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Cryptography or cryptology is termed as a study and practice of techniques to secure communication between the third parties known as adversaries. It uses codes so that only those people can read and process for whom they are intended. Students studying Information Technology or computer science courses are asked to write cryptology assignments. The assignments are mainly concerned with the working processes of a cryptographic algorithm, public-key cryptography, RSA algorithm, software used in cryptography, etc. Students who do not have knowledge of these terms may need cryptography assignment help services.

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Understand the Cryptography Methods by Our Cryptology Assignment Experts

In the study of cryptography, students learn about different methods of cryptography such as hash capacities, symmetric-key cryptography, and open-key cryptography. These methods are described below by our Cryptography assignment help experts who have been assisting students since 2010.

Symmetric-key Cryptography

Symmetric-key Cryptography is also known as symmetric encryption. It is a form of encryption scheme where a single key is used to decrypt and encrypt messages. The key can be identical or a simple transformation so that it can go between two keys. This method has been widely used in the past few years in order to facilitate secret communication between militaries and governments.

Open Key Cryptography

This cryptography method is the most progressive method that has been used in recent years. In this method, there are two different keys, i.e., open key and private key. The private key is still a mystery and the open key is appropriate.

Hash Functions

The hash functions are explained as a function that is utilised to the available data in arbitrary size. It is also called hashes, digests, hash values, or hash codes.

A Few Common Topics Every Should Student Should Know

The study of information technology is composed of different fields and cryptography is one of them. Under this branch of study, students come to enhance knowledge about different topics and write assignments for their university. Few assignment topics are discussed below:

Crypto API: The assignments concerned to crypto API generally require knowledge to exchange data and documents over the internet. Moreover, students must know how cryptography is used in the kernel.

Java Cryptography Extension: Java cryptography extension is generally software used in cryptography. It allows users to structure, framework and implement encryption, key generation, and key agreement. Dealing with java cryptography extension-related assignments, students must know the steps to implement message digests and digital signature.

Triple DES: Triple-DES is commonly known as a type of high-tech cryptography. Under this topic, you can be asked to implement block cypher algorithms many times to each data block. In case, you get stuck at any stage of applying block algorithms or writing assignments, then do avail cryptography assignment services where high-quality assignment help is offered.

Cryptocat: Under this, students need the knowledge to secure the entire communication. Additionally, be aware of those mechanisms which are used for the signature check to confirm authenticity.

Here's a cryptography assignment sample recently solved by our team. You too can order a fresh solution for this assignment or a similar one.

cryptography techniques assignment sample

In the above-given snippet, students are asked to prepare a report based on the research project. The report should include a brief detail of the technology used, describe the issues faced in the research area, and identify the gaps, etc.

Useful Tips by Experts Who have Been Writing Cryptography Assignments

  • Include a brief discussion describing cryptography, practice techniques, analysation, and development of the protocol.
  • Present the understanding and data insecurity knowledge to write the assignment effectively. Few examples of data security are - data integrity, non-repudiation, data confidentiality, and authentication.
  • Discuss the techniques associated with cryptography like symmetric key cryptography, cryptanalysis, and public-key cryptography. According to cryptography assignment experts, these are the few major techniques of cryptography.
  • Now, it is time to focus on the problems and challenges encountered in the area of research. Issues may be export controls, prohibitions, NSA involvement, finding and filling the gaps in the literature, digital rights management, etc.
  • Follow the appropriate report structure all throughout the paper to gain A+ grade.
  • End your report with references. It is an integral part of the assignment. You may check with the supervisor or refer marking rubric to know the referencing style to be used.

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