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Storm Financial Case Study

One of the main objectives of financial advice related corporations is to help customers regarding their investment plans, estate planning, taxation, budget planning and retirement plans. This makes many students choose finance as a long term career. When studying finance in their respective universities, college professors gave them assignments related to finance case studies. Many of them do not know how to write a detailed case study. 

Take an example of yourself and consider getting an assignment regarding the storm financial case study. Do you know how to write a proper structure while writing finance-related assignments? Do you have time to research deeply because case studies need a lot of time to research? But worry not. You can also choose an Online Assignment Expert as a guide to making your journey less painful. We have well-qualified finance experts who can guide you in a storm financial case study. Our experts will follow all the guidelines and requirements of the universities for the assignments. 

Storm Financial Case Study Overview by Professionals at Online Assignment Expert

Storm financial was a financial advice company based in Townsville (Australia). They are financial planning businesses that advise on a broad spectrum of financial products like investments, life insurance, traditional and marginal loans. The Company was founded by Emmanuel's classmates and his wife Julie as a private company with the name of Cassimatis securities in the year 1994.

The Company changed its name for many reasons until February 2004, and finally, they kept storm financial name from February 2004 to June 2007, though storm financial was an unlisted company till June 2007. They have thousands of customers across the Australian market with $4.5 billion of funds till 2007. 

This is a simple overview of storm financial, and if, as a student, you got an assignment on storm financial case study, it will take a lot of time to research with accurate facts. Now you feel burdened because you have limited time to research and never know how many grades you will get for the assignment. In that case, you may need case studies help to ease your burden.

After understanding the storm financial, we will discuss certain factors behind the collapse of a large financial firm in Australia. Big corporations' collapses are difficult to understand, but we will try to make them in very simple terms. 

Internal factors

  • Storm financial started to make an initial public offering in December 2007. The Company was in descent mode, but the problem started when Townsville based storm financial was placed in voluntary administration. Now the company directors cannot control the country's decision making powers. They have to give all their powers to the appointed directors.
  • Often, this is done to reduce the risk with insolvent trading, but it also means that company’s original directors cannot guide the administration process of the Company. Due to this, companies face many challenges inside the decision-making process and regulations.
  • Many experts gave their theory regarding the collapse of storm finance in which there is another internal psychology factor as well. In Psychology, when any organization is in crisis, their employees feel stress because they are in a traumatic event which makes them defensive and even makes them deny the severity of the situation. 
  • In this case, many employees even start questioning their own deep beliefs. Due to this, senior managers lost the ability of making priority decisions which is very important for the organization. This also leads to the breakdown of the Company's cultural norms and a lack of faith in leadership.

External factors 

  • Commonwealth bank, the multinational bank across Australia, New Zealand and many other developed countries, was the key lender to the storm financial. Storm financial has no choice but to give their decision making powers to the commonwealth bank appointed directors when commonwealth bank call their $10 million loans within 24 hours. 
  • Now, this places the savings of thousands of its customers in doubt. The business was in a very decent mode and growing for the last five years with $4.5 billion in funds under the advice. The company leadership also kept millions of dollars for floating of share market in 2007, but this decision was reversed due to lack of support from big investors.
  • The problem increased when the world financial crisis (2008) hit the share markets globally. With the fall of global markets worldwide, the portfolio of many big investors started declining, even those who leveraged themselves through margin loans. As a financial advisor, storm financial told its client to invest more in the falling market. Every time someone was buying the shares, the Company was getting huge fees as a profit.
  • The bomb was exploded when the banker of storm financial and its clients asked for their 10 million dollars within 24 hours. Withdrawal of money by trusted bankers created market uncertainty. Because of this, the value of clients' portfolios decreases sharply. Ultimately, the clients have no choice but to sell their exciting shares at the loss of 3 billion dollars to the investors. This caused the major financial firm in Australia to collapse.

As a university student, if you are writing the storm financial collapse case study, make sure you write all reasons for the collapse. You need to invest a lot of time because you have read various journals experts' reasons to increase the authenticity of your assignment. Ask yourself whether you want it. Do you have this much time to invest in your research? If not, seek help from case study assignment experts who will help you make a storm financial case study assignment.

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