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An academic essay is highly focused on writing that develops an argument or idea through examination, analysis, and evaluation. Being a university scholar, you are required to write different types of essays, depending on your course level and subject. These essays also vary in terms of length and writing style. Most of the essays at Australian universities are argumentative and mainly focus on persuading readers of a specific viewpoint. However, there are three primary steps to composing an essay:

  • Planning: Choosing a topic and creating a roadmap.
  • Research & Writing: Conduct proper and extensive research. Establish an argument for your essay and discuss it in the introduction, evidence in the body, and end with a conclusion.
  • Proofreading & Editing: review your essay before submission. You must check for the content, grammar, organisation, spelling, and formatting.

In this guide, our experts providing essay help in Australia have walked through several important information such as the structure of an academic essay, what to include, tips to write, etc.

What Are The Different Types Of Essay?

Essays are lengthy pieces of writing that aim to inform or convince the reader on a particular subject. Understanding the ideal essay genre to use can help convince viewers of your point of view. You may better structure your essay and cater it to your viewers when you select the sort of essay that is most appropriate for your subject.

Sometimes, you get to decide what kind of essay to compose. An essay can be used to sway readers' opinions, investigate a vague subject, or elicit strong feelings. Choosing an essay kind frequently depends on the goal you have in mind. For instance, a process essay that deteriorates the instructions into distinct steps can be used to make the reader understand how to accomplish something.

5 Major Types of Essay

Let's know about the five major essays frequently asked to write while studying in Australia. Our experts assisting scholars who usually search for "is there someone who can do my essay for me in Australia?" have discussed them in detail.

  • Narrative essays

The most distinctive type of academic essay is a narrative essay. It tells a story. This form of essay allows you to use your creativity and imagination and plot them effectively. For undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate schools, you can submit a narrative essay, sometimes known as a personal statement.

To write a narrative essay that looks like literature, you can employ literary devices. Consider using conversation, melody, visuals, metaphors, and analogies to achieve this. A narrative essay typically starts with an attention-grabbing introduction that gives the reader just enough context for the story to sound right. A conclusion might help you restate your objectives or summarise your essay's important points. If you're composing a narrative essay, you may summarise your experience and strengthen your ambition to become a lawyer in your conclusion.

  • Descriptive essays

The subject of your paper is thoroughly described in descriptive essays. It could be a thing, place, person, or event. Descriptive essays allow you to be more creative, just like narrative essays. This form of essay frequently concentrates solely on the subject compared to narrative essays.

Instead of only narrating the topic or happenings, consider using vivid pictures, actions, ideas, emotions, and sensory details, when you are asked to write a descriptive essay. Utilising potent, unique words, action verbs and descriptive adjectives. By doing this, you can increase the reader's sense of involvement and connection with your writing and its characters.

  • Expository essays

Expository essays present a subject objectively. Authors use this form of essay to show their knowledge or skill in a certain field. Such an essay is a common assignment for teachers to gauge their student's comprehension of a subject. These writings frequently steer clear of feelings or opinions in favour of factual knowledge. Our assignment help experts explain this with an example - let's say if you are writing about environmental protection, then you must try to refrain from advocating a particular course of action or taking a position on a contentious subject. Expository essays come in a variety of formats, but they frequently contain the following:

  • A body that discusses the details of the subject, frequently citing sources
  • An opening with a thesis that clearly states what the paper will cover
  • A summary of the important topics in the conclusion


  • Compare and contrast essays

Compare and contrast essays are generally used when you are required to compare and contrast two topics. It highlights the similarities and distinctions. Such an essay features an introductory paragraph and at least one paragraph that outlines the similarities and contrasts between the chosen topic and a conclusion. In the field of academics, compare and contrast essays are common. An essay highlighting the similarities and contrasts between bees and wasps is an illustration of a compare and contrast essay.

  • Argumentative essays

Argumentative essays seek to persuade the reader to support a particular position using the evidence they provide. Facts are used in essay writing to persuade readers instead of feelings. An argumentative essay, for example, can explain why businesses should include wellness programmes in their compensation package. The essay can include data showing how the output is increased by physical activity and how healthy eaters and exercisers decrease sick days.

Argumentative writings should refrain from using the first or second person. Instead, they back one side of a debate and may refute opposing views using factual data. To convey the evidence that backs up your claim, you might use qualifiers like "Research suggests" or "According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention."

Our experts delivering assignment help in Australia also cover other types of essays such as persuasive essays, cause & effect essays, critical essays, definition essays, and process essays. Hence, reach us anytime, no matter what type of essay you are assigned. Our essay help online professionals will assist and guide you with immediate response.

An Essay Assignment Sample For Your Reference

Here, our experts have discussed an essay sample (market segmentation, social influence, and digital marketing).

In the above essay assignment, students were asked to choose any one of the given three topics. Our experts delivering assignment help across Australia helped several students to deal with their assignment. However, if you need essay samples for your reference, come to us. We have a vast repository of essay assignment samples that you can avail for free.

How to Make a Perfect Essay?

Our experts providing essay help online in Australia have discussed the important points to have adhered; so that you can prepare a wonderful essay piece.

Prepare the first draft.

Preparing the first draft helps you in:

  • structuring the essay
  • answer the questions effectively
  • using examples and evidence
  • logical argumentation

Our essay help online experts say that students must note that the first draft is not the final draft of their essay. Once they finish their first draft of an essay, they must review and refine the materials.

  • Structure - The best method to explain your ideas and respond to the essay's prompt is to organise it effectively and impressively. Hence, our assignment help professionals discuss an ideal structure for the essay:
  • Introduction - You would like to keep your essay's opening paragraph broad so that you can give a strong start. Additionally, it should not be too lengthy. The introduction is a section where you provide background information about the subject. You should be careful not to start with an argument. The thesis statement should be placed at the end of your introduction. Some essay help experts in Australia suggest including a thesis in the final phrase. However, this considerably depends on your writing style.
  • The Body - The phrases placed after the introductory paragraph but before the conclusion is referred to as the body sections. Several body paragraphs should be present in a normal essay. However, the body paragraphs in an essay are generally defined as the count of ideas you have. The supporting evidence you provide for your arguments affects the body sections. To persuade your readers, explain your ideas one after another and support them with convincing evidence.
  • Conclusion - Your conclusion may resemble your introduction in certain ways. Make sure to reiterate your argument in this area because readers may have forgotten it elsewhere in the body. Additionally, you must summarise the key themes your essay touch on in the end. Don't forget to reiterate your thoughts on the full topic under debate to the readers.

So, these were the same information a student must know to write a compelling essay. If you are encountering issues with academic essays, feel free to reach us immediately. We will provide world-class essay help to you at the most reasonable price. We have been providing academic assistance since 2010. Hence, we fully comprehend the essays covered by Australian universities. Apart from this, we also provide incredible services like online tutoring, live sessions, expert consultation, individualised support, etc., making us the best in the industry.

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