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A market is a place where the buyers meet sellers for purchasing goods and services at a price. The degree of competition varies from industry to industry and accordingly markets for different goods and services are divided into three broad categories, perfectly competitive, monopolistic and oligopolistic. Demand and supply are the two most important determinants of price in any of the market. These two factors have been explained under by our writer offering supply and demand analysis assignment help.

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We have read in the earlier classes that demand drives economic growth. Every business increases their demand to earn maximum profit. There are few factors for demand and supply analysis which have been described by our service "supply and demand analysis assignment help Australia".

The five determinants of Demand are as followed:



  • The price of service and goods
  • Buyer's income
  • Prices of related or substitute goods and services
  • Preferences of the customers
  • Expectations

Following are the determinants of supply in economics:

  • Decrease in total number of production
  • Huge firms
  • Investment in expansing the capacity of a firm
  • Increase in supply of related goods and services
  • Technological improvements
  • Lower direct taxes reduce the cost of goods
  • Government subsidies



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Major Components of Economics Important For Supply And Demand Analysis Assignments

Economics is a subject which includes various components and students are required to be well-versed with it. Few major economics components that plays an important role in supply and demand assignments have been explained by our experts offering supply and demand analysis assignment help.

Perfectly competitive market

When there are several firms selling a product that is identical to those sold by the others then it is referred to as a perfectly competitive market. The number of buyers is large too, such that none of the two parties can have any influence on the market price. Both, the buyers and the sellers are required to take the price. The quantity demanded of a product or service is the number of units that the buyers in the market are willing and able to purchase over a given time period. Our economics writer offering supply and demand analysis assignment help Australia says that the supply and demand in a perfect competition determine the price. When the demand for a product exceeds supply then prices tend to rise till the time when the demand falls to match the supply equilibrium sets in, and vice versa. Example, Agricultural markets.

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In monopoly, there is a single seller of a particular good or service with large numbers of buyers and hence he has the power to set the price at which he intends to sell the product while buyers have no control. In monopolies, the seller aims at maximising the profit or minimizing the losses. The equilibrium in such a market is set between the price charged and output produced at that level. Example: electricity and water supply. Questions in supply and demand analysis analassignment help you understand number of such concepts.




In a monopolistically competitive market, the number of sellers is high but the products offered by them are slightly differentiated. This is the reason that the sellers are able to control the price to some extent due to availability of close substitutes by other sellers. In the short run, the monopolistic firms earn either supernormal or normal profits, or incur losses as they are unable to enter or exit the market. In the long run, a monopolistic competition behaves similar to perfect competition in that the entry and exit of firms is allowed making it possible to earn only normal profit. As per our supply and demand analysis assignment experts, the best example for monopolistic competitive market is Airline Industry.

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