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Quantitative Methods Assignment Sample

Quantitative means something that can be measured. These methods are used to measure data that can be put into numbers. In this measurement, the goal is to run statistical analysis, so data should be in the form of numbers.

These data types are widely used in economics, demography, sociology, marketing and many other subjects. That's why professors gave their students assignments on quantitative methods. Many students either lack knowledge or do not want to make assignments. Due to this, they seek external help from platforms like Online Assignment Expert. They are the best quantitative methods of assignment help.

They also provide many other services, but before discussing them, let's discuss the quantitative methods assignment sampleYou will also get many points regarding your assignment. 

Characteristics of Quantitative Reseaarch Method

Understanding Quantitative Method of Research

It is a systematic method of gathering measuring data and performing statistical and mathematical techniques. Examining methods and surveys gathers information from existing and future customers. All the data gathered by this is put into numerical form.

After gathering the data, understanding is the next step and predicting the future of the product/services accordingly. E.g., if we take the example of research conducted to understand the amount of time taken by the doctor to attend the patient when the patient walks into the hospital. We can calculate the average time and make this data useful when we have to improve the timings. 

The research outcome is mostly conducted in the social sciences by analytical methods to collect measuring/quantitative data. In these research methods, statisticians deploy mathematical frameworks and theories. The results we get from these research methods are unbiased, statistical and logical. Now, let's discuss the types of quantitative methods in the quantitative methods assignment sample.

Types of Quantitative Methods by Quantitative Methods Assignment Help Experts

There are different quantitative methods to gather information about the target product or service. Some of them are:

  • Experimental Research - It is a well-established quantitative methodology that uses the principle of research to conduct human behaviour experiments. There are two groups in the experimental research method: the Control group (In this group the variables are not changed) and the other is an experimental group (In this the variables are changed). The group carefully notices whether they enact different reactions to different variables.

This type of research is the most difficult one because it deals with the application of several methods, and this is why you must also seek quantitative methods assignment help.

  • Descriptive research - This research refers to the questions and data analysis conducted on a particular topic. It is a research methodology with no influence on variables. Some features of the descriptive methods are:

- In this research method, the nature of study variables is determined with observations, without any influence from the researcher.

- It is cross-sectional, and different group sections can be studied here.

- The analysed data collected through this method is used for other search techniques. In this way, the descriptive research method has become the basis of further research.

This type of method is well studied in our quantitative methods assignment sample. So don't worry, our experts can help you with your assignment.

  • Correlational method - It is an analytical method in which researchers measure two variables and understand the analytical/statistical relationship between them with no influence from any external variables. For example, there are two trucks of ice cream in your area. Your brain can remember the jingle of the truck. The louder the jingle, the closer the ice cream truck is.

Who taught us that? Nobody! We depend on our understanding and conclusion. If there is more than one ice-cream truck, each has its unique jingle. Our brain can memorize all of it, and then by listening to the jingle, we can know which ice cream truck it is.

This correlational method establishes a relationship between two variables: one is the jungle, and the other is the ice cream truck. Correlation research always looks for variables that seem to interact. This is a very popular quantitative method used in our quantitative methods assignment samples.

  • Quasi-Experiment Methods - This quantitative method is used for establishing the cause and effect relationships between an independent and dependent variable. The basic feature of this method is that it does not depend upon random assignment but is instead based on non-random criteria. There are many types of quasi-experimental design, but three of the most common types are:

- Regression Discontinuity.

- Natural Experiments.

- Non-Equivalent Group Designs.

The remaining details will be provided in our quantitative methods assignment sample.Also, you will get an idea of how to approach the assignment. Now let's understand why researchers used the quantitative research method.

Advantages of Quantitative Research Method

  • Gather accurate & reliable data: As data is collected and analysed, its result will be extremely accurate because numbers do not lie. They present honest picture of the research conducted which is extremely right.
  • Quick data collection: It helps in quick data collection by involving statistics and analysing results. The quantitative methods are very direct-forward and less time-consuming. 
  • Wide scope of analysis of data: Due to statistics, the research method provides a wide scope of data collection for analytical purposes.
  • Eliminate bias: The methods are so unbiased that it does not left any choice for personal comments and biasing of results. The results are numerical, and it makes them accurate.

After discussing advantages, let's understand the learning outcomes of the quantitative research methods in the quantitative methods assignment sample.

Learning Outcomes of the Quantitative Research Methods

  • Having expertise in graphical economic data using methods that helps in the research.
  • Explain notions that are useful for summarising and interpreting data.
  • Brief notions of random variables are useful for drawing inferences.
  • Help in understanding the concept of sampling distributions.
  • Apply common statistical methods that are relevant for financial decision making.
  • Explain the concept of probability distributions that are useful for drawing inferences.
  • Conduct simple regression analysis between variables.

These are the learning outcomes you will get after understanding the quantitative methods. Now many of you are thinking about the right platform from which you can take support for the assignment. But first, understand why you need quantitative methods assignment help in the first place.

Why do You Need Quantitative Methods Assignment Help?

In quantitative methods assignment, there are a lot of things to cover. Many students do not have time to research and write the whole method. Even if you have time, then do you have the right knowledge? Some say yes, we understand the topic, then the only dilemma they have is that will they get high grades after putting in so much hard work?

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Quantitative Methods Assignment Help

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