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The contemporary economic world has placed the world of business under critical subjects of inquiry. Arnold (2013) has stated that business is a highly specialized subject essential for every commercial operation, a backbone of the modern world. Adam Smith, known as the father of capitalism, has provided adequate business theories from which many strategies have been developed. For some, the complexity and calculations are mind-altering. But one must keep in mind that business is far more than that. It involves several quantitative and qualitative methods used to conduct business research (Smith, 2004). The primary aim of business research is to determine financial and non-financial information about economic systems (Lilith & Keith, 2019). The job of any businessman requires careful observation and taking into account every business transaction with a monetary value attached to it.

Several students across the globe are interested in taking up business studies as a profound career prospect. For such students, the time and effort that the complexity of this subject requires can sometimes become a burden. Additionally, they face many difficulties coping with increased calculating levels of difficulty. We at Online Assignment expert provide BBB3100 assignment expert services to these students and assist them in integrated business learning. From managerial to financial accounting, non-profit accounting to cost accounting, we cover all topics to help you reach your business dreams.

In the last few years, the expanding economic spheres have become more challenging for students as these assignments carry pre-requisites of a well-researched subject. For business students, it is critical to evaluate business strategies in ethical terms. Students face difficulty in keeping up with changing patterns and analyzing their business assignments given the stipulated period of deadlines and submissions. Our business integrated learning expert provides market-level experience to guide them on integrated business learning and complete their assignments on time.

Departments of Business Management Covered by Our BB3100 Assignment Expert

The vastness of business enquiries can be categorized into six basic departments. According to Leonard (2015), business management consists of five essential departments- Accounting and finance, marketing, human resource management, operation/research, and supply chain management.

  1. Accounting and finance: This branch of business is responsible for summarizing, recording and reporting business operations. It helps in determining the financial position of any business. Financial statements are prepared in the balance sheet, income sheet, and cash flow statement from this information. Leneord (2015) has highlighted some of the major areas requiring calculative works in accounting are:-
  2. Marketing management: The provisions of various responsibilities that come with distributing goods and services can be categorized under marketing management. It associates itself with varied business processes like implementing, planning and analyzing formulated programs to make changes in the market according to organizational needs.
  3. Human resource management: Managing the human force in any business organization is essential. It deals with several topics such as employee rights and responsibilities, recruitment and selection, incentive plans, talent management, performance, appraisals, etc.
  4. Operation and Research: This field of business is a complex process as it unfolds a multidisciplinary approach. Primarily concerned with business operations, it involves supervising, planning, and organizing elements involved in manufacturing goods and services.
  5. Supply chain management: It studies the management of materials, information and finances involved in transferring supplies to the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and eventually the consumers. This branch of business implies coordination and integration of the market flow process and aims towards achieving any inventory as efficiently as possible.

Classical Management Theory

The course includes accounts, marketing, human resources, finances and commercial practices. Therefore, this subject requires a lot of time and effort. For students who feel that this subject can sometimes become too challenging, it is advised to seek help from an assignment help service.

Business Economics and Its Objectives Explained in Our Management Assignment Help

It involves the process of combining management and economics topics. The purpose is to create business-related policies and decisions that will help a particular organization's overall growth and development. The subject deals with various models, statistical tools, and techniques that will help efficiently utilize resources. Therefore, it takes several ethical aspects into its study. Other objectives of this subject also include:-

  • Integration of economic theories with business practices
  • Selection of operational area and the choice of product for the business
  • Solving business problems through the application of economic principles and concepts
  • Maximum utilization of optimal resources
  • Fixing product price and output
  • The overall development of the business
  • Reducing and calculating risks and uncertainties

Due to the long and tiring process involved in studying this project, with its endless number of theories, concepts and logical thinking, students find integrated business learning difficult to study and ace. These students should get assistance from our business integrated learning expert.

Further, to expand our services beyond academic business guidance, we also provide management assignment help. A management assignment requires sound knowledge of management and commercial practices, industry norms, and organization behaviour. Universities now demand high-quality academic assignments with several other market research analytics. Types of management studies include:

  1. Marketing
  2. Supply Chain Management
  3. Project Management
  4. Merger and Acquisition
  5. Risk Management

Take a Look at an Integrated Business Sample for Your Reference!

Integrated Business Sample Questions

Integrated Business Sample Question

Integrated Business Samples Questions

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