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The curriculum often serves as the foundation and basis of every educational system, and it aids the students in shaping their personalities, lives, and career options. Curriculum creation leaves a positive impression and improvements in the programs offered by universities or colleges. The process of curriculum development does not act as a simple job; it needs a deep understanding of current affairs and the age group of the students that require to be targeted. This webpage will explain curriculum development, why it is essential for instructor pedagogy, and how the three models of curriculum design can be utilized to set the success of any course.

Curriculum Resource Development

Curriculum Resource Development Assignment Help Experts Elucidate Curriculum Planning

Curriculum resource development is a work that consists of implementing various organizational methods and instructional strategies that emphasize gaining optimal student development with learning outcomes. During the curriculum planning phase, educators consider those factors that hinder and complement their lessons. Each administrator at a college or university has their principles, guidelines and framework that should be referred to by the instructors as they build out their curricula. It is the responsibility of educators to ensure that their planning of curriculum meets the educations requirements of the students, and the materials which are utilized is comprehensive and follows current updates. Following are the components that are applicable at both bachelors and master’s levels:

  • To determine the content knowledge
  • To determine the students’ knowledge
  • To choose an appropriate instructional strategy objective
  • To determine resources knowledge
  • To develop coherent instruction
  • To check the learning of students

Explain the Three Models of Curriculum Design?

Learner-centred, subject centred and problem-centred are the three curriculum designs. Now let’s discuss each model of curriculum design in detail.

  • Learner-centred curriculum design: It revolves around the student's interests, needs, and goals. This design of curriculum motivates and engages the students by acknowledging that students are individual and not uniform. The disadvantage of this design is that it can put pressure on the students to form content related to learning requirements and preferences.
  • Subject centred design of curriculum: It revolves around a particular discipline or subject, such as biology, mathematics, and literature. This design of curriculum emphasizes a specific subject rather than the student. Therefore, it is a curriculum model that is not concerned with the learning of the students and only focuses on the subjects. Thus, it can lead to issues with student motivation and engagement.
  • Problem centred design of curriculum: It is the type of curriculum that teaches the students how to face the problem and formulate a solution. It helps the students engage in authentic learning as they are required to explore the skills and issues related to real life. This type of curriculum enhances the curriculum relevance and encourages innovation, collaboration, and creativity in the classroom. The main disadvantage of this model is that the student interest and requirements are not always accounted for.

Scope Upon Successful Completion of Bachelor in Humanities

Most Australian universities offer graduation and post-graduation programs in humanities. This webpage will discuss the course detail and learning outcome of the humanities of two Australian universities (the University of Sydney and Australian Catholic University) collectively:

Bachelor in humanities is a three-year course in which students are required to obtain 144 credit points to take admission. 513200 is the humanities course code at the University of Sydney.

Bachelor in humanities is a three-year course in which students are required to obtain 144 credit points to take admission. Students enrolled in the bachelor of humanities could extend their critical thinking skills and knowledge via challenging coursework and various projects. Humanities students got opportunities to work outside their classroom and experience different things by collaborating on a substantial real-world project in a community, professional, and entrepreneurial setting. This type of approach helps the students experience and show their skills to develop a network outside their classroom. Most universities that offer bachelor or masters in humanities allow the students to take part in international seminars and exchange programs. This type of approach helps the students improve their personality and communication skills and their knowledge related to other cultures and societies.

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