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All undergraduates at MIT must accomplish the HASS Requirement as part of their General Institute Requirements. It comprises of eight courses in the humanities, arts, and disciplines such as sociology, each with at least nine courses.

Humanities, arts, and social sciences (HASS) learning is an essential component of your university study. The HASS Requirement allows you to broaden your expertise in a diversity of social and professional areas, improve critical thinking abilities, and start something new while doing so.

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Humanities arts and social science

Rules Of Fulfilling HASS Requirements Explained By Our Experts

These are some of the unique situations and techniques that may alter how you complete the HASS Qualification. If you have any questions, then you can seek HASS Education Assignment Help online from us at any time. Our experts can assist you with the assignments and better knowledge.

  • All HASS Requirement topics must be completed for a letter grade or as P/D/F in the first year. Courses taken under junior-senior P/D/F will not be used to fulfil the Requirement.
  • You have to use the CIH/HW selection tool, which is accessible through well before, to enrol in a HASS topic that is also labelled as CIH or CIHW.
  • Transfer material can be applied to the Requirement as HASS Elective topics, but it normally cannot be used to the distribution portion. Contact the relevant HASS fiduciary's transfer credit inspector.
  • To get credit for a course taken at Harvard or Wellesley, you must request the Subcommittee on the HASS Qualification.
  • Six-unit courses in a respective area are frequently accepted as fulfilling the Requirement. For further information, see Changes to the team inside the HASS Requirement.
  • No component of the HASS Standard can be satisfied using AP credit.
  • A few subjects are classified as belonging to more than one HASS category. These courses will audit for the classification you require immediately.

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