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Are you not competent enough to teach creative writing skills to your students? Do you find it challenging to assess creative writing assignments? Do you fail to properly follow the analytical rubric while assessing the creative writing assignments? Do you lack the basic knowledge of creative writing assessment techniques? Well, fret no more as we have got your back! Online Assignment Help is a one-stop solution to get all your woes away.

We have a panel of sophisticated creative writing assessment experts who will help you assess creative writing assignments precisely and guide you through online tutoring sessions. Our experts can also provide you with easy tips and tricks to determine the creative writing assignment. So, if you are looking for affordable and reliable creative writing assessment help services, you can surely count on us. Keep on scrolling if you want to know more about our services!

How to go about with creative writing?

Creative writing is not merely the perfect portrayal of imagination and thoughts into words. It is more than that. There is a vast difference between creative writing and standard write-ups. Creative writing resonates with the ideas and opinions of the audience and enhances their engagement in reading the article. So, the first step in creative writing is to use imagination and then represent the content in a convincing and relevant manner to a broader audience. Assessment is a necessary aspect of creative writing. However, it is not everyone's cup of tea.

To accurately assess a creative writing assignment, one needs specific judgemental skills and impeccable knowledge of assessment techniques. Students are often given the task of determining the creative writing articles to develop the calibre of assessment and evaluation. Sometimes teachers also get stuck with assessing creative writing assignments and make mistakes. Online Assignment Help possesses a panel of world-class creative writing experts who can assess and evaluate your assignments and articles with sheer perfection. Our experts have years of expertise in creative writing, and they could help you curate and assess creative writing content for all purposes. We will also give benefit you with the assignment writing help.

What are the essential creative writing assessment techniques?

Creative writing assessment techniques are either based on creativity theories, attributes related to creativity (such as voice, originality), or judgment passed by the experts in their respective fields. Let us discuss each of these assessment techniques.

  1. Assessment based on theories of creativity: One of the profoundly used creativity theories is the divergent thinking theory. The assessment technique based on divergent thinking is an idea-producing technique that provides specific ways to synthesize creative ideas about something. This technique is highly influential, and various scholars agree on the necessity of divergent thinking in creative writing. Several tests have been devised to assess creativity in writing as per this technique. However, most divergent thinking tests (such as the verbal creativity test and Torrance test of creative writing) are based on a single question of predicting the uses of different objects. Therefore, they are not valid enough to evaluate creativity in the writing domain.
  2. Consensual Assessment Technique: Consensual assessment technique is a new assessment method that is particularly useful in the research field. In this technique, a panel of experts evaluates the creativity of theories, research designs, painting, and stories. Although this method is highly efficient, it has two main downsides: Firstly, the technique is labour-intensive since it requires a large panel of experts for judgment; and secondly, this technique may be prejudiced as it relies on the sense and calibre of the experts in rating creativity. The experts need not follow any standard guidelines of assessment, and thereby, a review is purely based on the knowledge and experience of the experts in their respective domains.
  3. Assessment technique based on the creativity attributes: Rubrics are the most widely used tools for assessing writing skills. Many rubrics have been devised to assess creativity and performance in writings. However, most of the time, rubrics consist of criteria that are too generalized, not valuable for assessing creativity, or lack some important aspects related to creativity. The criteria on which the modern rubrics are based are often unclear and cannot be easily measured. Thus, it is essential to first determine the essential qualities of creative language and then devise a rubric accordingly.

University Prevalence:

Several universities across the globe offer courses in creative writing and creative writing assessment. Some of the leading universities are the University of Nottingham, University of Hull, University of Oxford, University of Sydney, University of Western Australia, and the University of Adelaide. With a global ranking of 103, the University of Nottingham offers a bachelor's course in English with creative writing. The University of Hull holds a global ranking of 601, and it offers a master's course in creative writing assessment. The University of Sydney, with a global ranking of 28, offers a master of studies in creative writing. The University of Western Australia holds a global ranking of 85, and it offers a master's program in creative writing. The University of Adelaide, with a global ranking of 108, offers a short-term course in creative writing.

Learning outcomes of creative writing assessment course:

  1. To develop an in-depth understanding of the structure that may further help develop a deeper understanding of the writing process.
  2. To give shape to a robust and authentic creative voice beyond the limits.
  3. To become a part of the international communities of creative writing and develop the calibre of critically evaluating the published works of others.
  4. To start practicing as a creative writer and understand the drafting and editing processes essential to produce standardized published articles.
  5. To develop a greater understanding of literacy and develop the art of reading as a professional literary writer.
  6. To become well-versed with the textual components such as the points of view, the usage of dialogue, and implementing relevant techniques to the specific writing domain.

Assessment is an essential part of teaching creative writing. However, whether it is necessary to assess creative writing is still debatable. This idea is based on the misconception that creativity could be assessed by only employing subjective criteria. As per the opinions of several scholars, assessment of creative writing is entirely subjective, and thereby, it cannot be assessed correctly. However, some other scholars argue that teachers should be encouraged and trained to set standardized criteria for assessing creativity in writings. But the current educational system lacks such aspects. Creative writing courses do not meet the national standards for the assessment and do not have any set guidelines for assessment in contrast to other vital subjects. Thus, there exists a need for an appropriate assessment rubric that highlights the primary aspects of creative writing.

Perks of hiring us for professional creative writing assessment services?

Assessment is the sole objective of all educational settings. Assessment helps students to get important information regarding their progress and performance. However, the traditional techniques employed for assessing creative writing assignments lack reliability and validity, leading to inefficient assessment of creative writing articles. Thus, assessing creative writing assignments could be a cumbersome task for the students and the teachers. Moreover, students often fail to follow the quality rubrics while assessing the creative writing assignments, which eventually hamper the quality of the assignments. If you also have similar concerns and are looking for expert guidance in assessing creative writing assignments, you can surely count on us. We at Online Assignment help are the best in the market because we offer:

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