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English Essay Writing Help

The entrance standards for higher education programmes are determined independently by higher education institutions, and they range widely. Students can enrol in higher education with a variety of qualifications. It generally depends on the course you are applying for. If you're applying for a course, you might find that the job history is considered along with your academic credentials. Some universities and higher education institutions provide courses to prepare students for a certain degree. They merely qualify you to enrol in the degree programme itself. Thus they typically don't produce separate criteria. There are many different academic disciplines in which courses might be offered.

Both native and non-native speakers have the chance to strengthen and polish their speaking and linguistic comprehension abilities through English courses. The study of English fosters confident communication by assisting students in better understanding the grammatical and literary nuances of the language. Australian students seeking undergraduate degrees have access to subsidised higher education. During the course, students are required to deal with several genres of assignments, and essay is one of them. Almost every student studying English courses from the Queensland University of Technology, University Senior College Adelaide, Perth International College of English, or any other is asked to prepare a comprehensive and errorless assignment. At certain stages, coping with English essays can be difficult; hence, we are here with English essay writing help.

Topics Covered Under English Essay

Do you know what the most complicated part of an English essay is? As per the English assignment help experts, many scholars find it challenging to choose a topic for their English essays. Yes, you heard it correct! To help students overcome this challenge, we have listed some topics you can choose for your essay.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Do you believe that abortion ought to be prohibited?
  • Do you believe that animal testing ought to be prohibited?
  • Is the #metoo movement a positive development?
  • Do you believe that the impacts of the chemicals used to make a manufacturer's products are their responsibility?
  • Do you believe that illegal aliens should be given residency?

Narrative Essay Topics

  • The journey of a lifetime
  • Sad circumstances in your life
  • A disagreement you experienced in the past
  • A person who had a lasting impact on your life

Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Is learning online or at home productive?
  • Why vote, you ask?
  • Are we entitled to privacy?
  • Can offenders be turned around?

Now, let's focus on the basics of writing an essay.

English Essay Assignment Sample

Here, our essay help online professional has discussed the English essay assignment sample for your reference.

English Essay Assignment Sample

In this assignment sample, the university has given three different sections (Section A, Section B, Section C). In the first section, you will find six questions and you are required to write a short note of 150 words on any four. Similarly, there are two other sections you must deal with. More details about the above assignment can be identified with our English essay writing help experts.

Basics of An English Essay

Writing an English essay needs to focus on several aspects. However, in this section, we are here to discuss a few basics of an English essay.

An academic essay tries to convince readers of a point of view using supporting data.

  • A task or issue should be addressed in an academic essay.
  • A thesis statement and arguments should be included.
  • It should attempt to convey or debate a topic; for example, it should develop a thesis through several closely linked arguments supported by logic and proof.
  • An academic essay should contain pertinent illustrations, substantiating data, and details from academic books or reliable sources.

What are the Essential Steps to Be Followed in an English Essay?

Even if there are a few fundamental steps to creating an assignment, writing an English essay is not a straightforward task. In writing an essay, you might go through each step more than once. For instance, if you come across another helpful material, you might return to the read and note-taking step, or you might reread to look for a specific piece of information.

Answering Assignment Questions

To decide how to answer an essay question, you need to identify what type of essay you are required to write, what is the word length, what is the topic or what are the questions you are required to deal with.

Establish a thesis statement

The thesis is the core of an essay, even if it is an English essay. Hence, it becomes important to develop a strong thesis statement for an English essay. It can be difficult but don't worry because English essay writing help is now available in Australia.

Research the topic

The quality of your English essay mainly depends on the amount of your research. Hence, to be a good writer or to write a well-defined English essay, you must do in-depth research for your task. The best idea is to use journals, books, and other credible academic sources for evidence and support.

Take notes

To get the most out of the time you spend reading, it is essential to develop effective note-making skills. It helps in organising ideas, keeping focused while writing, analysing text, and keeping you organised throughout the essay.

Make a plan

Start putting your knowledge and theory together to form an answer. Write a new essay plan once you've collected your information and your thoughts and ideas are more refined. It will assist you in determining how to respond to the question and organise your essay.

  • Choose a potential response to the question based on your study.
  • Select the data you'll use to respond to the query.
  • Pick out several examples from your notes to use as proof for your claim. Look over your notes.
  • Determine the sequence and topics you will cover.
  • Put everything in point form on paper. This is the outline for your essay.

After finishing those above, you must give it some thought. Writing an essay needs both critically and creatively thought.

  • Being creative inspires you to think outside the box. Try methods like thought mapping and ideation.
  • Asking why a particular example is crucial to your thesis is an instance of how critical thinking pushes you to focus or limit the range of your thoughts.

Your essay must be well, which means it includes a variety of data and opinions from other authors and examines the main points and pertinent details of a subject. Don't limit your data to that which supports your position; you should also consider any opposing or divergent viewpoints.

You must assess many arguments, explaining why one is stronger than another and how these connect to the result your essay reaches.

Make the first draft

Your first copy will help you figure out the essay's structure and framework, how to respond to the question, the evidence and examples you will use, and how your argument will be logically organised.

Consider your first draft as a rough paper that you will modify and rewrite to make it into your final essay. You can focus on writing well after you have a draft in your hand. Additionally, the professionals providing English essay writing help in Australia advise adhering to the first draft's structure, where the introduction, body, and conclusion are typically included.

Read & Make Changes

Don't submit your first draft; thorough editing and redrafting will usually greatly enhance your essay. Has it been edited and proofread by a professional, a member of your family, or some friends? Your errors will be found and fixed with the assistance of a proof-reader and editor.

References and citation

To acknowledge your work, you can use references. Academic writing is characterised by allusions to the words, ideas, and facts of others.

References are a MUST in any academic essay. Citing sources helps prevent plagiarism, a significant academic offence. The act of stealing someone's ideas and passing them off as your own is plagiarism.

It is important to be aware of the referencing requirements for your college or university. The most common and frequently used references are MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, and more.

Hence, if you are worried about how to finish your essay perfectly, you may avail assignment help with us. We are popularly known among students studying in Australia because of our world's best English assignment help, essay writing help, features, and services. Our services are accessible round the clock without a single stop.

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