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Social Determinants of Health Assignment Help


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Social Determinants of Health Assignment Help

This unique, fascinating, yet highly critical topic comes with many complex ups and downs, and indeed the Social Determinants of Health Assignment Help could be the wisest choice that helps you get the best grades in the project.

The World Health Organisation (WHO)Trusted Source defines social determinants of health as "the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age and the wider set of forces and systems shaping the conditions of daily life."

However, understanding the concept of each social determinant is one of the most challenging steps, especially in the absence of Healthcare Assignment Help. Thankfully, you are not alone when we are here to put all the effort into making your learning more entertaining, simple and flexible. Yes, we at Online Assignment Expert are able to help millions of healthcare students and give them an easy way out from anywhere in the world.

What are the social determinants of health?

Throughout life, poor social and economic conditions have an impact on health. The risk of severe disease and early death is often at least twice as high for those lower on the social ladder as for those further up. Even junior office personnel tend to suffer from far more sickness and pass away earlier than more senior staff since health standards between the top and bottom exhibit a constant social gradient.

Social determinants of health fall into five categories:

Poverty And Low-Income Group

This list is the first social determinant that impacts the health of citizens. A poor economic status naturally leads to poor education, resulting from less awareness about health and surroundings.

Since, there is a massive gap between the distribution of income, resulting in the deficiency of food & necessities. These factors impact society in a very vital way.

Due to this unequal distribution of food, and health facilities, there is a negative effect on people's lifestyles.

Those living in a marginalised society suffer from poor health status and lifestyle. Moreover, they have many health hazards of death, low life span, poor health of children, low mortality rate, causing lifetime deficiency.

Poverty and low-income sources also often result in a high crime rate where people lack education. It directly has a negative impact on people's health, behaviours, and well-being.


According to the healthcare assignment help expert- “job/employment are conditions which play a huge role as the social determinants of health.” it directly impacts the social, physical and emotional well-being of workers/employees and their families.

Having no job naturally increases poverty along with social isolation in people. 

Unemployment only deteriorates a person's physical health while also affecting their confidence and self-esteem.

On the other hand, having a secure job in a capitalist society empowers you as a human being who is responsible for your well-being. It also has positive effects on mental health.


Another vital social determinant of health is housing and accommodation of people, says the Social Determinants of Health Assignment Help.

Having a residential space with inadequate facilities, cold, damp or cracked walls, and poor ventilation will result in an unpleasant environment. These conditions cause many underlying discomforts, which leads to many health conditions, including cardiovascular issues, respiratory, etc.

Furthermore, uncontrolled environmental conditions in rooms can cause serious health hazards affecting the respiratory system.

Places like these require adequate, open space to move around.

Social Isolation

Social isolation is one of the major concerns of human societies, which is also a social determinant of health. It is becoming highly challenging as people move to new places to desire better job opportunities and lifestyles, leading to living away from their loved ones. These factors directly impact the mental health of a large population of people.

Children with mental disabilities, single parents, older adults, domestic violence, unemployment and other scarcity are the reasons a large portion of society is being socially isolated, hurting their mental health.


People who receive inadequate education are less aware of and knowledgeable about health issues. Experts say that poor health results in a shorter life expectancy, which adds stress and has a negative impact on a person's mental and emotional health.

Young adults and children who lack knowledge are more likely to engage in dangerous behaviour. Poor diet, risky sex, unhealthy behaviour, and substance misuse contribute to health disparities much as smoking and drinking do, says the healthcare assignment help experts.

Natural Environment

People who live and work in a particular place must be secure, says the Social Determinants of Health Assignment Help experts. Poor air quality, extreme weather, seasonal climatic variations, a lack of greenery, and abrupt temperature fluctuations can impact people's mental and physical health.

The aged, the sick, the disabled, and low-income groups are particularly affected by the lack of outdoor spaces with vegetation and fresh air. This increases the strain on the services provided by the healthcare system.

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