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H&M Ethical Case Study


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H&M Ethical Case Study

In the world, everything usually has two aspects, one is good and the second one is bad. To decide what is good or bad is the process of ethics. It is not readymade but it is innate. When an action of anyone has a positive impact or effect on its surrounding, then that action has considered ethics; if the same action put or do not consider the wellbeing of others or surrounding, then that action falls under unethical deeds. Sometimes, it is hard to decide what good and bad aspects are. Ethical consideration is a natural process. That means people decide their actions, whether it is good or bad. There are many situations where one action goes suitable for some people, and the same goes wrong for some other people.

This article is all about it. Here, this article will explore the H&M ethical case study. Hennes and Mauritz get established in 1947 in Sweden. They prospered across the decades and became one of the fast-developing companies.

Resources and Courses

There are almost 38 master's programs in philosophy and ethics across Australian universities. Philosophical degrees offer courses that give or prepare the solution for the fundamental problems of human life, such as existence, knowledge, and moral principles. Universities like Monash University, ACU, Deakin University, etc., which offer courses on philosophy and the ethical issue, fall under the philosophy. Moreover, these all incorporate the ethical case study of any organization, whether it is H&M or any other company, to give an experimental view.

Ethical studies have been mentioned almost in all trades of the courses, whether medicine or engineering. We can face the dilemma of ethical issues in any part of life where one needs to decide between profit and ethics. In that, these learnings give us decision-making power to make any decision that does not hamper the ethical issue. If there is any such situation that still arises the issue of ethics then this learning also gives us exposure to give a universally accepted rationality behind taking the particular steps.

Peer-Reviewed and Research Review by our H&M Case Study Experts

The Corporate Social Responsible CSR is the department of any company that considers some norms to stop their company from doing anything which affects the environment or society adversely. The existence of CSR ensures concerned people that the company is taking care of the environment and the workers and staff of the company. CSR also looks after the work culture of the company and if anything is found inappropriate or any workers complain about any practices, then CSR considers that thing. But who are these people who take the responsibility for the CSR of the company? Most probably the person from the same company.

H & M Company considers these all and tries to impact the environment according to some H&M case studies positively. H&M takes many precautions to protect the animals and control climate change. It recycles old clothes from the people, distributes them to needy people, and reproduces the material by recycling the threads and clothes of the donated clothes.

A not-for-profit organization named Clean Australia does the study of fast fashion companies to check their claims on ethical issues. Says the legal or penned report of H&M say that it has considered all these aspects to save the environment. However, this claim of H&M is vague and suspicious, according to the Clean Australia organization. In 2018, H&M advertised its brand by comparing black people with apes, and later on 8 Jan 2018, it has apologized and said that it had removed the ad from social media. However, here H&M did not feel guilt for the concept of comparison but for posting it. This move is not wholesome for a group or community of people. Giving it a tag like 'coolest monkey in Jungle' is not justifiable because the word monkey says a lot about the appearance of the people.

The experts offering case study help in Australia informs that H&M Company gives all the information about the materials at the final stage of the production. It means H&M Company tells the concerned people about their raw material to ensure them that H&M is not going to use such materials which can harm the surrounding environment or atmosphere. But if we consider the study of (Case Study: H&M on Sustainability, n.d.) then the story is different, as it says, there is a huge difference between reality and expectation. It looks good on paper but when we observe it in real-life stories is different. In 2020 H&M has announced investing 72 million euros which incorporates the climate change issue. It has also ensured not to harm any animals on planate for their product.

Elements Concerned With H&M Ethical Case Study

Fast Fashion Company such as H&M is companies that allow people to change their wardrobe not weekly then at least monthly at an affordable price. People also tend to buy such products as they also want to meet the trends. It is good, but the quality of the clothes is so improvised that it does not last for more than one year. It means they are indirectly sucking people's money by giving such quality clothes. Here H&M Company is playing the trick. First, it claims to go along with the changing pattern of clothes and meet the current trend of fashion and then change the fashion to make the people change their style. If people do not want to change or buy new clothes, they still need to buy the new clothes as the quality of clothes would not allow them to continue with the old trend.

On the one hand, they are recycling old clothes, and on the other hand, they are dumping clothes in landfills. They are giving jargon to save the animals, but on the other hand, they are making expensive wallets from the skin of the animals. On paper, they make many claims, but in reality, they do not do much to save the environment. Moreover, H&M Company always gets in the limelight by doing inappropriate things, and among all of them, the making of racist remarks is conspicuous.

H&M Company always gets into trouble by doing such deeds as 'coolest monkey' and many more. H&M Company has one thought, if it hires people from diverse backgrounds, it has the authority to make any remarks on any community. Many case studies show a slew of examples where this company does not take people's feelings seriously. It takes all of it as fun. But it should also consider, that the world is full of diversities and all have the right to live a life with dignity. They are not made for the fun or branding of any products. There has been a case of a company where it showed that after getting a bath with their soap, a black person changed into a white person. This kind of advertisement in the name of branding is ridiculous and unacceptable. There should be basic ethics while one is trying to advertise one's brand or product.

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H M Case Study

While writing a case study, the expert keeps all such essential points that give real exposure to the ethical consideration and issues. To write it, experts first get along with the topics of the assignment. After they first explore the central idea of the assignment such as Ethics in this assignment. After that, they take the recourse of journals and articles from authenticated sources to put the arguments. Altogether our experts do profound research about the given topic and then they produce an HD assignment. Our expert providing help for H&M ethical case study gives proper assistance whether it is about H&M or any other companies. We effort to keep the work stand tall in the crowd with the status of a perfectionist.

The H&M case study helps us know about the deeds of the company H & H&M. It has taken the example from history where H&M Company has put itself in trouble by initiating such action that makes people feel wrong about this company. Consequentially people had also marched against this company and harmed its extended level in the past to express their waves of anger. There are many incidents where people sabotage many outlets stores of the H&M Company.

This article exposes ethical issues related to H&M Company by taking the knowledge of a few H&M case studies. However, if you still face difficulties grasping the content or ideas, there is a scope of taking the help of an online assignment expert to get further assistance. It offers a multidimensional approach to dealing with the case study of H&M or any other company which gets asked in the assignment.

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