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National Quality Standards

Introduction to Intentional Teaching

This plain language statement discusses the National Quality Standards- Standard 1.2.1- Intentional teaching. Standard 1.2 talks about - “Practice- Educators facilitate and extend each child’s learning and development “. Standard 1.2.1 talks about – “Intentional Teaching- Educators are deliberate, purposeful, and thoughtful in their decisions and actions.”

The idea behind the element 1.2.1 is to make sure that the teachers and educators keenly and proactively promote learning for children in meaningful ways and by utilizing interactive ideas which eventually help in promoting thinking skills and critical analysis in them. They deliberately and intuitively interact with children in fruitful and useful ways which helps promote their learning in improved ways. It is an active process and it builds on the children’s strengths, weaknesses and their needs and ideas. It helps in building a child’s mind and extending his/her thinking ability and occurs in a planned and intended environment.

Intentional teachers and educators utilize their own expertise and professional acumen and strategies to employ in children’s learning, education, daily activities and leisure and playtime. They are able to explain the rationale behind their intentional planning and strategies for children. They utilize their knowledge to build programs for children to help support their capacity building.

They employ strategies like asking open-ended questions, engaging children in meaningful conversations, providing challenging situations to help them cope and learn better, tailoring and changing their daily teaching strategies based on children’s learning goals and speed, taking continuous feedback in the form of formative assessment and making required improvements and changes on the way. They are able to show flexibility in their teaching methodology and expertise based on the children’s reactions and grasping power towards the intended lesson of instruction. They also employ different communication strategies for different situations, children and lessons- based on the response by children towards the lesson being taught. They are responsible for providing the intended and intentional support to children during their playtime, lessons and leisure time and transitions as well. Intentional teaching is practically

Intentional teaching , in its actual element and effect, is the exact opposite of teaching students by using a way of repetition – that is, carrying out tasks with children in specific ways just because they’ve forever been carried out in that way, instead of using any thought about what children will learn from the experience or considering if there exist more meaningful and useful ways for children to be working around those similar ideas. Intentional teachers are intentional when it comes to several ways and aspects about the general environment of learning, more specifically the emotional state and climate that they develop around the child. They intentionally choose methods and materials and recruit them in noticeable places for children where they can be easily catch the attention of the child and they would want to pick them up and try using them. They plan their week, month or day around which specific and particular activity they want the child to be focusing at and the settings and context around it as well. They also specifically decide the amount of time and energy to be spent on the particular areas based on the importance of content and how to integrate the content as well. All this decision making and planning decides the environment and the mode of teaching for the children and also decides the main argument of what happens in the desired setting.

Reference for Intentional Teaching

National Quality Standards (2020). Retrieved from- acecqa.gov.au/nqf/national-quality-standard/quality-area-1-educational-program-and-practice

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