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Contract Law Case Study Help From Experts

When two parties agree under a legal obligation, we call it contract law. Contract law guides the agreement through its legal obligations. The agreement can be between two parties, businesses and people. It is very important among corporations, businesses and governments. 

Take the example of Thomas. He is studying business/law or maybe entrepreneurship/commerce at Australia University. He has to study contract laws as per the subject syllabus. After studying, the professor can give them a task to make a contract law case study as part of the assignment. Here the challenge began because many students cannot make assignments due to various reasons like being busy with other activities. 

Maybe they are not interested or lack the writing skills needed in the case study? Relax! Online Assignment Expert can ease your burden. They have a reputation of providing the best contract law case study help In Australia. If you want to understand how you should go through the best Contract law case study, let scroll down and give this page a thorough read.

Contract Law Case Study Experts Share a Basic Understanding

Different countries have different contract laws according to their constitutions and lawmakers. But the idea behind contract law always remains the same: to make contracts legally binding. Now understand this aspect, if Thomas agrees with Michael on products/services that are illegal like drugs, then contract law will never apply. In this case, there are no legal bindings.

There are certain rules in the contract that make it enforceable, and for that, an agreement should follow certain aspects like:

  • Both the parties should accept each other's offer with their consent.
  • Mention all details regarding products/services that one party provides to the other.
  •  The parties should consider what they are exchanging, like money or something else.
  • When both parties sign an agreement, they should be in their state of mind.
  • All terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement should be enforceable.
  • All parties should have good intentions with faith while signing a contract.

These are some points that Thomas has to write in his case study. Being a law student at Monash University, he knows that contract law has a variety of rules and guidelines. Other contracts are also expressed by mouth, like Thomas buying something from the retailer. In that case, the court will always look to the party's intention if somehow it becomes a court matter. So always remember these points while working on the contract law case study.

Contract Law and The Rule Of Law

The rule of law makes a stable order and provides stability in society. For the proper rule of law, societies need proper contract law to be binding and enforceable for the welfare of the society. In other aspects, for making the rule of law successful, equality must be ensured so that all parties are treated equally if there is a breach of contract/law. Equality ensures that even weaker and vulnerable members of society can feel safe and secure without worrying about the breach.

Contract Law Case Study Help Experts Share an Example

We will discuss a small example of a contract law case study that will help you in your case study.

Take an example of Kingsbridge holdings Vs. Max Watt's Ltd (2018)

This case study is based on the contract and its law for the hire of the venue. In this, the case was heard in the Victorian civil tribunal.

Let's first look into the facts.

There are certain facts before we show the court decision.

  • About the Agreement

In this case, the complainant was Kingsbridge Holdings Ltd, an entertainment company. They brought various international singers artists for concerts in Australia. They come under agreement/contract with another company, Max watt Ltd, to hire a venue service in Sydney. 

The venue was owned by Max Watts, so there were the defenders in this case. The contract was signed on 17 journeys 2017 about event safety, ticketing, staffing and closure. Jamaican artist Beenie Man had to perform in this venue, and it was arranged by Kingsbridge Company. The performance was to take place in March 2017.

  • Alleged Breach 

Problems started when 21 March watts sent an email to Kingsbridge about their poor ticket sales, staff safety issue and late appearance of the performer. According to them, Kingsbridge was not satisfied with the contract conditions. So they cancelled the venue hire, which was to take place in Sydney. They also said that Kingsbridge was involved in crooked ticket sales, which also breached the law.

Of Course, Kingsbridge gets another venue for Sydney performance, but later, they sue Watts for breach of contract in the Victorian civil tribunal for cancellation of venue. Kingsbridge was registered in Victoria, so they sued watts in their state court.

  • Court Decision

The court said there was 2 issue we will consider:

  1. Was watt cancel the venue hire for security and safety issues, or they were concerned about the breach of law?
  2. If watts were not entitled to cancel the venue hire, what loss did Kingsbridge suffer?

The court would read the contract clause in this case because both parties already gave their consent.

Clause 24 of the contract says: This clause is about the suspension and closure of the event.

Max Watts may cancel the venue hire without paying any penalty prior notice close the event at any time if there is an issue for security reasons or there is a breach of law. But this should be before the event had to have started before it could be suspended. Watts cannot cancel the show after it has started. So the action taken by watts has a breach of the agreement that is why Kingsbridge go to court.

  • The Final Decision of the Victoria Civil Tribunal

In its hearing, the court found no breach of law by the kind bridge in terms of crooked ticket sales. Kingsbridge also claimed that they have damages of around $93951.40 for hiring a new venue, and also they lost ticket sales for Melbourne (next concert) and Sydney. They claim that the show's cancellation in Sydney will affect their next ticket sales in Melbourne. On the other hand, Watts was held guilty, and they had to give $9284.22 as a penalty to Kingsbridge.

This is a small example of contact law breaching. Hope you get an idea. Sometimes, big corporations and billions of dollars get stuck in court cases. That's why law students have to make contract law case studies for better understanding. Now can you search deeply on your own? Because you need to understand the respective country's contract laws for making an effective contract case study. 

Why do You Need contract Law Case Study Help?

Making a case study, especially around law assignment help topics, is very challenging. It would help if you wrote systematically and analytically. When we say proper structure, we mean it should be in proper structure while writing, and by analytical means, you need to find certain contact beach cases that help you better understand. 

This takes a lot of time, and most students do not. Most international students get affected by these case studies because they do not understand the country's respective laws. If that is the case, you may need an Online Assignment Expert for your case study help. Some of the samples of a case study they already write for your seniors:

Law Case Study Sample

Law Case Study Samples

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