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In many areas of the country, various recycling protocols and scarce separation is carried out for waste management. Suppose we talk about waste management in Mexico State. In Mexico state, several municipalities form Tepatlaxco landfill, which is a mountain of garbage. Many pests like flies, rats, cockroaches, and a stinky smell are generated by this. According to the various studies, it is estimated that from the accumulated garbage, various toxic liquids generated by over 100 tons of daily garbage seep into rivers and farmlands. By the time, waste management becomes a very serious issue in the Mexico state.

Through the Mexico City waste management case study, students will understand how the city overcomes the waste management challenge. The majority of landfills are managed by Private Companies. To protect the environment, these companies are allowed to organize various new technologies and processes. But if the higher authority does not take care that all the strategies are implemented or not, the waste management ends up being harmful to nearby communities. Mexico City waste management case study will help us to understand how the new strategies implementation will help the Mexico state to claim that it now has integral waste management by which they can guarantee environment protection, ecological equilibrium and a minimum pollutant effect.

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Solid Waste Management Course

For the protection of the environment and human beings, study over waste management becomes very important, by the time various courses on this introduced in the university curriculum. Solid waste management course is designed for the students to provide them with an understanding of technical issues and the management of solid wastes. During this course, students will study the various domestic and international solid waste policies. After that, they will examine appropriate techniques for storage, collection, treatment, transfer and disposal for developing countries. This study will make the students understand better the link between theory and practice because this course gives them the opportunity to visit recycling facilities and disposal sites.

Objectives of the course

  • Includes waste characterization and for the management of solid waste, management of plastic wastes and biomedical wastes apply the knowledge of laws.
  • For new techniques in the collection system of solid wastes, optimize routes for the waste collection solid waste processing, apply the knowledge of engineering, science and mathematics.
  • To operate the anaerobic and aerobic composting process, design composting system.

Benefits of the course

  • Students will get the knowledge of Resource management, implications of the production and the environmental impact of solid waste management.
  • To minimize the negative effects, students will understand the solid waste management infrastructure system.
  • Students will get the knowledge and understand the importance of recycling, reuse and reclamation in waste management.
  • Students will get familiar with relationships between inappropriate waste management practices and impacts on soil, water and the quality of sediment.

Overview of Mexico City Waste Management Case Study

The capital of the most populous city in North America or Mexico is Mexico City. In the Americas, the most important financial and cultural centre in Mexico City. This city is considered the second-biggest waste producer and generates almost more than 20,000 tons of garbage every day. The primary source of the waste in this is from homes and impacts the health of human beings also harmful to the environment. Almost 90% of the waste also ends up in the landfills, which are responsible for emitting methane, a greenhouse gas, accounting for 10% of global emissions.

With respect to solid waste management Mexico faced many serious environmental and administrative challenges. Because of inadequate planning, the public sanitation system is lacking in this city. In Mexico City, significant landfills are managed by private companies. Because of recent urbanization and the rise in population, waste management needs an hour. This is very important to understand that overproduction of waste can have a detrimental effect on the environment, causing a negative impact. So somewhere, this is very important to find sustainable solutions for waste management and disposal.

After that, to manage the waste, Mexico City started to recycle more. Mexico closed its biggest landfill site, which was named Bordo Poniente, in 2011. This creates a lot of chaos because piling up waste at illegal dump sites and on the streets shows the disorganization with the current waste management system.

By the time Mexico found out that WOIMA has the perfect solution for the waste challenge in Mexico City. WOIMA Ecosystem, developed decentralized waste management and power generation solution, helps the countries and cities to cope with the challenge of waste. In this process, they recycle the waste into raw materials and energy in an efficient manner which reduces almost 95% of the waste quantity (Guibrunet, 2019).

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