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Background of UniAthena (Athena Global Education):

Athena Global Education FZE is a subset of Westford Education Group, which has been delivering outstanding UK, Italian, and Spanish Bachelor and Master's degrees since 2009. The Westford Education Group has worked with a number of globally approved institutions, awarding organisations, and professional bodies to offer high-quality, fully certified programmes all around the world. Thousands of learners from all around the world have benefited from our assistance in achieving their higher education grades by taking UniAthena Global Education Assignment Help from us and, as a result, their professional objectives. To name a few, Westford has partnerships with Cardiff Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom, Guglielmo Marconi University in Italy, Fort Hays State University in the United States, Pearson Education in the United Kingdom, and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) in the United Kingdom.

Westford Education Group's newest endeavour is Athena Global Education FZE. It is based on our underlying belief that high-quality higher education is an inalienable right of all people, not just a select few, and that it should be accessible to everyone. Accessibility and affordability are the two main pillars of our business, and we've made sure that the courses offered on this platform support and represent these ideals.

Best known courses are:

  • Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (9 – 24 months)
  • MBA in Blockchain Management (9 – 24 months)
  • MBA in General Management (up to 9 months)
  • Doctorate of Business Administration (up to 3 years)
  • Master in Data Science (9 – 24 months)
  • Master in Construction Management (9 – 24 months)

Fundamental Principles:

The following key principles are entrenched in the development of the AGE Learning Platform and the courses and programmes it supports in order to preserve its vision:

  • Accessible - Everyone should have access to high-quality higher education.
  • Affordability - Everyone should be able to afford a good higher education.
  • Accredited-All AGE-acquired qualifications should be accredited and internationally recognised.
  • Flexible - The student should be able to learn at his or her own pace and on his or her own budget.
  • Stackable - Every student will have the option of stacking or combining small units to achieve higher education credits toward a degree or certificate through AGE.
  • Effective - All courses will be relevant and practical, with applications in the workplace and in our students' lives.

Courses offered in UniAthena Global Education

What are the Core Principles That This Institute Follows?

Values and principles are extremely similar. These are especially crucial in higher education since teaching is one of the noblest professions and must be conducted morally and honestly. With this objective in mind, Westford Education Group has created 5 Core Principles to assist us in creating an atmosphere that is exceptionally favourable to the learning and growth of both staff and students. It also assists us in focusing our attention on the need for a self-contained setting in which our basic academic activities may be carried out. It helps us build a solid organisational framework that will allow the Group Institutes to thrive in the most transparent and honest way possible.

These five principles will assist us in developing a strong strategy for the benefit of humanity, where high-quality learning and skill development can take place, allowing us to contribute our part to society's development while also providing an opportunity for a large segment of civilization to obtain higher education at an affordable cost. These principles are listed below, with the goal of establishing a decent, solid framework and directing us along the road we must take.

  • First Principle: The provision of a learning and support environment is the first principle - Provide a learning atmosphere with a high ethical standard. All of Athena Global Education's employees and students will get ongoing professional development. It will create its own Learning Management System (LMS), which will provide academic and administrative assistance to all teachers, administrators, and students. All Athena Global Education programmes will be delivered entirely online. All of Athena's lessons will be delivered in a very user-friendly environment. All students will have access to high-quality learning resources as well as academic and student welfare support services. Athena Global Education will promote staff and student professional development.
  • Second Principle: Academic authority and institutional ownership independence - Athena Global Education is governed by an academic authority that is both independent and autonomous. Athena's governance structure includes an independent and autonomous 'academic decision-making' organisation that is separate from the business structure and will operate with the highest level of integrity to maintain all academic quality requirements without influence from commercial divisions. The Institute's academic duties will be overseen by Athena's Academic Head. For all academic-related concerns, the Academic Head shall report to the Academic Council, with no reference to the other business unit structure people. Academic development, quality assurance, and decision-making will all be done apart from any commercial development initiatives. No direct power will be exercised by the investors, shareholders, or trustees in any academic decision-making activity.
  • Third Principle: To support the organisation, appropriate academic and administrative frameworks are required - The academic and administrative structures at Athena Global Education are strong. Individuals and groups are assigned defined executive, administrative, quality, academic, welfare, financial, and HR duties in Athena's organisational structure. The governance structure guarantees that academic and executive control are handled independently in order to maintain institutional sustainability through appropriate risk management and control mechanisms. A thorough commitment to sharing best practises in teaching, learning, and evaluation will be made. Quality and institutional procedures will be in place to ensure that all programmes are delivered in accordance with the regulatory framework established by the partner institution. A Course Leader, Personal Tutor, and Course Administrator will be assigned to each programme to provide full assistance to students during the program's delivery.
  • Fourth Principle: Quality assurance systems that are compliant with the UK Quality Code are in place - Quality assurance is a process of continual improvement. From the design of the programme material, assignments, assessment procedures, resubmission policies, and the internal verification process, through the students receiving feedback and final grades, the academic quality assurance process will be written out and strictly followed. By automating the whole work flow using Athena Global Education CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and LMS e-platforms, a smooth monitoring procedure of all academic activities will be maintained. One of the primary responsibilities of Athena Global Education's concerned people will be the duty and accountability for implementing all quality processes. Monitoring, assessment, reporting on programme performance, and action taken will all be done on a regular basis. Quality assurance and control will be implemented as part of a continuous improvement approach. All Athena Global Education processes and procedures shall be completely compliant with the UK Quality Code Expectations, Core Practices, and Guiding Principles.
  • Fifth Principle: Relationships with the scholarly community at large - Athena Global Education will maintain relationships with the external educational community, and it will adhere to all UK national and international standards for the modules it offers, as well as current practises observed in UK higher educational institutes, such as maintaining standard international and national benchmarks. Within its area of influence, Westford will develop a durable, powerful, and meaningful partnership with the whole educational global community. The primary focus will be on educational establishments and partners in the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and the United States, with the goal of expanding internationally.

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