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One of the main objectives of science is to enhance the quality of life of people by providing them with a safer and healthier lifestyle. DuPont is an American organization established in 18o2 by Eleuthera Irenee du Pont to produce a black powder. College or university students are provided with DuPont corporation case study assignments. Because of the advanced issues that occurred, DuPont toxic spill chemicals breakdown. Understanding the effects of chemicals released by chemical companies is a bit complex; thus, to help the students for the DuPont corporation case study, Online Assignment Expert is here just a click away.

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DuPont Company Corporation

DuPont corporation case study Professionals Explains Dark Water

Dark water launched in Europe to inform the people regarding the toxic spills scandal that eventually led US chemicals giant DuPont to pay approximately 671 US dollars on 28 February 2017. The organization's plants in West Virginia and Parkersburg had been polluting or infecting the local water supply with C-8, which is also known as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This chemical is utilized to make products such as Teflon. Among the local population, the contamination related to this chemical has six illnesses, including testicular and kidney cancer. DuPont has been using C-8 since the 1950s, and since the 1980s, they have been aware of the toxic effect of the chemical. Through, the organization denied it and agreed in 2006.

Understanding the Harm of C-8 Chemical

To produce Teflon production, DuPont started utilizing perfluorooctanoic acid at the Parkersburg factory in 1951. One of the DuPont employees observed that this chemical is highly toxic for human beings and animals. The organization confirmed the toxic effects of the chemical in 1982 in humans and 1961 in animals. In 1984, samples from the Ohio River indicated that the toxicity level of the C-8 was eight times higher than average, which had made its drinking supply to West Virginia and Ohio residents. In 1989, many employees of DuPont were diagnosed with leukaemia ad cancer. However, while these happenings were detailed in internal corporate documents, only the toxic spills that occurred in 2000 were reported by the media. On behalf of Parkersburg residents, an action lawsuit was filed in 2001. To settle the case, in February 2017, the company agreed to pay 671 million US dollars.

SWOT Analysis of DuPont

Our experts will help you learn about the company through the lens of SWOT analysis. Here is some of the key information evaluated under the DuPont SWOT analysis. Our DuPont corporation case study Swot Analysis experts will promptly provide you with authentic Case study writing help if you are looking for expert assistance to finish your assignment. You need to order from Online Assignment Expert, and our experts will guide you. The following section will explain the components of SWOT analysis:


  • Strong dealer community: This organization has created a good relationship between distributors and dealers where the sellers not only sponsor the company’s product but also spend time and money on providing training to the sales team for a better outcome.
  • Strong brand portfolio: The Company has invested in constructing a strong portfolio over the years. The portfolio of any brand becomes strong when the agency extends its products.
  • A flourishing and sizable agriculture unit: DuPont performs strong research and development activities to enhance the production of soybean and corn seeds. This strategy of selling crop production protection products helps enhance the market share of DuPont products.


  • Narrow success outside the core business: DuPont is considered one of the leading corporations in its field even though it has challenged difficult conditions in transporting to other product segments with its current business culture.
  • Investment in research and development: Even though DuPont is spreading its wings in R & D activities, this organization can still compete with the leading gamers within the innovation phases of the industry.
  • Margins pressur: DuPont lost its marketplace percentage in the market due to its inability to tackle the difficulties and challenges of the new entrants.


  • New technology: To become more successful in the market, DuPont requires leveraging new technologies to produce various pricing tactics or strategies according to the new markets. It will help the organization retain loyal consumers and trap new customers with their value oriented propositions. To meet the standard of the global market, DuPont can leverage the science application or approaches. With new innovation, the corporate can produce a whole new pesticide and insecticides class that will aid farmers to get rid of pathogens globally.
  • Bioscience and nutrition division: The effective impression of portfolio-linked activities become due to the purchase of nutritional and health commercial enterprise. Various demands help in the volume growth of the organization, such as bioactive segment, microbial management solution, and probiotics.
  • Emerging market: DuPont expanding its market to China is a way to increase sales to find new growth roads.


  • Alteration in technology: There are multiple competitor companies that utilize the new technologies to develop their products. Monsanto is an organization that serves as the main competitor of DuPont as it utilizes its innovative and new technologies to produce the products.
  • Intense Competition: There are various companies such as Daicel, DSM, Mitsubishi Chemical, and Monsanto Company that stand as the competitors of DuPont. The stable probability in the organization has enhanced the player’s number in recent years, and it put pressure on the profit and overall sales.

This is the element of SWOT analysis where students struggle the most as it requires you to conduct in-depth research about other competing companies and their strategies. Hence, students look for quality DuPont corporation case study help. If you are one of those, then Online Assignment Expert is the best option for you, on which you can depend for your assignments.

Checkout BUSM4154 DuPont Analysis Assignment Sample For Your Reference

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BUSM4154 DuPont Analysis Assignment Sample BUSM4154 DuPont Analysis Assignment Samples

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