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Language, Literacy, and Learning Assignment Help

Language, literacy, and learning is an academic approach that is crucial for all classroom teachers in various school contexts. Specifically, this approach aims to prepare students who will work with children aged between 8 and 18 years in the future. Teaching language to children is a long-presented challenge for teachers since they are expected to lead them to a level of language comprehension compared to native speakers. On top of it, preparing assignments related to Language, literacy, and learning as a part of coursework could be the most challenging task. Do you also feel the same and are looking for an online firm providing Language, literacy, and learning assignment help? Don't fret, as we have got your back! Online Assignment Expert is a leading brand that has been known to provide quality assistance in assignment writing to thousands of students.

Literacy forms the basis of the learning process. It can be seen as an intricate repository of knowledge and skills and develops in various evolving forms. The world is changing rapidly, and so do our communicative modes, which demand an expansion of literacy and language's purposes, uses, and practices. We pride ourselves on a solid team of language, literacy, and learning experts who can help you master complex topics with great ease through their valuable tips and tricks. 

Some Common languages and literacy activities

What is the 3Ls framework?

Learning, Language, and literacy (3Ls) is a pedagogical approach that puts learning at the core of the educational experience for English language learners and incorporates literacy and Language flawlessly and assertively.

3Ls is a defined set of re-envisioned strategies and newly designed tools and elements that the teachers can use to engage all English learners, including college and career-oriented learning students. The 3Ls framework has six essential components or elements that should be used to develop thematic units and coherent lesson plans.

  • #Element 1: Framed Motivation - This element offers lessons and innovative opportunities to encourage students and help them to connect with the topic or theme. It also offers a glimpse of the students' forthcoming complicated and enthralling content. An effective lesson plan requires several key ingredients, including motivation to encourage students to learn, comprehend students' previous knowledge, and establish background knowledge required to explore the forthcoming content and essential questions (overreached questions related to the content). Framed motivation is unique since it offers an excellent opportunity for introducing and supplementing the academic literacy and language skills that the students might need for writing a lesson in the future.
  • #Element 2: Wordplay - Wordplay offers academic Language and vocabulary to English language learners within the intricate and compelling content. Students can comprehend highly complicated content and employ an appropriate academic language for speaking and writing by developing an in-depth understanding of general academic vocabulary. Wordplay incorporates contextualized and reciprocating activities and strategies specially developed to expand the academic vocabulary. By teaching one word each day, teachers can reveal new academic words by comparing them with their everyday counterparts. This practice will help develop an understanding of shades of meaning rooted within the new vocabulary.
  • #Element 3: Reading Closely - This element corresponds to the instructional practice that various literacy specialists have referred to as "close read" to enable readers to "dwell upon the words and understand how words unfold". Through this element, teachers work together with the students to focus on the juicy sentences rich in content and academic Language. Reading closely helps the students to disclose the secrets of good readers that enable them to understand the peculiarities of the author's words. Teachers' clear and composed instructions help students understand the usage of grammar, phrases, words, metamorphic Language, and other writing devices by the authors.
  • #Element 4: Juicy sentence work - Juicy sentences are long, academic language-rich, and rooted sentences containing grammatical structures and phrases to convey complex ideas and academic content. The academic vocabulary is usually ingrained within the juicy sentences, phrases, and peculiar grammatical structures. Through juicy sentence work, teachers ask the students to practice one juicy sentence at a time, retrieve information from the key sentence, and point out grammatical features of that specific sentence. Teachers unearth and use juicy sentences to demonstrate how to break down long and complex sentences into readable chunks, deconstruct, and reconstruct them.
  • #Element 5: Differentiated Tasks - Differentiated tasks are carefully designed tasks that offer students systemic opportunities to engage actively and showcase their proficiency in academic Language and content learning. Differentiated tasks offer ample time to remain actively engaged around the extracted essential questions and probed juicy sentences.
  • #Element 6: Closure - Closure or conclusion is the final element of the 3Ls approach. Students share their learning experiences and demonstrate their literacy and new academic language skills, which they acquired through extensive practice. During the closure, after getting back to the essential question, teachers motivate the students to share their new outlook and understandings and to ponder upon their learning within the academic discipline.

What are the learning outcomes of language, literacy, and learning?

The Language, literacy, and learning (3L) approach places Language at the center of every teacher's toolkit. 3L fosters a unified, whole-school approach, enabling all the teachers to become efficient literacy trainers. The content of 3L courses is based on the latest developments in practice and theory. Several Language, literacy, and learning courses, such as GDECE103, are offered by various renowned universities in Australia, such as Macquarie University, the University of Queensland, Swinburne University, Federation University, and the University of South Australia.

Educational courses are nothing without loads of assignments. All of them require an in-depth understanding of students' psychology and strategic planning to deliver lessons. If you are pursuing a degree in Language, literacy, and learning and need professional guidance in assignment writing, you can seek GDECE103 assignment help from Online Assignment Expert. 

Some of the core learning outcomes of 3L courses are:

  • Showcase an in-depth understanding of the concepts and fundamental principles of contemporary literacy and Language learning
  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of grammar and features of a variety of texts
  • Devise new strategies for improving the current pedagogical practices to improve literacy and language outcomes for all students.

Language, literacy, and learning courses offer several job opportunities, such as resource teacher, literacy coach, curriculum specialist, classroom teacher, and educational editor.

STEM disciplines for which you can seek Language, Literacy, and Learning Assignment Help

English learners develop proficiency in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines only when they are involved in meaningful interactions within the classroom and partake in activities in which STEM experts regularly engage. The STEM disciplines are academic domains wherein Language, and other ways that make sense to the world have emerged to enable students to attain their functional goals.

STEM subjects provide potential participants for the communities of engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and other technical fields. Language is a cognitive ability child first learn in their homes and communities. After entering the school, to learn STEM subjects, they should know about the new necessary patterns of Language and expression that can only be gained through engagement in practices related to STEM disciplines.

Teachers should know the inclusive instructional practices to teach STEM disciplines to multilingual students. Science and Mathematics have languages and have complex vocabulary and sentence structuring. Thus, if teachers fail to incorporate changes in their teaching methods, it will be difficult for multilingual students to understand the concepts of science and mathematics (Ratel, 2018). Being an aspiring teacher, you may face several difficulties while writing Language, literacy, and learning assignments due to the world's complexity. But don't worry. You can seek our Language, Literacy, and Learning Assignment Help services and schedule your guiding sessions with us to get your assignment done on time.

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