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Online Assignment Expert is a pioneer providing data research assignment help in Australia to students finding issues in writing assignments. The academic professionals engaged with us are trained, well-knowledge, experienced, and proficient in handling assignments easily. We were incorporated in 2010 and since then made a strong track record in terms of academic help. Data research assignments become difficult to tackle for those scholars who do not know about the data research methods.

The assignments concerned to data research deals with study processes such as compilation, derivation simulation, observation, or experimentation. Moreover, it also includes information types that need knowledge about different methodologies, database contents, spreadsheets, the study of models, workflow methods, application content, algorithms, etc. As per our data research assignment help experts, there are two ways of data research i.e. qualitative and quantitative. These methods need to pay attention while conducting research and putting them on the paper.

A Guide to Data Collection Methods by Our Data Research Assignment Experts

In today's world, collecting information is one of the major challenges for students. Also, which method to be used to gather information are the other ones. In academic, data is collected for the following reasons:

  • It assists you to know your customers
  • Helps in determining trends in which customers change their behaviour or opinions
  • Categorise the customers in different groups and helps in preparing marketing strategies accordingly
  • It simplifies decision making and enhances the decision-making quality
  • Assists in resolving issues and enhancing product quality based on the feedback

Before we discuss in-depth about the data research assessments, let's understand the different methods of collecting and researching information.

Difference between Quantitative Data and Qualitative data

As we have discussed above that there are two methods used by online assignment makers to find information. Now, our data research assignment experts have discussed these both methods in detail.

Quantitative Data

Quantitative data mainly deals with information or data that can be expressed and measurable in figures or numbers. This is why, our experts providing data research assignment services say that quantitative data is a type of data that is expressed in numbers and can be represented in length, size, amount, duration, price, etc.

This method is the best fit to answer questions like who/ when/ where/ what/ and how? Quantitative questions may be closed-ended and formed in the integration of research goals, therefore the answers are presented in charts, numbers, tables, and graphs.

The obtained data through quantitative methods are highly used for testing current ideas; know your customers; predictions; measure trends; etc. These data collection processes are based on mathematical calculations, hence the received data is reliable and objective than qualitative. Few quantitative data collection methods are questionnaires and surveys.

In comparison to qualitative methods, quantitative methods are cheaper and consume less time in collecting information.

Qualitative Data

This data can be explained as a type of data that characterizes and approximates. It is easy to record and observe because of its non-numeric nature. The Data Research Assignment Help Online experts use methods like interviews, observations, focus groups, and other few other methods to collect data. In Statistics, it is also known as categorical data - a data which is arranged emphatically on the basis of properties and attributes of a phenomenon or a thing.

Few methods used for qualitative data collection are -

  • Focus groups
  • Individual interviews
  • Record keeping
  • Process of observation
  • Case studies
  • Longitudinal studies

If you are a student and want to know more about qualitative data then avail our research data assignment help Australia service. The assignment experts associated here know about the approaches and steps that ensure a full-bodied data analysis. Additionally, they also help in data research assignments.

Introduction to Research Data Assignment

This assessment included two parts. The first has been discussed previously by our Australian assignment makers. In this webpage, we will discuss part 2 in which students are required to attempt two tasks. Let's have a look:

data research assignment sample

In this task, students required to know about ethical research, research analysis and research design apart from research sampling. The task should be completed within 1000 words. In case, if they are stuck at any stage of task 1 can hire subject matter experts providing best assignment help in Australia.

data research assignment solution

To solve this task, students are required to use SPSS (Statistics Software Package). Moreover, they should include the following sections -

  • Demographic
  • Data analysis
  • Discussion

While using SPSS, the following things to be considered:

  • Reliability test
  • Compute all Variables
  • Graphs, Gender
  • Independent test
  • Pearson Correlation
  • Parametric test
  • One-way ANOVA

To get complete help in this assessment, students may reach to Online Assignment Expert!

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