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CHCECE006 Case Study

Children are a very important part of society. Understanding their problems and solving them does not help just societies but nations. Research has shown that providing good early development will positively impact on a child. That is why studying children and young people's behaviour is important.

In Technical and Further Education like nursing, Christian ministry and theology, graduate certificate in sand-tray therapy etc. consist of Chcece006 unit, which means - support behaviour of children and young people. Students often have to make a Chcece006 case study as a part of their assignment. The problem arises because many do not know how to write a case study. Even if they write it, they don’t score good grades. If you too fall under the same category then Online Assignment Expert is here to help you. They are widely acknowledged amongst students for giving the best-case study writing service in Australia. Let’s take a deeper look at Chcece006 unit.

What are the Learning Outcomes of CHCECE006 unit? 

The meaning of the chcece006 unit is to support the behaviour of children and young people. If you are doing technical and further education (vocational program) in Australia, you will be familiar with this unit. In this unit, students have to learn different skills, techniques and knowledge that will help in guiding the children and young behaviours. Sometimes, children can show various behaviours like stress, happiness, unhappiness, anger, unwellness, etc. This is not good for the overall development of the children. Children can be uncooperative and not focus on things they need to do. Therefore there is a need to study their behaviour. 

Concepts Related to the Support Behavior of Children and Young People

CHCECE006 Case Study Experts Share Some Key Points to Know

There are some points through which your CHCECE006 case study will become more attractive and lucrative. Remember all these points carefully:

  1. Contributing Safe and Supportive Environment

We have to remember some elements to contribute to a safe and supportive environment for children and young people.

  • Out of character behaviour

This type of behaviour usually remains for a short period. It is usually over when the issue with the child is solved. There are many reasons due to which child show such kind of behaviour like:

  • They are unwell
  • Tired
  • 'Stress
  • Angry
  • Frustrated etc


  • Disruptive behaviour

When a child is usually uncooperative and prevents themselves from focusing on certain important tasks, we call it disruptive behaviour.

When children struggle with self-control, they usually show such type of behaviour. Not every type of disruptive behaviour is of concern, but helps in teaching children social and emotional skills. Things like loud noises, not following instructions, isolation etc., come under this category.

  • Concerns regarding their behaviour

When a child does something that hurts someone or themselves, it is a concern. Many children behave like this many times. It often happens naturally, but they are hurting themselves and the children around them in some cases. Certain reasons show such type of behaviour like:

  • Due to trauma

Means deeply distressing or emotional shock. It affects children's mental health and behaviour. It can cause loss, grief or depend upon a different child. Due to trauma, a child can face many issues like; refusal to eat, not being able to focus, antisocial behaviour, aggressive behaviour, expressing intense emotions etc.

If you see such a pattern in a child or young, seeking advice or consulting is the best thing to do. You can seek advice from colleagues, supervisors or any professional senior. If you want external help, then contact the Inclusion Support Programme (ISP). This includes day to day care, counselling, school-age care, family day care.

  • Encouragement

When you value children's efforts and listen to their things very carefully, they feel encouraged. It is the best way to acknowledge responsible behaviour. Encouragement does many things like:

  • Motivates the child 
  • Focus on child efforts, not results
  • Develop their self-esteem and confidence


  1. Collecting and observing data about children

Collecting data about children's behaviour helps you in understanding their problems. For this, the perspective of other children is also important. When someone shows disruptive behaviour, it means they need guidance or support. For this, collect relevant and accurate data on their behaviour.

Another way to notice child performance in certain tasks. There are some steps through which you can measure these types of data, such as:

  • Anecdotal records are not based on formal evidence but only through observations. As an educator, you must ensure that the observations which you are taking are based on relevant, accurate facts.
  • Diary entries - These are records of activities and experience. They help in getting contextual information.
  1. Implementation of strategies to support children

Children who require additional needs have to be taken care of by professionals. These strategies follow principles like:

  • Secure, respectful relationships
  • Partnerships
  • Equity
  • Ongoing learning and reflective practice.
  • Respect for diversity.

For implementing good strategies, we have to find areas of concern like:

  • Sign of distress
  • Lack of progress
  • Unexpected behaviour in a child/young responses
  • The incident was not solved by planned strategies etc.
  • Unexpected changes - Children often show unexpected responses, like if you clap loudly in front of them, they might look into you. They can give positive and negative reactions after noticing you. It depends upon the child. 
  1. Monitoring and Reviewing Strategies

This is a very important part of the CHCECE006 case study. The success of a better behaviour plan depends upon the specialist and unexpected response from the parent requests, guidelines and external policies. Always monitor the plan for effectiveness also, there are other areas like:

  • Read their profile sheets carefully
  • Interview them carefully
  • Take surveys
  • By asking a question from them

All this data gives valuable insights into the children's needs. The success of a behaviour plan becomes successful only when you know why you need such a plan. All Plans have advantages and disadvantages, but you get to know only when they will be implemented. And always ready for change or uncertainty because different children require different plans.

These are some valuable information mentioned in the Chcece006 case studies. If you need more, you have to seek case study writing services to guide you in completing your task. For this, you can always count on Online Assignment Expert.

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