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Synchronous Generator Assignment Help For A Custom Assignment

An electrical device that changes electrical energy into mechanical energy or vice-versa is a synchronous generator. At the same time, an electrical generator is a machine that changes the mechanical into electrical energy with the help of a stator and rotor. In Australia, many universities assign students the assignments that involve the questions related to these types of electric generators. Engineering students might have come across questions related to the differential protection of a synchronous generator. Does this sound difficult, and are you struggling with the assignments?

All of them need some guidance and expert help from time to time. Most students lack the time and while others lack the proper writing skills and few struggles with the particular subject. Worry not! Cause Online Assignment Expert is a one-stop solution that helps you with one of the complex academic fields. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and linguistic skills to write on any topic.

We offer synchronous generator assessment support to deliver the highest quality papers. Every student will get great help at an Online Assignment Expert with additional value-added writing services. In case you search for some synchronous generator references and information about the subject, keep reading below that has the ultimate writing material for your university assignment.

The Topics That Our Experts Covered In Synchronous Generator Assignment Help

If you are in Australia, then an Online Assignment Expert is the ultimate help for your engineering assignments. Our PhD experts can help you with quality assignment writing services that can be available at a very affordable price. The best part is that our subject matter experts that are chosen by you have a decade-old experience. They have extensive curriculum knowledge to write your assignments. From the long list we have mentioned a few topics on which our experts have provided the best assignments:

  • They have full knowledge about the Synchronous motor, which includes the basics, structure, and principles.
  • We are familiar with the results of excitation on incoming current.
  • We have included the factors supporting the Synchronous motor assignment: energy factor, load angle, v-curve and inverted curve, torque, and phasor diagram and energy calculations.
  • We have done the assignments on the three-phase induction motor. The other topics are induction motor theory, slip, phasor diagram, full load, and pull out torque and questions related to the circuit.

Some of the other topics include

  • The Induction generator.
  • Single-phase induction motor
  • Principle of Synchronous induction motor
  • double field revolving theory.
  • Models of single-phase induction motor and shaded pole motor.
  • Pole machine and Blondel's reaction theory.
  • Parallel execution of alternators
  • Means of synchronization with light and dark lamp methods.
  • Consequences of varying excitation of alternators.
  • Capacity distribution in parallel operation and wide varieties of topics.

Synchronous Generator Assignment Help Comprises The Construction Of Synchronous Generator

synchronous generator assignment help

Assembly of Synchronous Machine

Synchronous Motor its Generator is called the Synchronous machine, and the main part of the motor is called the Stator and Rotor.


It is an external fixed part of the machine that is further divided into two central pieces called:


This is an external barrel-shaped fixed structure that is formed of cast steel or iron.

Stator Core

It is the engaging core, fixed to provide armature winding. It contains a pair of laminations pushed into the cylindrical area inside the external case. It is composed of the layered sheet of 0.5 mm solid CRGO to decrease vortex current failures.

stator core


The rotating part in the synchronous machine is the rotor. It leads the area winding. It is further divided into two types of rotor: Salient and Cylindrical Pole Rotor. The barrel-shaped shaft rotor is a non-salient shaft part of the machine.

Hydro-generator rotors are the salient type made up of silicon steel of 0.4 to 0.8 mm thickness to decrease eddy current troubles. The DC winding is concentrically turned on this type of pole rotor, which is used for base-speed devices. The fundamental structure of the rotor can be seen from the structure given below.


The smooth barrel-shaped variety is used for high-speed machines. It is a regular fixed shaped steel cylinder having several openings milled out at interludes. This type of rotor is used on 2 or 4 pole turbo dynamos working around 1800 rpm.

Types Of The Generator In The Synchronous Generator Assignment Help

The synchronous generators are divided into different generators that are given below:

Hydroelectric Generators:

It is a hydroelectric energy motor consisting of 3 forms AC synchronous generators, known as the alternators. It involves primarily two components that are armature and field magnet arrangement.

The armature is an iron band made of steel alloy laminations and has openings on its internal edge to help armature conductors. Those are known as the stator. The entire building is contained in a frame made of fixed steel bases. The dynamos are run by hydro-turbine, which includes the salient post. The speed of this generator is very slow and runs at a thousand rpm or less.

Turbo Alternators:

These alternators are high-speed that runs on the three thousand to thousand rpm for fifty Hz modes. It consists of horizontal forms and a smooth barrel-shaped type plot. It covers around two to four poles. To overcome the surface velocity, the rotor's width is retained small, and the axial range is extended. The non-salient composition practised in turbo-alternators has the following characteristics:

  • The diameter is small and has a long axial range.
  • It has a sturdy build and silent control.
  • It has more limited air-resistance failure.
  • It is used for effective balancing.
  • It has a long-running rate, which is around three thousand to less rpm.
  • It has a better emf waveform than available with a salient post-course structure.
  • Its hard field posts work as dynamic restraints.

Diesel-Engine Synchronous Generators:

It has a hundred kVA or fewer ratings, and this generator speed is around 300 to 1,000 rpm. Usually, four to six alternators are standard for diesel-run dynamos. It is built horizontally, and that is why diesel motors and synchronous motors are installed in the same direction. Then it is joined by a horizontal shaft. Such dynamos use post standard format. The torque in this generator is also not stable, and this executes the synchronous generator susceptible to energy fluctuations.

Based on the winding and area covering composition, synchronous machines are divided into two kinds.

Rotating Armature

This type of winding is emf produced, or flow is provided to the charge through a slip band and carbon brush machine. It is used for the modest class device.

Rotating field

The filed winding is turned on the rotor. DC charge is increased to the area winding by the construction of the slip band and carbon cover. Power is provided to the contents using fixed ends installed on the stator. This example is more popular and generally accepted in the big-sized machine.

Online Assignment Expert not only helps you with the types and construction of a synchronous generator but also with the differential protection of a synchronous generator writing services. In these tasks, students want to have a strong hold on the concepts and systems presented with diagrams and supported answers. The subject is pervasive and challenging, which is usually the cause of worry for university students. Our skilled experts give you the best assignment help so that you have the best HD grades as well as the time to work on other activities.

Some of the synchronous generator assignments help you to get by our expert.

synchronous generator assignment sample

synchronous generator assignment help sample

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