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Manage Program Risk Assessment

When there is a possibility of danger and loss, we call this situation a risk. To mitigate risk, every program/project needs proper management strategies like organisation, proper customisation, planning and event coordination of all activities that affect the program or project. 

Manage program risk assessment skills have attracted many students in Australia, and it is considered one of the most demanding profiles, especially in businesses. It has also been used in other qualifications like advanced diploma of civil construction, advanced diploma of program management, and advanced diploma of civil construction Design. Many times students have to make assignments on managing program risk. In that case, many students face a dilemma with written assignments like either they lack resources/knowledge or do not have time.

Hence they seek online support from program guide platforms like Online Assignment Expert. They have the best BSBPMG632 assessment experts who can solve every query of yours. Before explaining them, let's first discuss the different types of risk management.

Performance Criteria of BSBPMG632 unit

Different Types of Risk in the Program Management Covered by BSBPMG632 Assessment Expert

When we talk about risk, generally, we think a loss might occur, which seems negative but not in all cases. Risk is not negative all the time, and it is just an uncertain or unpredictable event. It has negative as well as positive effects on the outcome. According to the program/project we are doing, there are different types of risk. For, e.g. if we take the example of business risk, then we will see the following risk:

  • Cost Risk

The biggest problem businesses face the escalation of the cost of the program/project. Every business allocates a fixed amount of budget for the program/project, but sometimes the cost is increased due to many reasons like poor budgeting skills, inaccurate cost estimating etc.

Sometimes, clients expect more services or too much, leading to over budget. Due to time delays, the cost of the budget also increases. Most of the time, we saw this in government-led program management. Further cost risk also performance as well as schedule risk.

  • Schedule risk 

Some programs get too much time than expected, leading to schedule risk. It mostly happens due to poor planning. There is a great similarity between schedule risk and cost risk. 

Due to the delay of the program, its outcome also gets delayed, including the benefits we get from it. It results in missed timelines and also loss of competitive advantage. 

  • Performance risk

When the program fails to give results according to its specifications, it leads to performance risk. Due to performance risk, cost and schedule risk also happen. Performance leads to bad results, and management has to do all the budgeting and planning again. It is a major risk for any organisation, whether private or public.

These all are basic types of risk that happen in almost every business. For a program-specific, you should seek BSBPMG632 assessment expert helpThere are other risks as well like:

  • Project deferment risk

It is a risk associated with failing the project. Like project risk, this risk also comes from other risks, like if there is a limited window of opportunity for conducting the risk assessment, then it leads to deferral risk.

  • Governance risk and operational risk.'

It relates to board and senior executives' management performance regarding ethics and company reputation. With proper engagement with stakeholders, it is easy to mitigate this risk.

On the other hand, operational risk is due to poor procurement, production and even distribution. It is a subtype of performance risk that prevents the program's outcome.

Different programs have different risks and their assessment. If you want to dig deep for the managed program risk assessment assignment, you need experts' Help. They will guide you through your problems and even give solutions for your assignment. As we already discussed some risks associated with program/project management, let's discuss ways to manage and assess the risk.

Ways to Assess and Manage Risk

Programs and projects have some level of risk, so find ways to minimize them. You can take some steps to reduce the negative impact on your project/program.

1. Decide what matter most

Before making your risk assessment plan try to find your pain areas of the program. There are some steps which you can consider like:

  • Decide your competitive trends and economic and technological factors.
  • Government policies and law
  • Aim of your program or project and what it should be strategies.

2. Consult with stakeholders

Your risk management plan will be more effective if you take advice from different stakeholders and specific people. A stakeholder can be:

  • Contractors, employees and even sub-contractors
  • Business financiers, clients and customers
  • Suppliers, investors and insurers
  • Government agencies and local media
  • Your local community

Consulting with all of them will help you:

  • Get support from all stakeholders
  • Bring together different views and expertise
  • Your risk framework will be up to date
  • Make your risk framework up to date

3. Identify the risks associated with the program

Identification of risk is an easy task, and it is as easy as thinking what could go wrong and what it could be. You might also need some research into:

  • What can be the possible future change to your business environment?
  • Remember the past events and the risk associated with them.
  • Find a way to conduct market research
  • What are the economic and social issues that affect the business or program?

To identify the risk, you can also follow certain steps like:

  • Discuss business issues with your customers, suppliers and even advisors, if any.
  • SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis of your business.
  • Do a review of some reports, especially financial audit reports.
  • Look at hazards points, customer points and complaints or surveys also.

You can also mention other points in your managed program risk assessment assignment. Now we will discuss your learning outcome of the BSBPMG632unit assessment.

1. Manage program risk

  • Direct management of the program with program risk-management plans.
  • Review progress and initiate risk responses to achieve program objectives.
  • Confirm risks should be monitored.

2. planning of program risk management

  • Select and modify risk methodology
  • Support and mentor project managers
  • Risk management should be dynamic and transparent

3. Assess program risk-management outcomes

  • Analyse and review program outcomes
  • Take feedback from stakeholders
  • Analyse recommended lessons

For other details, seek Help from a BSBPMG632assessment expert.They will help you in every perspective that will be useful in your assignment. You have to take Help from online platforms like Online Assignment Expert. Every year many students in Australia take guidance from them. If you are confused about whether you should take Help from them or not, then study the reasons given below:

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