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Family law is a branch of law that deals with legal family matters such as marriage, child adoption, surrogacy, divorce, child custody, juvenile law, and paternity. Family law is another crucial aspect of law that is totally concerned with the settlement of family concerns. Family Law, like any other area of Law, is loaded with complexities that necessitate the use of a diverse set of references, norms, and case laws while settling conflicts. And when law students are given Family Law Case Study, they look for experts to assist them. If you too are in the same boat and need law assignment help, Online Assignment Expert is right here for you!

Law is a challenging domain that requires intense focus, a great deal of persistence, effort, and time due to excessively complex topics. Our experts make sure that students get good grades without compromising their writing skills. Our experts help the students structure the assignment gives them the right direction from where to start the research for the project, which helps them get good grades. Online Assignment Expert is widely acknowledged for offering the best Law Case Summary Writing Help.

Types Of Family Cases

Career Scope for Law Course Students

Family law offers an appealing and profitable career in the future. Thus, students pick family law as an essential topic to further their education. It provides challenging and productive employment opportunities with a bright future. This law course is aimed to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to take an intelligent viewpoint on family law matters. The following subjects of family law are covered in the course:

  • Decision-making regarding parenting after divorce
  • Family violence and abuse
  • Marriage
  • Economic elements of marriage
  • De-facto relationship collapse

Learning Outcomes Upon Successful Completion of The Course

Students who complete this course will have the knowledge and abilities to:

  • Explain, debate, justify, evaluate, and critique essential family law ideas, and be able to reference relevant legislative laws and case law.
  • With intellectual independence, the student will be able to apply their understanding of family law effectively and with an initiative to produce accurately written guidance that gives a solution to a challenging hypothetical family law case.
  • Identify, explain, evaluate, and critically examine significant components of family law and secondary research articles on family law and reforms addressed in this course.
  • Design and implement a research project on your own
  • Describe, evaluate, and discuss various views relevant to family law. Students have that ability after the course to critically examine the Law in written and oral form from those perspectives.
  • Obtain program administration and collective learning expertise, as well as excellent interpersonal skills, to operate well in small groups with a diverse range of candidates.
  • Reflect coherently on your course learning, your values, the ideals driving the family law system, and the contrasts between family law and other legal practices.

 What are the Topics That Come Under Family Law Case Study?

  • International Custody
    The lady had married an Afghani national who worked as a professional in the US. The mother was correct to be anxious about her daughter being taken out of the country by her father. To avoid a kidnapping situation, the Family law team signed a parenting arrangement with several protections and had immigration flag the child to prevent a kidnapping situation.
  • A Child's Return
    The father relocated the child from Washington state to a country not a signatory to the Hague Convention. They filed a contempt motion against the father. The court granted the request and remanded the father to jail, awaiting the child's homecoming.
  • Child Substance Abuse
    For several years, the mother and father agreed to a parenting plan based on equal custody. When the youngster reached puberty, he developed a drug and alcohol addiction and stopped attending school. The mother was in denial about the severity of her child's addiction. According to family law, they identify and support the father in obtaining a parenting plan that changes child custody so that he could guarantee the child finished in-patient treatment satisfactorily.
  • Mental Health Allegations
    A stay-at-home mother who was married to a health care professional took satisfaction in her accomplishments as a wife and mother. The father was a perfectionist who demanded a lot from his children. During the divorce, the father used the mother's ability to cook against her, accusing her of having an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCD). The father attempted to gain custody of the children based on the mother's purported OCD. The Family Law Team hired psychologists, and the mother was granted custody at trial.
  • Father Accused wrongfully
    A mother intentionally accused a father of domestic abuse. She secured a Domestic Violence Protection Order against him in order to gain an advantage in the divorce process by legally limiting his visits. The family law team engaged a professional parenting assessor, who conducted psychological testing on both parents and concluded that the mother's complaints were false. Finally, the team was able to negotiate the removal of the Protection Order and achieve a parenting arrangement that gave the father equal residential time.
  • Long-Term Relationship with Complicated Financial Assets
    The husband and wife had been married for 30 years and owned a privately held Pacific Northwest company. The family law team working with financial professionals, successfully traced the community and separate property interest in the estate, The business was evaluated, and different tax implications and benefits were explored in order to effectively negotiate a settlement in which the wife received one-half of the assets, spousal support, and the establishment of children's trusts.

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