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What is the purpose of Scenario Analysis and how can it be beneficial for scenario analysis assignment help?

This can be a great help with the scenario analysis assignment as it will tell you the depth knowledge that this topic beholds.

  • Scenario analysis is known as a method by which you can estimate or predict about the happening to portfolio value. It is done based on any specific event which happens or doesn't happen.
  • With the help of scenario analysis level of risk can be examined or determined by the investors and business managers. The risk here refers to the crucial investment they make or start any new project of great importance.
  • It helps in identifying the problems that may come in the future. This identification is done smoothly as scenario analysis provides a structured way. It gives an idea of deep thinking or analyzing and also the help of thorough analysis. The investors or managers can take proper steps to reduce the risk or impact of the investment portfolio.

What is the difference between scenario analysis and sensitivity analysis?

Both are the important techniques used by the investors to analyze the best out of their investment. Both the techniques are not similar and here we present to you the key differences so that you don't get confused. It can be a useful resource for your scenario analysis assignment help online:

  • As it is well known that scenario analysis deals with the prediction of future values by considering the happenings that can affect the current variables. Whereas when we talk about sensitivity analysis it is an observance or study about the outcome. It focuses on the change outcome that can face because of input variations.
  • Scenario analysis requires you to discover and explore the condition of the investment by analyzing the impact of several market conditions. Whereas, sensitivity analysis is situational as it is dependent on one or even more input.

Types in scenario analysis essential for your scenario analysis assignment help

You may be confused by thinking is scenario analysis divided into types? Well, not the concept has the types but here we will discuss the type of scenarios in scenario analysis. It can be useful to help with the scenario analysis assignment as it will give you closure about how does this works.

There are two types of scenario in scenario analysis let's talk about both of them:

  • First one is the best and worst-case scenario: The scenario analysis helps you with the prediction of the outcomes of variables. But considering the best and the worst-case scenario analysis can bring you one step closure to perfection. It also helps you to give a broad way of assumptions and widen your analysing horizon.
  • If we consider the best case scenario everything assumed stands on its best. From the value input that is invested to assume the best about the economy overall. In this, we all have to assume the best growth rate of the industry and predict the best outcome in return for investment.

    On the other hand, the worst case is assumed as the worst input value. It is assumed that all the market factors or industrial factors will turn out to be worse. By considering this the outcome of an investment is assumed.

  • The second type of scenario is multiple scenario analysis which does not restrict you to only the best or worst case. It brings out the different situation and assumptions about the outcome. May be one factor that can be the best one can be the worst what will be the outcome in that case. It can be predicted by multiple scenario analysis. It is a well-known fact that a market is affected by many reasons and this type of scenario helps you to keep an eye on all those factors.

What are the problems or the challenges faced by the scenario analysis?

Not every process is risk-free everything has its pros and cons. While we have discussed the pros of the scenario analysis here we will discuss the cons of the same:

  • The first point says that as the scenario analysis plays the prediction game but the nature of its success is unpredictable. The process of scenario analysis depends upon the facts depending upon the external and internal factors. It makes you assume the outcomes accordingly. But the actual happening may turn out to be different which can turn the entire prediction upside down. Time, economy, anything there are thousands of factors and even one change out of the prediction can change the desired results.
  • The second point that comes under the con section is that it is human nature and even psychology says that people become bias while assuming. It is noted that humans consider the occurrences scenario that fits their desired outcome. This factor becomes dangerous and leads to destroying the person some time.
  • Thirdly this scenario analysis requires improvement to be scheduled regularly. It needs assignment helper to have consistent revisions and refinements. Now it is time-consuming and every time it's not sure that the revision is done with perfection. Either, the expert has to be focused only on revision or there can be a change in the outcome. Because of the factors as they are not constant all the time.

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