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Table of Contents

Part A..


The impact of social issue and rich picture description.


Rich picture.

Part B..


Design friction relationship.

The design friction use and its application.




Human-Computer Interaction for Social Change - Part A

Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction for Social Change

In the UK and other countries of high-income, hunger is mostly affected by poverty that leads to jobs lack or because the company pays too little for the post. The rates of hunger rise when the local or national economy is in a slump. People cannot find a job or lose a job. The poverty of food is termed as the inability to buy the food to develop a balanced diet and to access it. The UK, despite being a wealthy nation, has people with low income and low standard of living. This social issue is regarded as a severe problem in the UK. Thus, social issues are explained in part A of the report to have a piece of more knowledge about food poverty in the UK. Mostly people in the world who are in extreme poverty are farmers of smallholder in developing countries.

The Impact of Social Issue and Rich Picture Description

Food poverty is considered as the inability to afford or access food to develop a healthy diet. In the UK, debt for food is on the rising level. Although the country in the world is listed as the seventh most prosperous country, numerous people fight to afford food. In the UK, it is estimated that around 8.4 million people are struggling to get food to eat (Sustain. 2020.). This involves many households, families, along with children and disabled and older people.

This social issue impacts the children who lack meals from school free during their holidays, low-income parents going without food so that their spouses can eat, older people who are not able to make meals, people working whose low earning leave them and struggle to buy healthy food. People who are under the line of poverty cannot buy food because of the following reasons such as inflation rate, high expenses, etc. Many community groups, councils and another group of people are taking corrective actions to make sure that people can get healthy food to eat and address the major causes of difficulties of people (Caplan, 2017). Many cuts to rising fuel and budgets of the local authority, cost of housing and food undermine the efforts to determine poverty of food.

In the year 2016, the largest food network bank of UK that is Trussell trust has provided around 1.2 million emergency food supplies packages as compared to the previous years in which they supplied approximately 41,000 packages. In addition to this, about 4 million adults in the UK were emphasized to take the benefit of the food bank as of shocking rates of hunger (Sustain. 2020.). This social problem of food deficiency is becoming an important issue of concern for the health of the public in the nation. This indicates that there is some level of an economic and social issue that leads to food lack instead of fasting, dieting, etc.

The situation has a significant impact on psychological and social factors. The workshops of food poverty in the UK show that there are significant localities in number that live in the insecurity of food and are at the food poverty risk. The social issue has numerous adverse effects on well being and health of individuals. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that people can take a healthy diet in a way that is socially acceptable and have certainty about how to make a healthy diet for their households and themselves.

Economic instability and low income are considered as the main reason for the scarcity of food that limits the people capability to have a sufficient and nutritious diet. The shortage of food framework is an essential feature which offers a suitable and globally accepted medium of food measuring the level of insecurity in the home. The rise in the food cost and higher cost of living has made the condition even worse.

Food banks have been increasing in recent years throughout the UK as of the political awareness about the issue of scarcity of food. The overall spending consumption or the proportion of income was considered as a food safety indicator. Shortage of food has affected every person who has no private transportation as they seek that they cannot afford the money to buy good food (O'Connell et.al 2019). Various methodologies have been taken into consideration to discuss the emergency of requirements of food, providing outcomes that can complement and validate each other. Poverty reduction is a vital aspect in a food security policy because poor people spend a large amount of their income on food, leaving them unsafe to high prices of food and many people get their income from farming, further leaving them insecure to agricultural output declines.

According to the report published by the environmental audit committee in the year 2019, it is analyzed that insecurity of food is growing and significant in the UK and making the condition worst in Europe. The strategy of government obesity is considered as silent on the danger of food. The hunger minister is appointed to take action of cross-departmental. The report highlights the requirement to ensure cross-departmental of governmental action and understanding of hunger and initiative strategies for monitor and improve the progress (Connolly, A., 2019).

It is also influenced by individuals who do not have the proper knowledge about how to cook food accurately. Food poverty needs a sustainable and long term solution that determines the issues of policies based on a low income, food prices rising and welfare reform, unemployment, etc. The UNICEF charity estimates that British children around 2.5m live in insecure food households. It is also identified that nearly 400 children from British and young people who are of age between 10-20 years are experiencing poverty for food. The hospital rates admission because of rickets is regarded as highest for 50 years (The conversation. 2019). The poor farmers do not have enough land to grow food to supply them to eat enough. People die because of hunger in one country region while there was surplus of food in another region of the country.

Conclusion on Human-Computer Interaction for Social Change

From the above analysis, it has been concluded that food poverty rates are increasing drastically in the UK. The reason behind this cause is the rising rate of inflation, rate of low-income, food wastage by rich people segment in the country, people who are not able to cook, etc. These issues also impact the country per capita income. It has also been identified that many committees and trusts are coming forward to take the necessary steps and overcome this issue.

Rich Picture

From the above image, it has been analyzed that food poverty in the UK raises from several reasons and the top reasons among them are low income, wastage of food and lack of attention from the government (Moffat, 2020). There are further many shops that are undertaking initiatives in the form of section creating and mentioned to give healthy food to the poor people and many organizations like Trussell trust bank of food, Edinburgh food bank, etc. offer food free of cost or in affordable prices to the needy people who are suffering from poverty for food.

Human-Computer Interaction for Social Change - Part A

Introduction to Food Poverty

In the current scenario, food poverty is seen as one of the biggest challenges experienced by the people residing in the UK. It is estimated that there are around 8.4 million people in the country that are facing a lot regularly to have a healthy diet or eat food in the required amount. The various types of strategies and practices are taken into consideration to deal with the food poverty issue in the country.

For instance, a reduction in the items of food being wasted can be regarded as a profitable and beneficial strategy that can be implemented. On the other hand, raising the overall concept of popularity concerning food sharing is also a good strategy that can be adopted to overcome the problem. Accurate implementation and technology use can be taken into account to deal with the issue associated with food poverty in the country.

Design Friction Relationship

The technological use can be taken so that changes can be introduced quickly in the communities and societies concerning food wastage reduction. It has been inferred that food wastage is one of the crucial reason because of which the food poverty problem within the country has raised to a great extent. The technology integration can be conducted in two ways which are linked with the food recycling and model associated with the chain of food.

The implementation and adoption of technology are also advantageous as it will help in making changes in the mindset and people thinking about living in the UK with context to food wastage and consumption ( Swaffield, Evans, and Welch, 2018). The design friction model emphasizes on promoting and encouraging the sharing of food concept in the communities and societies. People within the market must be well aware of the fact as many people are unable to get food in the required quantity on daily routine; thus; the food sharing promotion is significant. The use of a model of food rescue that is based on high-end software technology can be taken into consideration. It is also stated that the model has various parameters which are as discussed below:

Growth: This parameter supports the useful measurement and analysis of the fact that people are receiving enough food or not. The setting also helps in determining the degree to which low-class people are struggling with the challenges and insecurities linked with the food.

Constraint: It is identified that there are many diseases in the market which becomes constraints, and because of this, correct strategies are needed to develop to deal with the same (Caraher, and Furey, 2018.).

Collapse: This parameter linked with the food can be referred to as the energy crises outcome and thus, such crises must be eliminated in each case. The crops grown may damage and collapse in the country because of the disasters of energy and this is considered as another reason because of which crises must be avoided.

Transformation: The model of revolutionized emergence foe dealing with food shortage is carried out by change.

The technology design is undertaken with the purpose to resolve the problems and challenges that involve the system of all food parts consisting of management of waste, agriculture and production, services of food, etc. The charts and graphs of the inventories of food would help the supermarkets and industries to maintain the stock of food so that food wastage can be eliminated or reduces and contributes effectively to resolve the issue of food poverty from the country. Further, in my view, this technology would be helpful for the social problem that the country is facing.It can be identified that there are many types of tools of technology that are undertaken to use the model associated with the rescue of food (Porter, et.al 2017). For instance, hungry harvest, nerolabs, wasteless, etc. are some of the standard tools that can be taken into account.

The fiction mentioned above of design reflects or outlines how food wastage can be reduced, and the desired results can be accomplished quickly. The fiction of design also highlights the fact that in the case of a surplus of food in the refrigerator, an indication will be given so that food items can be saved easily from getting waste (Caraher, and Furey, 2017). Developing composition at home and feeding the hungry people are some of the strategies that are provided by friction of design to deal with and overcome with the wastage of food challenge.

The Design Friction Use and Its Application

From the last few years, in the UK, the food poverty has increased to a great extent, and correct steps and measures are needed to be taken to overcome the issue. The design associated with rescue of food can assist in dealing with or cope up from this issue to a great extent. The growing food insecurities in the country are alarming and are considered as a crucial reason because of which it is essential to take corrective actions (Miller, 2018).

The children of the UK are suffering from insecurities of food and are a threat potentially to the overall development and growth of the country in the long run. Various plans, strategies and measures for hunger have been implemented and developed to avoid this problem. The reason for using this friction of design is that it will help the economy in becoming well aware of the day to day work and activities and the conflict at the same time will also bring changes in the manner in which consumption of food and wastage by people is taken in the country. The people who have food in surplus will be able to know its value and will be forced on donating the food despite wasting it (Edmiston, 2017).

Reflection on Human-Computer Interaction for Social Change

In my opinion, human machines involvement will be beneficial to reduce the deprivation of food within the UK. HCI is regarded as one of the updated and modern technology in the age of innovation currently. This technology is about understanding how people make the system to use corrective and implant computation or devices that incorporate and by what ways the systems can be more beneficial and usable. The design of HCI, in my opinion, will be accurate to resolve the issue of food poverty.

I also think, with the help of modern technology that is the interaction of human-computer, the constraint, the development, collapse and transformation would be attained. The design of friction has been provided with the graphical presentation of wastage of food and surplus of food in the region. The current technology is also helpful in making the program of reuse of wastage of food.

The program of recycling of food wastage is further helpful for the farmer in the development of food within the country. On the other hand, different supermarkets are using the program of donation of the food to the poor or needy people in the state in which the expiry food is given to the individuals despite dumping them in the filing of land or the dustbin. I also think it will be a good idea to help needy people who are unable to cook food or purchase food and suffer from food poverty. I believe that there would be a specific application of technology that could be taken into consideration for the food rescue model.

Conclusion on Human-Computer Interaction for Social Change

From the analysis, it has been observed that scarcity of food has been identified as a significant issue in the nation. It has been concluded that one of the main reason for this social issue is because of food wastage and lack of government attention.

From the food poverty model and HCI application, the food wastage issue can be effectively solved. The model of food rescue has been identified as an effective way to analyze the food sources and path to reduce the food wastage within the UK. It is also concluded that HCI technology is considered helpful in food managing and developing various ways in which reuse of food can be done.

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