A Step-by-Step Guide To Student Visa Extension


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Student Visa Extension: A Step-by-Step Guide

How are you feeling studying in Australia? It is fascinating, isn't it? How you've always dreamt about studying at your favourite university in Australia, and now you are studying there. Looking back at your journey until now, you'll realise how long you've come. From the minute you decide to get admission in an Australian university, to writing an SOP with the help of an SOP writing services expert, to getting the visa process done and flying to the land of Kangaroos. All this work done over the years might seem like something you did yesterday, as you are now again set to file for a visa extension. The steps you went through the last time might be different and difficult, but one thing that you are now confirmed is the process of writing an SOP. If you don't know the exact procedure, you at least know the highlighted part, and for the initial stages, that is also enough.

The Visa Extension Need

As you are currently studying or almost close to finishing your graduation in Australia, have you decided what you will be doing further? Going back to your home or pursuing something here? Don't you think going back to your home country might seem like a defeat when you have finished your graduation from a prestigious Australian university? Well, so if you are deciding to stay in Australia, don't forget about your visa. In the past three or four years, you've made Australia your second home; however, don't forget that you are staying here because you have the permit. But now, as your visa expires, you have to make some decisions. If you have completed your degree, in that case, what are you going to do if you haven't, then what is the best procedure left for you?

If Not Completed Graduation

As an international student studying in Australia, the primary purpose of your visit to the land of Kangaroos was to grab a graduation degree. However, if for some reason, whether the extension of a course or you fail to pass all the semesters. You got to stay in the country for a little longer than approved in your visa. In such a case, you must write an SOP for your visa application extension. Mention why you need to stay in the country for more than the asked time, and if you have failed a course in a semester, you must also state why you failed to secure great grades.

One case that occurs the most is that students forget to apply for an extension of their student visa and this deed leads to a criminal offence. It is better that you don't take your visa lightly. When you know that your visa is about to expire and you have to stay more in Australia for some reason, you should apply for a visa extension four months before the expiry date. As the extension process might be long and you don't wish to struggle at the last minute to submit all the documents at once and start striking your SOP, you can take SOP writing services from Online Assignment Expert, as we are the best SOP writing service provider in town.

If Completed Graduation

As you know, every coin has two sides; one side of yours was when you hadn't finished your graduation and you needed to extend your student visa to stay a little longer in Australia. The second case is when you have finished your graduation and are now wondering about the next step. What's best for you is to start thinking about your future before entering the final semester of your graduation. This will give you plenty of time to decide what your options are, whether you are going to pursue post-graduation, a job, or return to your home country. Staying prepared in advance for your next step is the best option because if you overstay, it will be denoted as a criminal offence and within 28 days from your visa expiration and you'll be deported to your home country.

However, to extend your visa once your graduation is finished, you must submit an SOP stating why you are staying longer than expected. In the case of visa expiration, when you are staying for a few days or one month, you can even ask for a travel visa. But in no case can you forget to file for a visa extension application, and while applying for the same, you must do a few things. They are mentioned below for your reference.

What Do You Need to Extend Your Visa?

You can't forget the process you went through the first-time regarding visa extensions. For some, it might be a Deja Vu, but still, there are a few new and necessary steps for you to follow. As there are consequences if you don't follow these steps, you'll be deported back to your home country, and this will also impact your further visa applications. So, if you are planning to stay in Australia a little more than expected, then here's what you need to do to extend your student visa.

  • Confirmation of Enrolment
  • English Language Requirement
  • Overseas students' Health Cover
  • Medical Examination
  • Financial Requirement

To stay in Australia for more than your limited time, you must ensure that you clear all the barriers to extending your visa. In this extension process, you have to write an application as well, that is, nothing else but your SOP stating your reason, duration of stay, and financial status, whether you can afford your further visit to Australia or not. Moreover, if you have decided that your further extension will be only for study purposes and you will pursue your post-graduation, below is the required information for your visa extension application.

How To Apply for a New Student Visa

When studying in Australia, remember that you aren't a permanent resident of Australia. Once your visa is expired, you will require an extension or renewal to your visa for a more extended stay and pursue your postgraduate studies. In case of visa extension or renewal, you'll need the following things, and let's glance at them.

  • Enrol in course
  • Arrange overseas student health cover
  • Prepare visa documents
  1. Certified copy of your birth certificate
  2. Passport ID page
  3. National ID card
  4. CV/Resume
  5. Marriage certificate, if applicable
  6. Parental consent form if under 18 years old
  7. OSHC policy number
  8. Personal statement
  9. New Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
  10. HAP ID Number
  • Meet genuine temporary entrant criteria
  • Submit student visa application

As you see, your last step is to submit a student visa application, indicating to your SOP the one you wrote to get into your dream Australian university at the time of your undergraduate course. Now is the time for you to write one for the extension of your student visa. Writing an SOP might be challenging in this process as you have to say limited words, but they should leave an impact so that your visa extension application gets a green flag before your old visa expires. To help you in that process, here we are, Online Assignment Expert, with our SOP writing services.

Below is a glimpse of how a perfect SOP should be written for the student visa extension application as you have your final year graduate studies to take care of, along with the additional academic projects and the part-time job. When you have thousands of things in hand to do at the earliest, you might need external support, and for that, Online Assignment Expert is your best assignment help service provider. Well, moving forward, let's see the perfect manner of SOP writing for an extension of visa application.

Tips to Write an SOP for Student Visa Extension

As we have been talking about student visa extension, it is time to see what the final application SOP will look like. Indeed, you had written an SOP before when you were willing to be a part of your dream university; however, this time, it is a bit different. Unlike the other time, writing a Statement of Purpose for your visa application is a bit different. Here's what you must write in your SOP for a visa extension.

Financial Condition

One thing you must mention in your SOP for staying more than the required length in Australia is how you will support your living. As an undergraduate student, you hardly have a permanent job, and when you don't have anything concrete that could help you with your everyday expenses, it is a concern to be mentioned. Take your time while writing an SOP and understand the important things you must mention. After stating the subject, you are pursuing. Further, you must form the best sentence explaining how you will support your education in Australia. Moreover, if you are confused about the best manner of writing your statement of purpose for visa application, you can take Online Assignment Expert's expert support. Apart from providing assignment help, our professional writers also guide you in writing the most influential SOP that gets you a chance to get your visa process cleared at the earliest.

Explain Why You Are Staying Longer

As you've read above, if you have enrolled in a new course or are starting to pursue your post-graduation, your reason is simple and straight. However, if you have to ask for a visa extension because you haven't finished your graduation in the required time, then you must state the reason accurately. Remember that you can overstay in Australia without a permitted visa because it will be counted as a criminal offence, and to ensure you get a visa extension, you have to state why your degree course isn't completed within the timeline. It could be because of additional subjects you've taken for a better impression on the resume or because you've failed an assignment or course. And if you've failed in any subject, you have to explain why they should extend your visa; what's now remaining is that you can successfully finish your degree. To cleverly mention all the answers, you might require additional support, for which Online Assignment Expert is always here with SOP writing services.

Why Online Assignment Expert?

Besides mentioning your future in Australia in that SOP application, you must also mention a few things, such as defining gaps, if any, in your course choice. What is your fool proof plan if you are planning to stay in Australia to find a job? If you don't satisfy the person in the visa department with accurate information and answers, your application will have 50-50 chances. So, if you want your visa extension application approved, don't take any chances but take expert support from SOP writing services. However, if you are wondering what makes Online Assignment Expert a great choice, below is your answer.

Experienced and Efficient Writers

Writing isn't easy; your words should be impactful, and they must amaze the person reading your SOP. So, it doesn't matter because of what reason you are staying in Australia for more than the required time; as long as you are writing an impressive set of words to explain your condition, you are in for a great run. To help you write an exclusive and exemplary SOP that will surely help you get a student visa extension, Online Assignment Expert's experts are there for you. The experienced writers at work know the best form of writing and explain any situation concisely. So, if you struggle to write the best SOP, give us a chance.

Delivered Within Deadline

One of the issues students face when writing an SOP is missing the deadline. Indeed, SOPs are not like assignments for which you must submit the same within the deadline. However, the SOP you are writing for the visa application also contains the deadline, which is essential for you. As you know, once your visa expires, you can't live in the country for a minute longer, and as the visa application process takes at least four months, you must stay prepared. And writing and submitting your SOP for visa application is essential. The experts at Online Assignment Expert provide SOP writing services and understand the importance of deadlines, so they provide you with the required assistance at the earliest.

Well-Written and Error-free

A well-written and error-free assignment help you secure great grades; in the same manner, a well-written and error-free SOP helps you with your visa extension application. You know your writing skills, and if you were a word wizard, you wouldn't have been taking assignment help before. So now as you know about your writing skills and you can't take chances with mistakes or the structure, taking external support is your only best option. When you take writing support from Online Assignment Expert, you have earned yourself an extra edge to impress the person reading your visa extension application. As our experts know the perfect format for writing an SOP, there is no need for you to worry further; just contact us at the earliest and get your work done within the timeline.

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