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Sample Reflective Journal Assignment

We all face some unexpected issues in our life. Therefore, the main question is whether we are ready enough to solve or fix those issues with every possibility. It is one of the reasons why students use reflective journals to write their daily entries related to reflection. Writing an assignment, especially when you have urgent errands to run and lectures to attend, becomes difficult. Assignment writing requires exceptional subject knowledge and vigorous research. Risk management is one of the essential parts of the curriculum for management students. We are here to guide the students regarding this vital subject as we have a dedicated team who has studied at various top-notch universities in Australia. Also, suppose you are a student of the University of Australia and facing issues regarding writing the assignments on Sample reflective journal assignment. In that case, you can take the help of our services as we provide complete assistance.

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What is the reflective journal?

A reflective journal is an account that reflects on the processing of an individual's work, but more importantly, a chance for reflection of their experience related to their learning. Students are generally asked by their professors and supervisors to record their experiences related to their learning and knowledge. In short, it reflects the student's records related to their experiences.

Why is a reflective journal important?

The reflective journal is considered crucial for the learning and understanding of the students from their longer experiences, for instance, their time spent abroad, their placement in the different organizations (healthcare sectors, laboratories, pharmacies, and agencies), and course. It assists the students to look across the world.

What is the format of the reflective journal?

There is no wrong and right way for students to express their journal, as this can take account of their personal experience and favoured learning style and independence while focusing on the research. Various journals are electronic (written blogs and video), and some occur in diary formats such as written material and scrapbooks.

How to enhance the evidence of the journal?

Progression through a journey occurs in a learning process, and evaluation of new methods and technologies occur in the study period that occurs independently. To enhance the journal evidence, students should utilize the following approaches:

  • Checking out assumptions of another person underpin the practice. Critically evaluate the practice knowledge on their own.
  • Analyse critical and crucial instants from independent study, whether the study is negative or positive, and what you have learned from the study.
  • Use the relationship sensitivity with other team members of the group involved in the study.
  • Prepare an argument and take a position from your experience and learning.
  • Do the relevant reading.
  • They made new practices and understanding from the planning, reading, collaborating, and delivering activities, viva, the examination, and previous assumptions.
  • Evaluate the new methods that you have observed during your study hours.

What is the way to assess the reflective journal?

Effective presentation and journal of the evidence or material can be assessed by the students independently. Academic reading is utilized in a specific manner to support, inform, and shape students' reflections. Idea’s creation, critical engagement, teamwork, and process description are also the way to assess the journal of reflection. Evaluation of potential or limitations related to the work should be undertaken immediately. It has been demonstrated that an excellent journal will be more analytical than descriptive, be more selective in comparison to comprehensive, be more cautious and critical, be based on references and shreds of evidence, and be based on personal exposure of the student.

Provide the example of reflective writing

There are various types of reflective writing; in this section, we are going to discuss a few of them:

  • A logbook is primarily utilized in domains based on their work related to experiments such as science. It provides you a complete and accurate data of a procedure that will assist you regarding past actions and reflections and also further helps in making better decisions in the future.
  • A learning diary: It becomes a mode of communication among the group but written.
  • A reflective note: It encourages the students to understand their legal problems and personal reactions.
  • An essay diary: It examines the evidence source and takes a mode of annotated bibliography.
  • A self-assessment task: It needs the students’ comments regarding their work.
  • A peer review: It includes the work of students.
  • A journal: It needs the students to write all activities through their semester. It may need the students to reflect on their course of content.

University prevalence:

Experts also have research exposure in their particular practical domains. Our experts completed their studies at prestigious universities of Australia in different courses. Following are the universities from where our experts completed their degrees:

  • The University of Melbourne, whose global rank is 26, is a top-notch university in Australia.
  • University of New South Wales, whose global rank is 42 and Australian rank is 2.
  • The University of Canberra holds a global rank of 548.
  • Flinders university holds a global rank of 271.
  • Monash University has a global rank of 90 but is the top-third university in Australia.
  • Western Sydney University ranked 247 globally.
  • Macquarie University is ranked 192 globally.
  • Charles Sturt University ranked 801 globally.
  • La Trobe University holds the 400th rank in the world.
  • Deakin University holds a global rank of 308.
  • The University of Newcastle holds a global rank of 207.
  • The University of Wollongong holds 196 ranks globally.

As indicated above, all universities hold good rank globally, and these universities also provide a deeper understanding and analysing skills to the students to perform their research.

What do we offer?

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