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Green Propulsion Case Study


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In order to do away with hazardous and toxic fuels, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is developing new technology, Green Propulsions, for rocket launches in environmental-friendly way. Due to the commercial exploitation of earth orbits, this trend is deemed to rise further. This is to note there are many environmental impacts of space propulsions which include short-term as well as long term effects on humans and also on the environment.

Advantages of Green Propulsion

What Are the Benefits for Students Who Study Space Technology?

Green propulsion technology is developed by ISRO that is the Indian Space Research Organization. There is a defined course for the students who are interested in the study of space that is Aerospace Engineering. This undergraduate program is also offered by the University of Michigan. In this course, the most up-to dates applications of classic engineering theories are learned by the students.

Objectives of the Program

  • All the Alumni involved in this in this program use their breadth and depth of knowledge and skills to teach students about their fundamental disciplines of aerospace engineering.
  • In engineering science, business, and public service, Alumni of the program will be emerging leaders.
  • Alumni of the program will be productive citizens with professional and ethical standards.

Goals of the Curriculum

  • To educate students in the basic disciplines of aerospace engineering, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, propulsions etc.
  • To educate students in the designing tool and methodology necessary to carry out the design of an aerospace vehicle.
  • Focus on developing the student’ basics of measurement and instrumentation also in the laboratory techniques from which students learn how to conduct and design experiments.
  • In aerospace engineering, students get exposure to ethical, environmental and contemporary issues.
  • Students get a chance to have exposure to other engineering fields beyond the aerospace field.
  • Learners will be able to apply the knowledge as required after learning the strategies during the course.

Applications Areas for Classical And Green Technologies

Green fuels are considered environmental friendly propellants. In this propulsion system, fuel and oxidizer are two ingredients burned together. As a result, the energy comes out, which is used to propel the system. There are three environmental concerns connected with all propellants used in space programs that are biological impacts, ground-based impacts and atmospherically impacts.

Lately, it has been recognized that many green fuels are pretty toxic. The toxicity level of many green propellants falls in between the 1 to 100 ppm range. But on the other hand, some green propellants show significantly less toxicity. For example, the HTP toxicity level for this is one ppm, and for ammonia, it is 25 ppm. N2o and light hydrocarbons are non-toxic. They have only narcotic effects at high concentrations. This toxicity can be managed by sub-cooling in some cases. But if the propellants are used in large quantities, then the explosion hazards should be analysed.

ADN Technology

In this, the solid oxidizer is solved in water. After that, the stabilizer and fuel are added. This technology is used for liquid monopropellants. With high combustion temperatures, the fuel and oxidizer are burned in the combustion chamber. Typically, it is considered that these propellants have a higher ISP and higher density as compared with hydrazine.

ECAPS LMP-103s Technology

In this, the liquid fuel is LMP-103S. In this, the solid oxidizer are solved in ethanol and water is used as fuel. The AND technology is linked with the Swedish company that is ECAPS which develops the propellant LMP-10S.

Airbus Safran Launchers MYRIADE satellite family have selected the LMP-103S technology to offer a green alternative based on their excellent results. Two primary requisites have to satisfy for the providence of the green propulsions that is lower costs and high performance. Many U.S based agencies have already started to move towards green propellants with the acceptance of LOX/kerosene and LOX/hydrogen launch vehicles with the greater use of electric propulsion for the spacecraft.

There are many propellants that exhibit immensely high variations of density with temperature changes. It is very efficient to increment the propellant density, especially from the system perspective (Rupesh Aggarwal, 2015).

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