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Writing case studies has always been a wrecking task for students. As happy and carefree as it may sound, university life is in reality a life full of assignments. Do you connect with what’s stated? We feel you! Apple And Foxconn Case Study is no exception! Many students get confused from where to start or how to research when it comes to case study. If you too fall in this category, PhD professionals at Online Assignment Expert have got you covered!

Apple, established on April 1, 1976 is a company that deals with electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, computers. It also provides services like online shopping binge-watching, and it also produces system and application software. Apple can be considered in electronics and gadgets that provide a high quality of products. On the other hand, Foxconn is also in the same production domain. Foxconn produces hardware and software for the IT world. Foxconn is also one of the biggest companies which produce electrical devices, and it also provides services related to information technology. This write-up has gone through the apple and Foxconn case study to get exposure to the issues in the past that created controversies for both companies. Online Assignment Expert is backed by a team of seasoned professionals who will help you with any case study be it Apple And Foxconn Case Study.

Why Students are Given Apple And Foxconn Case Study?

The case studies help students understand the dynamic changes in the workplace or the firms. It usually helps in the leadership program because for leading something, and you have to know all aspects of an aroused situation. By doing this, one can learn about taking the appropriate action to deal with such situations. If one finds a situation that has already happened somewhere in the world, and he or she has updated his knowledge by studying the case, he or she will be able to cope with the situation. These all are management parts; hence type like this is included in the management programs under the modules.

In Australia, many such universities provide courses for the management programs like The University of Melbourne, Deakin University, Monash University, Melbourne Business school, Queensland university of technology, and many more such universities. However, a case study is not confined to only management-related courses, and it can be added to any course to understand a topic with real-life examples. The Apple Business Model Case Study will help understand only management skills or leadership skills. However, it will also help in the domain of art and humanities to understand the ethics-related issue, well-being of people, sociological aspects of the companies, and all. Therefore, various top-rated universities provide such management programs as mentioned above.

Case Study of Apple and Foxconn

Apple And Foxconn Case Study: An Overview

When one is big and claims all the good things, it is obvious to get highlighted, so do both companies. Both companies are the largest in the fields of Information Technology and electronics. Foxconn is the commodity supplier for Apple company (Lovejoy, 2019). Apple comes into the global supply chain, and it has assigned Foxconn to manufacture the iPhones and iPads (Grin, 2015). Therefore, Lovejoy (2019) argues that the problems of Foxconn will be problems for Apple too. If Foxconn is not considering the ethics related to the employment policy, then Apple is also accused of it too. It has been found that Foxconn is keeping 50% of the labour temporarily while it is against the law of employment in China as it should be around 40%. Though Foxconn is the assembler of the iPhones of Apple, then Apple should have invigilated it too before taking the contribution of Foxconn.

Violation of Employment Law by Foxconn and Apple

A not-for-profit organization named 'advocacy group' reported the violation of employment law by Foxconn and Apple in China (Albergotti, 2019). Apple Business Model Case Study provides much information on the work culture of both companies. There were 18 suicide attempts, and 14 suicides happened in Foxconn, claiming to have followed all working ethics according to the law and morals (Besikci, 2018, 3). It further says all the suicide letters have mentioned the stressed work culture that made them take such steps to end their lives. These incidents happened in Foxconn, not in Apple, but this company works for Apple for manufacturing the devices. Therefore, Apple has an obligation to go through the invigilating working conditions at its partner company. If we see the connection between these two companies, it is evident that Apple creates pressure to get the work done at a fast pace; to make maximum profit, Foxconn will put this pressure on its employees. These all scenarios lead to the uncomfortable of the employees.

What Happened Next?

After these cases, Foxconn has gone through much scrutiny to check the employees' working conditions within the firm. It also checked the contribution of Apple to creating such a situation where Foxconn gave that much pressure and stress, which resulted in the death of employees (Condliffe, 2018). The observers have reported that employees do not get sick leave and holiday pay from the employer. Despite being big firms, these companies are compromising the well-being of the employees while making a considerable profit from the market by taking the help of their employees.

Above all the sources are very authentic and trustworthy which gives and authenticated knowledge about the case study of Apple and Foxconn.

What Were The Experiences Of Employees Who Worked for Apple?

The experiences of employees who worked for Apple knows how restricted working conditions are there while working for this company. An engineer is coding but does not know to code for what. An employee is making some LCD and threading it to the code or program but does not know where it will get used and many more things which happen surreptitiously within the firm, and the employee knows nothing. Only the higher authority knows what is going on inside the company.

Apple does not have its own manufacturing company; hence it assigned some electronic companies to manufacture iPhones or iPads or any such commodity. The competition created by these companies is the main reason behind pushing the workers hard to be efficient beyond their capabilities; they do not heed the employees' problems. To take the deal from Apple, companies are involved in the rat race, and the impact of these highly competitive environments gets imposed on the workers of such companies.

For instance, Foxconn, the company that manufactures for Apple. Furthermore, in recent news, we have all heard about mishaps relating to the employee, such as suicide attempts and demise due to suicide. This toxic culture produces much anxiety and stress for the employees. It has been mentioned above too, where employees complain about the employer's process of leaving.

How Does Online Assignment Expert Offer the Best Apple And Foxconn Case Study?

Experts at Online Assignment Expert write in such a way that works look alike a scholarly work as they are top-notch scholars in their respective domains. They have acquired great knowledge in the related field as their degree justifies these claims too. The following is the sample assignment that our expert can do with a perfectionist approach.

Experts first do extensive research to reach the root of the issues, and they try to excerpt the information on the same to frame a perfect case study of the problem. The case study is an essential part of any course as it gives real-life exposure to the readers.

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On one hand, companies are claiming to make the life of the people by producing such devices, but they are claiming the stake of their employees' well-being. It is tough to know the secret story of big firms like Apple and Foxconn. Nevertheless, many organizations conduct secret operations to expose such companies to the people. This case study help get great insight into the Apple Business Model and Foxconn. The work culture of these companies got exposure. However, Apple is not involved in manufacturing, and its contribution to creating such problems has been aroused throughout the case study. We have taken the help of authenticated resources like the Washington Post and scholarly work to get more information on the case study of Apple and Foxconn companies.

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