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Team- on- Team Review

Effective feedback is an important element to conduct peer review. The quality of peer assessment supports the quality of student projects that helps to facilitate student learning and encourage students for active engagement (Lam, 2010). Peer feedback helps the students to learn through each other and maintain the quality of the projects. Peer review promotes reasonable and justifiable suggestions that support student engagement (Li, Liu & Steckelberg, 2010). This is an individual review that focuses on individual perception. I will provide my review for a Health supplement & protein store by analyzing the presentation and team efforts. Different groups have presented their projects which are based on their team efforts. The team on Team Review is used by the individuals to provide constructive feedback that promotes reflective analysis for peer review. With the presentation of another group, I will provide my constructive feedback including my learning opportunities. Based on the presentation and Q&A session, individuals make connections to their learning and demonstrate their ideas. Review of another group's presentation provides an understanding of the necessary improvements in the project and how to present a project effectively.

The presentation of another group helped me to understand the key concepts of a business and how to initiate it by managing community effectiveness. One of the group has proposed a project for "Health Supplement & Protein Store". This store is named as EnergyCore Vitamins. To reduce the impact of Covid-19 and managing profits with community benefits, the idea is considered as effective. It promotes the improvement of an individual's health and manages business opportunities. A convenient and useful idea helps the community to manage the health conditions and enhance a friendly relationship. Profit stability and improvement in health condition encourage the benefits to society. SMART objectives as defined by the group represent their success strategies by focusing on the quality based objectives in the society. All the objectives of the project are effective to evaluate the work in progress and managing group activities. A direction towards the organization and managing resources is achieved by SMART objectives and team efforts. Clear and effective presentation promotes the physical capacity of an individual. This activity provides an insightful understanding to make changes in my opinion for team presentation and promote coordination in the team for the best work.

The team on Team Review activity is effective to analyze the presentation and information of another group to provide constructive feedback. Based on different parameters, the presentation is analyzed that provides an opportunity to learn from their information. Minimal words are used by the team to present through slides. It helps them to explain each aspect and manage the logical and sequenced flow. Presentation skills and knowledge about the project is necessary that promotes effective communication in Q&A session. Fulfilment of each parameter is necessary to manage an effective presentation. This group has provided an effective understanding of teamwork and managing high standard work with their knowledge and skills. Individual capabilities play a major role in presenting adequate knowledge and understanding of SMART objectives. This activity ensures learning and encourages others for their efforts (Li, Liu & Steckelberg, 2010). Each individual is unique in their efforts. I learned about presentation skills and using facts for providing relevant answers in the Q&A session. Teamwork is the most successful approach which manages a project with effective guidance. This activity is identified as useful for a positive environment in the classroom and learns to respect each other by providing constructive feedback for future improvements (Woodward, 2015; Brutus, Donia & Ronen, 2013).

This learning helps me in future presentations and proposing an effective solution in the company. The importance of team efforts and coordination is learned by me through this activity. To maintain a positive environment, encouragement and respect are necessary. Improvements in the future presentations can be made by learning from others and reflecting upon their project ideas. For my course, reflection is an effective opportunity to gain knowledge and seek for improvements. Individual capabilities are based on learning which is a never-ending process. A positive behaviour towards feedback enhances the opportunities for personal development. Although I have learned to manage my knowledge effectively to explore beneficial opportunities and applying it in my future as a project manager or a part of a project. Teamwork is necessary for all the professions and I am keen towards learning more from others.

References for Team- on- Team Review

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