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Affordable Computer Security Risks Assignment

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Computer security risks assignment helps the students by addressing all types of queries regarding every topic of the computer course. Before making your mind, you can also go through the concepts described below to brush up on your knowledge of computer security.

What is Computer Security?

Computer security or cyber security is a term that refers to computer protection from theft, harm, and unauthorized use. Security is defined as bulletproof security to the computer system such as memory, CPU, data, and software programs stored in the system. A computer hacked by unauthorized users can put the data of an organization at stake. Therefore, keeping the computer system secure and safe from worms, unauthorized users, viruses, and malicious programs is crucial.

Describe the different types of computer security

Computer security includes network security, application security, endpoint security, internet security, end-user security, and information security.

  • Network security: It is a type of security that protects and prevents intrusion of unauthorized things into the computer network. It is a set of configurations and rules formulated to secure the accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality of the computer network system utilizing hardware and software technologies. Security methods of the network can be enhanced using the following components: data loss prevention, antivirus software, email security, network segmentation, firewalls, web security, network access control, and wireless security.
  • Application security: This type of computer security produces applications by attaching the security attributes within applications to stop computer attacks. These attacks can be data breaches, service denial, and SQL injection.
  • Endpoint security: It is observed that errors made by humans are the weak point that can be exploited easily by computer criminals. Also, end-users are considered as the security risk in any organization. Therefore, it is appropriate to give the proper training to the students about awareness by covering the following topics: device security, password usage and creation, physical security, social and phishing engineering attack, and the importance of cyber security.
  • Internet security: It is considered the most crucial form of cyber security, defined as a procedure to generate actions and rules to secure the computers connected to the internet. This branch of cyber security mainly deals with internet-based threats. It protects the computer from various viruses such as macro virus, polymorphic virus, boot sector virus, direct action virus, browser virus, resident virus, and web scripting virus. Hacking also comes under internet security. Hacking is a term that demonstrates to the person who explores the vulnerability and finds the weakness in computer and gains computer access.
  • Information security: It is a type of security that describes the methodology and process to secure the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of cyber systems from uncertified use, destruction, access, and modification.

What is the importance of computer security?

Computer security is crucial because it protects the data from cyber threats. It is also curial for the computer's overall health because it allows the computer to run smoother and quicker. By reading out regarding the computer security, now you must have realized how to touch and wide is the computer security. Please do not lose hope; we are here to provide you with our great assistance that will help in making your assignment task easy.

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