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Post-Harvest Technology Assignment Help

Post-harvest technology comprises different methods of harvesting, fast cooling, packaging and storage under a modified & controlled atmosphere. This technology helps maintain the quality in appearance, texture, flavour and nutritional value, food safety and reduce losses during harvesting and consumption.

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Do you know why? There are many reasons, but first, we will discuss about the topics in the post-harvest technology assignment help online.

Three Objectives of Post Harvesting Technology

Activities Involved in the Post-Harvest System

The post-harvest comprises various processes and activities. Most of the covers in these two categories:

  1. Technical activities - Harvesting, field drying, cleaning, additional storage, and procession. These all activities come under the technical aspect of post-harvest technology.
  2. Economies activities - Quality control, marketing, transportation, nutrition, information, administration, and management are covered in the economic activities of post-harvest technology.

Post -Harvest Technology Assignment Help Experts Explain the Importance of the Post-Harvesting System

When we talk about the importance of post-harvesting technology, there is a lot of importance covered by our experts. Some of them are given below:

  • Helps in increasing employment and income.
  • Increase land as well as labour productivity to enhance total production.
  • It helps increase the quality of products and make them readable for the marketplace.
  • These technologies can meet the food requirements of the growing population by eliminating unnecessary losses.
  • Also help in decreasing social development, poverty and economic growth.

These are other important also which will be covered by our experts in the post-harvesting technology assignment help. Now we will discuss the main elements used in the post-harvest system.

Methods Covered by the Post- Harvest Technology Assignment Help Online Experts

The method of controlling the post-harvest problem start on the farm. If we choose the most effective post-harvest technology, it can minimise spoilage. Many engineers have developed various plant strains resistant to some of the post-harvest changes. By understanding various biological processes and environmental conditions, engineers developed harvest friendly tools. Some of these technologies covered by our experts are:

1. Ethylene and the ripening process:

  • Many studies prove that ethylene plays an important role in ripening. Ethylene is a hormone that controls the growth and development of the plant. In this process, researchers affect the rate at which the produce ripens. Also, the ripening process is affected by disease, temperature and water loss.
  • In post-harvest where some changes are desirable while others are not. For example, the loss of colour for chlorophyll/colour for certain plants may be desirable, but it is not desirable for the fruits. Consumers only prefer to change the colour of fruits if they increase some nutritional value. Besides colour, a change in the number of amino acids, carbohydrates in vegetables and fruits is also desirable.
  • Developing specific tools that can change the temperature like cold storage and ethylene exposure and minimise disease. Also, advancements in packaging design, storage environment design, and modification of transfer time are used to minimise spoilage and prevent post-harvest losses. 
  • Researchers have developed various kinds of food packages that slow down spoilage. They are also designed to absorb the ethylene and help maximise moisture retention. For a deep understanding of this process, seek guidance from post-harvest technology assignment help.

2. Crop manipulation, storage and handling techniques

  • Storage strategies also play an important role after post-harvesting. Different crops or fruits require different types of research and techniques. For, e.g. some crops require regular ethylene release, while others require the ethylene to ripen to the desired level.
  • While in storage, many crops are prone to a fungal infection that creates the problem of spoilage. Many researchers are developing ways in which we can modify the atmosphere in the locations so that less spoilage occurs. For broad knowledge regarding the storage and handling situation, take Post Harvest Technology assignment help online.

Now, we will discuss the types of losses covered in the Information Technology assignment help. Without mentioning these losses, there are very less chances that you will get high grades for the assignment.

Types of Losses Covered in the Post-Harvesting Technology Assignment Help

Different types of losses occur the post-harvesting: 

  1. Quantitative loss:This loss occurs when there is a change in physical substance, like weight reduction and volume reduction. It is easily accessed and measured by the consumers.
  2. Qualitative lossis concerned with the food and reproductive value of products.
  3. Direct and indirect loss: Direct type of loss occurs when there is a disappearance of food caused by the leakage, spillage or may be consumed by pests. On the other hand, indirect losses are the loss when there is a reduction in the quality of the product. This consumer will refuse to take your product.
  4. Weight loss:This type of loss is easily measured and observed. It does not mean that there is a reduction in the weight, sometimes due to a decrease in the moisture content; this is a weight loss in the crop. 
  5. Quality lossescover various factors like shape, size, taste, or odour. The cleanliness and quality is the first concern regarding the crop product if you want to sell it in the market.

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Post Harvesting Technology Assignment Help Post Harvesting Technology Assignments Help

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