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Some important facts and information regarding server security and encryption:

Servers provide a variety of services to network users. It contains a large amount of sensitive user data, which is why it is at the top of hackers' target list. The majority of cyber thieves target servers for financial gain. Any company's server is a valuable asset. Server security and encryption are used by businesses to reduce the danger of being hacked. Server security is a set of tools and methods used to safeguard the server's data and resources. It protects servers against harmful activities, data tampering, and infiltration by hackers. Layered security is frequently employed by customer-facing websites.

Encryption changes any plain or readable text into a code so that no other parties can steal the information from in between. This process applies to text messages or E-mails to maintain confidentiality. The code to decrypt the information lies only in the sender and receiver's device. The encrypted text is also known as "ciphertext". Organizations use the method of encryption in their server. They encrypt all the data that is being stored in their server to boost security. Server encryption adds more layers of security and makes it a bit more difficult to hack the server.

Encryption and its type:-

  • DES-  Data Encryption Standard was established by the government of the United States in 1977. It is recognized as low-level encryption. DES is now essentially discarded for guarding confidential data.
  • Triple DES-  It is an advanced and upgraded version of DES. It runs the process of DES encryption three times. Firstly it encrypts any data then decrypts it and then again it encrypts the data.
  • RSA-  Rivest-Shamir-Adleman encryption is used for secure data transmission. It is quite a popular algorithm because of its key length.
  • AES-  It stands for Advanced Encryption Standard and it is also known as Rijndael. The U.S government has adopted AES in 2002 and it is quite popular across the world.
  • SSL-  Secure Sockets Layer is used by numerous websites. It encrypts the data of websites when it is being sent or received.
  • TwoFish- It is a type of encryption algorithm that can be used in both hardware and software. TwoFish is recognized as one of the fastest and it is free to use.

In the current era, the value of data is continuously rising. Many internet-related activities are done according to the data of users. Every company keeps the data of their users secret from others. They treat data in a way to get benefited in the future. Server security helps companies to keep their data and information safe. The threat of losing all the data, monetary loss, misuse of information, or privacy infringement remained the problem of concern for the companies.

The company uses the following ways to make their server full proof:-

Upgrade- Upgrading the Operating system and software regularly is quite necessary to avoid any possibilities of intrusion in the server from hackers. Staying at the same level of security for long weakens the server security.

Backups- It is considered a wise move to have a backup file of the server. No matter how strong the security of any server is, anybody can breach the security of the server anytime and destroy all the data. In this case, having a backup and restoration plan helps.

VPN- The use of Virtual Private Networks keeps the IP address apart from public networks. It decreases the chance of getting hacked to a certain extent.

Firewall- Firewall protection controls the traffic of the server and only allows the required function to be accessed by the traffic and locks the rest of the function to ensure the safety of the server. For more details, check our Server security and encryption assignment help sample solutions!

some common issue of server security

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