeholder Analysis.

Group1. Students and Youngsters.

Explaining the Fit for Group1 in The Campaign.

Group2. the University Staff, Faculties, and Authorities.

Position of Group2 in The Stakeholders of The Campaign.

Importance and Position of University Staff and Faculties as Stakeholders.

Explaining the Fit for Group2.

Group3. Parents or Guardians.

Parents as Stakeholders.

Explaining the Fit for Parents in The Campaign.

Group4. Psychological Professionals and Counselors.

Professionals and Counselors as Stakeholders.

Campaign Tactics.

Tactic1. Immediate Support by The Campaign.

Tactic2. Organizing the Campaign Activities at Schools and Educational Institutes.

Campaign Messages.

Current Frame.

Target Audience, Channels and Its Effect on Target Audience.

Campaign’s Strategic Frame.

Target Audience, Channels and Its Effects of The Target Audience.

What the Frame Should Do for Your Audience.

Artefact & Conclusion..


Campaign Goals


One in every five adults in Australia suffers a variety of mental disorders and issues every year, as described by Australia (2020) in its studies, leading the young generation towards life-threatening attempts such as suicides, stigma, and whatnot. It has highly been observed that the students and the young aged learners are highly prone to such mental disorders since they find it difficult to manage and adapt to the stressful and psychological barriers in the lifecycle. The ‘Beyond Blue’ campaign provides such people with mental distress a solution and remedial suggestions by adapting to following outlined goals:

Goal 1: To provide complimentary mental educational assistance targeting the students and young generations of big cities of Australia

Goal 2: Identify the needs and provide training for staff of concerned educational institutes and the parents to respond to children in such difficulties

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis chalks out who has a stake in the campaign issue. A stakeholder will be any individual or group of individuals who are relevant to the campaign such as emerged from the needs and scope of business ethics, corporate social governance, and strategic management of an event (Miles 2017).

Group1. Students and Youngsters

Students and youngsters, to be collected and accurately called 'Generation X' is considered the first group with a sound stake in the campaign. According to Ross (2019), the mental health of this generation X has raised a social issue in the manner that it has put the youth and future of the country in a mental health crisis.

Explaining the fit for group1 in the campaign

According to McGorry (2015), the mental health has now been recognized as a thoughtful issue of concern internationally, and the importance and need for its identification, assessment, and treatment is a crucial step towards the success of the campaign, hence making generation X fit into the campaign perfectly.

Group2. the University Staff, Faculties, and Authorities

The people concerned with the educational institutes have a huge stake in the campaign and these can be a potential source of success for the campaign.

Position of Group2 in the stakeholders of the campaign

Epstein, Khanlou, Balaquiao, and Chang (2019) have discussed in the study that the rising issues of mental illness and disorders among the student section of the society raises questions for the faculty section about the methods and ways of accommodating with the students, thus positioning them to have a significant stake in the campaign.

Importance and Position of University staff and faculties as stakeholders

As per the reports of Royal College of Psychiatrists, the rising mental disorders among the generation X has created a considerable load on the social perspectives including degraded physical health (Roberts et al. 2018) and its maintenance, loss of return from higher education and academics, etc. which in result yields a high load on the economic perspectives and loss of the society. This drops the earning efficiency of the countrymen of the future resulting in the increased dependency and degraded literacy rate at future aspects. 

To control these negative plays of mental distress on future generations, University staff and faculties are the most potential stakeholders in the campaign.

Explaining the Fit for group2

Baik, Larcombe, and Brooker (2019) in the study have concluded that the University staff and faculties have a better impact on the wellness and sound mental health of students. Hence the University members prove to be a beneficial stakeholder in the campaign. 

Group3. Parents or Guardians

The parents of the students or children, to be called 'Generation Y' are the direct influencers of the target population for the campaign, hence the stakeholder also.

Parents as stakeholders

Parent-child relationships are the predominant source of the mental and psychological blooming of the young ones (Stafford et al. 2016). The parental upbringing, care, and control practices reveal the major site in the gap for the origination of mental disorders among the youngsters. To facilitate the campaign's goals and success factors, parents and guardians are the key stakeholders in the campaign.

Explaining the fit for Parents in the campaign

The campaign is aimed at resolving the problems identifiable in the matters of psychological and mental distress among the generation X, requiring the generation Y or say, predecessors of the concerned generation to understand and assess the mental issues occurring and identifiable in their offspring.

Group4. Psychological Professionals and Counselors

Professionals and counselors as stakeholders

With the increase in grade and levels of academic grades, the level of sensitivity and perception abilities fluctuate among the students (Tuncel and Aricioglu 2018) and causing them to the sense of influence and acquaintance of various psychological and mental distress (Matheson et al. 2016).

Reposition them into a normal mental environment requires the need for the attainment of psychotherapeutic assistance and counsel services. This explains the reason for psychological professionals and counselors to be at a higher stake in the campaign.

Campaign Tactics

Tactics describe in a campaign, the resources that direct the campaigning activities to reach and attain specified outcomes strategically, as defined by Whelan (no date).

Tactic1. Immediate Support by The Campaign

Using strategies such as conduction of workshops, mental health quizzes, and short interviews to develop a sense and conviction of the need for a mental health assessment to the prospects (Niecke et al. 2019).

Further, providing campaign’s aim to drive for the practice of providing immediate, on-call support and assistance to the mentally distressed and depressed people, focusing the generation X in the campaign to secure, safeguard and harmonize the youngsters as clients in the times of mental adversity.

  • Providing online services such as chatbots, email chats, etc by promoting the campaign on digital platforms via advertising, website creation, and many more.
  • Providing on-call professional assistance.
  • Community forums and memberships at low cost and concessional rates for youngsters.

Tactic2. Organizing the Campaign Activities at Schools and Educational Institutes

The campaign offers physical and face-to-face assistance to students of University and Educational institutes by approaching students through counseling, setting up camps, and events.

  • Providing the institutes with a full-time psychological professional to address the students' mental grievances in real-time.
  • Arranging seminars, events, and workshops for the students at such institutes.
  • Arranging the seminars on parental mental being to address and educate parents and generation Y about the mental illness and its robustness in the new generation.
  • Inclusion of mental health course as a curriculum activity.

Campaign Messages

Current Frame

The current frame for the campaign involves the provision of psychiatric and mental health assistance and services to all sectors of humans such as to men, women, older adults, communities such as LGBT, etc having an equal focus on all.

Target Audience, Channels and Its Effect on The Target Audience

Psychologically disturbed, mentally disordered, or ill individuals or community people that require mental health assistance is the target audience for the current frame. The channels utilized are online community and forums, on-call support, helpline contact, and professional assistance, affecting the current campaign to be equitably serving every sector of living.

Campaign’s Strategic Frame

The campaign is strategically framed to making radical improvements and advancements in the current framing of the same. In addition to the services provided for the whole sole human sector, the campaign is now strategized to provide special services specifically to the young generations via camping, seminars, and workshops commencements after analyzing the need for robust mental assistance in generation X.

Target Audience, Channels and its Effects of the Target Audience

The target audience for the campaign strategy proposed is generation X i.e. the higher school students, University students, and learners ranging from age 16 to 24. The immediate support services, online consultation services, conduction of events, camps, and workshops, and inclusion of mental health as a curriculum activity are the sorted channels for reaching the target customer. The effects can result in an increment in the familiarity of youngsters with the mental health and its scope, aiding them to understand their mental capabilities, and thus empower the student section of the country (Baik 2019).

What the frame should do for your audience

Mental health services are the most unrealized health services in the world whereas almost every other person living has some sort of mental disorder and thus has the need for psychotherapy. As prescribed by Simm (2015) in the research that the unrealization of the mental health and its scope from the public’s knowledge, lack of adequacy of the informational gains in the sector, and many such factors are the barrier to the progressive psychological familiarity among people.

Thus, the campaign is framed in a way to provide these factors as a catalyst for the progression and evolution of psychological practices and adaptation among and in the minds of the people.

Artefact & Conclusion on Plethora of Mental Health Issues

A campaign strategy is effectively managed with the use of visual artifacts in its program. Also, it stratifies the effective monitoring of your clients, prospective customers, and target audience. To interact at the very initial stage of campaign management is a crucial task, requiring tools such as promotional activities, advertisings, and marketing via various platforms such as by artifacts, flyers, online advertisements, video ads, and whatnot.

It can be concluded that the unrealization and underdiagnosis of such mental conditions can create several issues in the personal as well as social development of a country and its countrymen. The youth generation is the future of a family, society, and country and the economic, cultural, social, and stability factors depend on the performance of the potential earning generation there. Hence for the sake of foster of the self and the society, a routine and continuous assessment and diagnosis of mental and psychological health and stability must be done, at the minimum level of self-evaluation.

Reference for Plethora of Mental Health Issues

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