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CHCLEG003 Case Study

Chcleg003 is a unit code that is related to managing legal and ethical compliance. This unit describes the knowledge and skills needed to deeply research compliance and ethical practice and then develop & monitor policies and procedures to meet those responsibilities. People who work as managers in a small to medium business need such skills and knowledge.

Multiple courses like yoga teaching, diploma of nutrition, diploma of health coaching, diploma of education and many more have put this unit in the syllabus. That's why thousands of students need chcleg003 case studies. Here the challenge comes because it is a very broad topic and the research requires a lot of time. And so, Online Assignment Expert can help you in all type of law assignment help. We have been giving help for legal case studies in Australia for the past more than ten years. To know more, scroll down!

Legal compliance is the process through which a company's/business adheres to the policies, rules and processes that regulate business practices in a particular jurisdiction. Compliance means knowing about the legislation. It also means understanding legislation that is used in the organisations. In compliance, we also demonstrate that companies and businesses with these jurisdictions at all times.

In robust compliance, we always take care of the people who handle compliances so that the right people are responsible for this. It also includes checking business records, policies and procedures around the legislation. Companies who fail to do so either face inquiries or penalties like fines, reputation damage and even, in some cases, jail for the directors. 

  • What is ethical compliance? 

Every organisation has its ethical rules to organise rules and regulations in a better way. Managers should ensure that proper ethical compliance has been used in the organisation. The difference between legal and ethical compliance is that legal compliance is bound to obey where ethical compliance is a choice. But both are concerned with how a person has to behave according to laws and ethics in certain organisations, societies etc.

CHCLEG003 Case Study Professionals at Online Assignment Expert Follow Below Points

Companies should care that every employee practices ethics and compliance programs as a part of company culture. It is not just for employees but also for company directors, senior executives etc. Doing this will increase company productivity brand equity and potentially increase the number of shareholders. 

That is why it is so important, and professors want their students to understand it. Getting case study help in Australia is easy, but you should understand these points first.

  1. The reward of compliance
  • Compliance with legal and ethics regulations may produce positive results at various levels: Companies who follow deep ethics have very healthy returns through their employees.
  • It increases customer loyalty and respect for the brand, which can help in increasing the number of shareholders.
  • Employees who follow legal rules and regulations may avoid penalties and even potential jail time.
  • Always remember legal rules and ethics are bound with health returns.
  1. Elements of an effective ethics and compliance program 

There are certain elements to make our ethics and compliance program effective. These are:

  • Organisation culture that encourages compliance and ethics. 
  •  Regular oversight by senior executives who have proper resources and also authority.
  • The Board of directors should regularly check all the mechanisms.
  • Senior management responsibilities should be clear
  • Time to time training of all the employees including senior managers about the program.
  • Individual background checks should be there.
  • Monitoring and reporting helpline systems.
  • Should take appropriate action if someone found someone’s action offensive.
  • Periodic level risk assessments.
  1. Ethics and compliance is an ongoing process:

Ethics and compliance rules are not rigid. They are always evolving with the new world system. Maybe a few decades back, there was no demand for income equality among different genders. But today, there is a huge demand for gender equality due to the effects of globalisation.

  1. Five phase approach for enhancing ethics and compliance program:
  • Phase one (Program design/update): - In this phase, we will create guidelines of reporting structure, communication method and other key components of ethics and compliance programs. From grassroots policies to the structuring of different committees, we have to cover all the areas in this step. Also, establish proper report mechanisms at all levels. Special ethics and compliance numbers for whistle-blowers. To establish special ethics that all the organisation members easily understand.
  • Phase two (One risk. culture assessment) - Through various employee interviews, reports and surveys, we call validate organisation risks. By finding all risks, we can take certain measures for the organisation's safety.
  • Phase three ( Policies and procedures working with your compliance) - In this phase, try to enhance the program's policies, issues like antitrust, financial reporting, Conflicts of interests, records accuracy, global business, fraud, privacy and harassment.
  • Phase four (communication, implementation and training) - Even the best procedures fail if they are not properly institutionalised. Try to understand the day to day realities. By doing this, shareholders' trust will increase towards the organisation. With proper training and communication, we can create a positive culture in their organisation.
  • Phase five (Monitoring, reporting and self-assessment) - The true nature of an organisation comes under after some years, by assessing whether after one or five years does legal and ethics compliance have been followed in the organisations or not? By Proper monitoring and reporting of all the rules and regulations, we can audit all the happenings inside the organisation.
  1. A culture assessment - a very critical step:

Today's company culture is very important for the better growth of the organisation. Survival isn't easy if employees are afraid to raise their voices against unhealthy practices.

If management does not listen to their companies employees, then it puts them at great risk: By following some points, you can avoid all these situations like:

  • Does your organisation encourage ethical behaviour
  • Can all your employees know about ethics and compliance rules?
  • Do all employees feel free to ask anything?
  • Are your junior employees happy with senior management?

By culture assessment, you will get all the answers to these questions. After doing these assessments, we get some benchmarks that set the foundation of ethics and compliance programs.

Note: Remember Ethical behaviour never happens on its own. There is a belief among many organisations that whoever practises good business ethics are more successful than those who do not. The biggest challenge for business is reinforcing this belief in actions and words.

These are some of the points you can mention in your chcleg003 case study. Of COURSE, there are many other guidelines that you should follow to make lucrative case studies. For that, you can seek guidance from an Online Assignment Expert who has the best experience in making legal case studies in Australia.

Making a case study is challenging for you for various reasons, such as students having too much time to first research and then write about the assignment. Either they are busy in their personal life or other activities. Many do not want to make it because they have some self-doubt, like Can they get good grades even after putting in a lot of hard work. 

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Ethics Case Study

Ethics Case Studies

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