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Have you ever thought about one of the most successful beverage brands all over the world? Did Coca-Cola click in your mind? Well, fair enough! This is the name that first strikes in everyone’s mind. To let you know, Coca-Cola spreads in over 200 nations with over 84,000 suppliers. Over 70 % of Coca-Cola revenue is produced from European and Asian countries.

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Coca-Cola Journey to Globalization

The company was established back in the 1892's in the United States by an Atlanta pharmacist named John S. Pemberton to make it an iconic and global brand. During that time, Coca-Cola met brand recognition with a white and red logo and pre-packed products purchased everywhere. With the help of these strategies, the brand expanded globally within a short period. Coca-Cola started to globalize in the early 1900s, and by 1926, this organization had made a good relationship with other nations. Firstly, the company made a friendly relationship with Europe and Guam and then decided to expand to South Africa, Australia, Norway, and Italy. All these countries have a good relationship with America, which means transportation, implementation of trade, and communication was a lot smoother.

Product differentiation and technology are the two factors that helped the organization spread rapidly all over the world. Let’s discuss both factors in detail:

  • Product differentiation: It acts as the key factor that supports the organization to customize the product according to the market and customer requirements. For instance, to meet the needs of adult customers, Coca-Cola offers various products such as vanilla and cherry coke. Attractive packaging has also acted as an adaptable and primary marketing segment for Coca-Cola globalization. Functional packaging of the products has been utilized to create the availability of products in various forms and sizes, including aluminium cans, plastic bottles, fountain drink dispensers, and glass bottles. The organization considers different sizes and shapes of the cans and bottles to certify easy stacking. The company designed their packaging materials recyclable to promote environmental sustainability.
  • Technology: Innovative technologies help in advancing the Coca-Cola organization potential to globalize continuously and rapidly throughout the 20th Transportation of products became cost-effective and more efficient with the development of cargo ships, semi-trucks, trains, and jet aircraft. The company could produce and dispatch its products fast to market segments. In addition to this, the distribution and warehouse of the Coca-Cola products have been operated accurately to maintain the operating costs. Automated and computerized manufacturing equipment's also enhanced the volume and speed of product manufacturing.

Coca-Cola Globalization Case Study Experts Explain Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategy of Coca-Cola played a crucial role in the effective globalization of the organization. Catchy jingles and attractive advertising slogans played into the mind and hearts of the people globally. Following are the advertising slogans of Coca-Cola:

  • “Enjoy”
  • "Life tastes good."
  • “Drink Coca-Cola”
  • “Always Coca-Cola”

Challenges Faced by Coca Cola Explained by Our Case Study Writing Help Experts

Even after being a multinational and most successful organization of beverages, the road to success has not always been a piece of cake for Coca-Cola. Some countries have banned the trade of Coca-Cola products, claiming that these products encourage obesity and threaten public health. In addition to this, the organization is also facing neck to neck competition due to new beverages companies such as simply orange, minute maid, Pepsi, Fanta, sprite, vitamin water, PowerAde, Fresca, and smart water. The preferences and tastes of individuals are also changing; they choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle with no carbonated soft drinks.

SWOT Analysis of Coca-Cola

With the million-dollar profits, Coca-Cola is no longer a small company. Our experts will help you learn about the company through the lens of SWOT analysis. Here is some of the key information evaluated under the Coca-Cola SWOT analysis. Our Coca-Cola globalization Case Study, Swot Analysis experts, will promptly provide you with authentic case study help if you are looking for expert assistance to finish your assignment. You need to order from an Online Assignment Expert, and our experts will guide you. The following section will explain the components of SWOT analysis:

  • Strengths: It is an organization with a maximum global presence, highest brand equity, and widespread identity. It contains huge assets and brand value that helps in yielding higher income for Coca-Cola with vast customer loyalty. In addition to this, the organization also contains strong communication and distribution channels globally.
  • Weakness: The diversification of Coca-Cola products is quite low that restricts market share. The company has not innovated and introduced healthy and carbonate free beverages. Thus, the health-conscious customer feels hesitant to buy unhealthy drinks. Also, there are multiple beverages companies in the market to provide heavy competition to Coca-Cola.
  • Opportunities: Over the year, Coca-Cola has added a variety of products to their product line, and this expansion helped them to attract customers easily. To enhance its revenue and presence, Coca-Cola reaches out to the customers of developing countries. The company also started to provide packed drinking water that could be a source for producing high revenue.
  • Threats: Coffee beverages are in heavy competition with Coca-Cola beverages. Also, water is the key component of Coca-Cola products. Thus, the limited supply of water can be an issue for the company.

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