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Hire an Expert for Safety Stock Assignment Help in Australia and Skyrocket Your Grades

Wondering about the best safety stock assignment help in Australia? Is your assignment due date is haunting you? Don't be sacred as Online Assignment Expert is here to help you out. A concept that is used all over the world in the business sector is known as the safety stock. There are so many branches and key points that reveal the inner theories of this topic.

It may seem simple but is the parent to so many beneficial points related to the business field. And so our safety stock assignment experts help you with all those concepts. They will provide you timely assignment help. The experts are well-trained to work with speed and still maintain the quality of work. The safety stock assignment help online provided by our experts will be unique and precisely written. This is because we follow academic integrity and do not support plagiarism.

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What are the risks involved in the safety stock?

Every business organization big or small is aware and uses the safety stock concept. It is helpful and plays a vital role for maintain the flow of business. But just maintaining the safety stock is not the end of the responsibility. There are certain risks involved in the safety stock. And for making the best out of the safety stock these risks must be considered during the calculation. Here we will be discussing the same topic. We will enlighten you about the risks which are related to the safety stock. This will be resourceful for your Safety Stock Assignment Help Online. You can use this in your assignment work, or for practical projects. This is a part where extra focus is required because one minor error can invite one of the risks. So let us begin with a brief discussion on the risk related to the safety stock and they are as follows:

  • The common mistake which is usually seen in this field is made by the people working in the supply chain department. They try to make a satisfactory reduction in the inventory level along with the stock on hand. And to achieve this safety stock setting to zero is done. This incites the risk of decreasing the service level also. This complete scenario ends up adding the cost even more than the cost of maintaining the extra inventory.
  • The second risk which we will be discussing in this list is the use of the standard formula for the safety stock. The safety stock formula is not one, as it is used by the business organization. The deal here is that there are numerous factors which affect the business chain supply. Business is the field which has its roots in different industry field. So the supply chain is impacted by several factors that are not common. And so the safety stock formula must be according to the field they are serving in and the factor the business is affected by. But there are also certain common or standard formulas for the business stock. The business organization does the mistake of adapting those formulas, sometimes it turns out to the best. But sometimes it may cause them to stand middle of the big loss or problem.
  • The third risk which will be discussing under this criterion is allowing the safety stock to decline as the lead time reduction from the supplier. This should not be done as the safety stock is the factor that adds variability in the supply chain and the demand. So the supplier lead time must not be the reason that should impact the safety stock. The only thing which should be considered here is the cycle stock of the individual company. The inventory must be safeguarded by keeping an eye on the standard deviation time. If the supplier has a lead time of six days then the standard deviation time must be three days. This way the risk can be tackled easily by maintaining both sides in positive ways.

What are the points which must be considered during the safety stock calculation?

The safety stock is the factor that affects the supply chain of any business. The business might be of any field but the safety stock formula is always needed. There is a certain way to calculate safety stock. Every business organization has it in a specific way. But there are a few common points which are essential for every field business organization. These points will bring more stability in the safety stock calculation and will not harm any organization. This will also be resourceful for your assignment work and will help with the Safety Stock assignment. You can use it in your assignment if required or can use it for your project work. You can use this for your practical execution.

The first point which must be considered during the safety stock calculation is keeping the account of the delivery time of the vendor. The inventory which is required for the safety stock must be incorporated with the lead time that the vendor offers for the delivery. This is an important factor which if ignored can bring down risk for the company. If the lead time is not incorporated then this situation may arrive where the company runs out of products. This may be the cause to make the company lose customers.

The second factor, which is important to keep an eye on, is determining the consumption by the customer daily. This is something which you might find strange because a company has so many customers and having a record of their daily consumption is tricky. But there is software which is used to keep track of every customer. This section can also be handled in a way that only the main or the big customers are been taken care of. The customers who are loyal and are always seen as the permanent source of income should have a special safety stock account. So always having a safety stock for any specific customer will always help.

The third point which must be considered during the safety stock calculation is applying the 50% rule. There is no fixed point which is followed by every organization for the safety stock determination. But here are the formulas that are used by the companies to keep their safety stock on point. A 50% rule is accepted commonly as the beginning of the specific business. And this rule has a common effect for all the organizations working in a different field.

The above-mentioned factors are not the only points that are essential during the safety stock calculation. You will be glad to know that our expert will provide you with all the detailed information needed. The details will be provided not only for this topic but for any other topic required by you.

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