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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems Assignment Help


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An information system is a management-oriented system that aids in the collection, storage, analysis, and communication of data in a timely manner. In other words, this is a technology that has an explicit reference to data and a system of hardware and software that complements it. The organisation uses the system to make decisions, analyse process inefficiencies, and manage relationships with customers and suppliers. Organizations are looking to adopt systems and software that are technologically proficient and valuable for the organisation, as well as assistance to monitor financial performance, in the current context.

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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems Assignment Help

What Are The Factors You Should Consider While Solving Strategic Information Assignments?

We will look at accounting-based systems and business operations, their function in today's company world, the consequences, approaches, and difficulties, as well as how they enable and integrate into company structures in this section. This subject introduces students to the ideas of leadership and the organizational application of computer-based information management. The section of HI5019 Strategic Information System focuses on the design of bookkeeping information security and its function in assisting in the development of corporate strategies.

Students should be able to:

  • Determine the significance and importance of accounting systems in today's competitive business environment;
  • Understand the various transaction periods, income statements, management performance reports, and e-commerce; and
  • Illustrate the various financial cycles, financial reporting, managerial performance reports, and e-commerce.
  • Consider the consequences with ERP, such as e-commerce, and the multiple internal operational procedures that must be in location.
  • Value the experience for cybercrime and the security precautions in e-transactions that must be required to resolve this.

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Literature Review for the HI5019 Strategic Information System Group Assignment

The Strategic Information System and Strategic Alliance are linked.

Because the communications system must assist to the strategic alliance's effective delivery, it must be proactive in character. However, (Arvidsson et al., 2014) argue that the true capacity of strategic information management will not be realised unless it is recognised that the corporate strategy influence of such processes is not always realised, even when they are properly coordinated with successful and effective execution.

In characterising the characteristics of strategic alliances and identifying their benefits, HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise plays a unique role. As well as the development of resources and training to aid in the investigation of business companies' motivations for joining a different variety of alliances, as well as the identification of factors that contribute to the group's achievement in trying to respond to the preferences of all parties involved, including strategic partners. These positions are comprehensive and long-term in order to optimise the value of overall profits at the national and international levels. The following are some of the characteristics of these roles (Kawar, 2018).

Trott (2005) recognises the need for organisations to consider many of the benefits of strategic alliances, including the need to communicate notice pertaining to allied businesses' goals, supplying allied businesses with plentiful resources and increase access to them, improving the Alliance's ability and continuing to expand its part in the formation of new products, innovative services and global expansion, and searching for new situations to ally with.

Determine The Advantages Of Strategic Alliances By Describing Their Features

The Strategic Alliance, according to Jones (2007), is an arrangement that requires two or more different organisations to pool their funds in order to form a partnership to engage in commercial possibilities. Microsoft, for example, had a strategic alliance with MTV in 2005 to combine its applications. A strategic alliance connects businesses by working collaboratively to form joint ventures that assist both alliances in utilising their advantages. While (Hill et al., 2014) defined a Strategic Alliance as a long-term agreement between three or more organizations of the industry to expand partnerships for equity product lines, (Hill et al., 2014) defined it as a long-term contract among three or more organizations of the industry to expand partnerships for equity product lines.

What Are The Types Of Information System Strategies?

Operations Support System: Data execution is conducted by the end-user level of an organisation, and the information is then analyzed to provide meaningful data, including reports and documents that are used by various users. This HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise specific aim is to data on payments, operations, control, distribution network, and stock control. It also assists internal and external communication to keep the organization's core database up to date. Further, they are into three components:

  1. Transaction Processing System (TPS)
  2. Process Control System
  3. Enterprise Collaboration System

Management Support System: In order to understand their operations, companies and organizations operational assistance programs require trustworthy data in a specific form. Managers will find it much easier to make excellent decisions and complete their jobs thanks to the management structural system approach. They're divided into a variety of techniques, including management, decision-making, accounting, and specialised communication links.

By delivering precise knowledge and documents, these systems that make operations and judgement processes simpler for management. A tool for making decisions that aids in the settlement of certain problems. Corporate strategy, communications, network administration, and information gathering can all help with data analysis.

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What Are The Strategic Information System Applications?

  • Putting Barriers to Competitor Admission: In this example, a corporation uses data management to distribute products that are hard to replicate or that are primarily used to sustain specialist connections. Because the process of servicing such services is too exorbitant, this method discourages entrants from entering the market.
  • Improving Marketing by Generating Databases: By making strong databases, using large amounts of data, and enhancing marketing and sales strategies, data management may help corporates gain an advantage. It regards existing data as a valuable resource.
  • Clients and vendors are enslaved. This is a crucial approach for market leadership by retaining customers and businesses. This information systems strategy is used to persuade partners and customers to change their opinions and make it very hard for them to switch to a competitor, allowing a business to be provided.
  • Lowering the cost of production: It could help firms cut costs, allowing them to offer goods and services at low cost than their competitors. As a result, such a strategy can assist the organisation in continuing to grow.

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